Keep Taking the Pills

Now that the consequences of Muslim immigration have become apparent, the question is should we resist or allow ourselves to be soothed?

Resistance sounds nasty and racist, so what to do? Tranquilize the entire UK population of course. Is this as deliberate as the the last government’s open doors policy turned out to be?

The BBC is running a campaign to acclimatise the UK and maybe the world to the bizarre dogma of a cult which differs from fascism only by masquerading as a religion.
Someone at the BBC thinks the way to deal with something antithetical to the UK in every imaginable manner is to sanctify it, bestow upon it special standards which apply to nothing else whatsoever, and introduce it to us at every opportunity, sprinkled with fairy dust.

It seeps into all areas of the BBC’s output, drama, news, documentaries, children’s television, and even to the nitty gritty – religious broadcasting.
Appointing a Muslim as head of BBC religious broadcasting caused a bit of a stir, but the BBC soothed us till we settled back down again. No matter what our lying eyes might observe, Islam will be portrayed as a force for good. When Jihad turned out to be another word for terrorism, the word terrorism itself was censored. The ‘holy war’ is re-branded as ‘militancy’. Ask someone who was blinded, who lost a a limb or a loved one in 9/11, 7/7, or Lockerbie to swallow that bitter pill.

A B-BBC reader was alarmed by this BBC offering, for Lent. What has Lent got to do with Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, of the Cordoba Initiative Islamic Cultural Centre, near ground Zero in New York, one might ask. Is he about to appeal for funding for one of those gigantic Mosques? Or is he merely here to tell Christians all about universal human conditions such as temptation, betrayal, abandonment, greed, forgiveness and love?
Hand me the valium.
I am probably the only one who sat through two thirds of My Brother The Islamist because it was on BBC Three, a channel watched by hardly anyone. It was trailed quite a bit, so I switched it on to see if the BBC had conjured up a new way to make radical Islam look cuddly.
Before getting the thumbs up, a filmmaker must pitch his idea to the BBC. What a doddle for Robb Leech. It was obviously the concept that got him the go-ahead, rather than his filmmaking ability.

Poor old Rich the radical, what a sorry state he was in. He was so easily swayed by others that he appeared to be half sponge half man. His step brother Robb the filmmaker wasn’t far behind, because although the film began by conceding that radical Islam was a bit odd, we were quickly reassured that it wasn’t so bad after all. Poor Rich, though. Despite being a Weymouth lad, a few weeks in London had turned him into a multiculti patois-speaking alien in a shalwar kameez wha’evah, and what he had lost, accent-wise, he had gained in facial hair. Anjem Choudary featured prominently, what a nice moderate fellow he actually turns out to be. Who’d have thought?

A group of would-be jihadis were shown watching emotive images of babies, supposedly victims of ‘Israeli chemical weapons,’ propaganda specially designed to whip them up into a frenzy. Where do they get such stuff? Is any of it authentic? Who cares? Not Robb the filmmaker and not Rich the radical.

The BBC ‘s campaign to normalise Islam is becoming clunkingly obvious, but are you anaesthetised yet?

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35 Responses to Keep Taking the Pills

  1. Daniel Smith says:

    BBC3 may not be watched by many, but it represents an important demographic target area for “BBC programming”, the young. Everything on that channel conforms to the liberal agenda from normalising extremism and deviancy to demonising judgmentalism. I’ve not seen this particular offering but can well imagine the tone from other “docs” I’ve seen on the channel.


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    It’s not “normalizing Islam”, but it does make the extremists out to be mainstream.  Which helps no one.  The BBC’s Social Cohesion ideology is a joke.


    • hippiepooter says:

      If this programme portrayed extremism as the Islam mainstream I think it did an immense service.  Hopefully I’ll find it on youtube.


  3. George R says:

    NO to insulting handshakes with Muslims!

    INBBC has a daily campaign to get we licencepayers to welcome (with a ‘dirty’ handshake) the Islamisation of Britain.

    No thanks.

    This is part of the political conditioning on INBBC 3 (video clip).

    “Muslim man gives brother ‘dirty’ handshake”


  4. peter lucey says:

    Bit unfair. I thought the My Bro i an islamist critical enough. mentioned the “death for leaving” punishment and the anti-gay sentiments. Mow, as to todays R5live phin-in 🙁


    • hippiepooter says:

      I thought it was a good phone-in.  My doubts about the guest being a genuine ‘moderate Muslim’ (ie a half Muslim) were dispelled when Douglas Murray came on and vouched for the guy.

      These terms I get mixed up so pardon me if they’re the wrong way round, but the guy Nicky Campbell had on was clearly a ‘Mecca Muslim’, the first phase in Mohammed’s new religion that consisted of a copycat version of the peaceful teachings of Judeo-Christianity.

      Mohammed then threw a strop that the Jews and Christians wouldn’t accept him as ‘the last word’ in true religion and there followed the Medina phase about imposing Islam with the sword.

      The Jihad teachings were Mohammed’s most recent.  Mainstream Islam teaches that if two Koranic teachings contradict it is the newest that takes precedence.

      Nicky Campbell’s guest made it very reassuring that not all Muslim’s are complete hate-filled nutters – he seemed genuine enough on the whole, but he’s an exception, not the rule.


  5. Abandon Ship! says:

    A good example of regular philoislamism in relation to unrest in the Arab world and the UN murders in Afghanistan, is the “Friday” programme (actually it is the “Sunday” programme, but it may as well be “Friday”). This week we had Paul Rogers, PHUH, Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford (5 min into the programme):

    Everything Rogers says, mostly somewhere between the Guardian and the Respect party, is accepted without question by the host, bleeding heart lefty William Crawley.

    But it gets worse, much worse.

    Just listen from 38 min onwards, as Crawley listens to a certain Professor Malik from Bath Spa University. On the face of it Malik was there to comment on Taliban involvement with the UN killings, but instead took the opportunity to lecture us about how evil we are and how Islamists are not so bad after all. Outrageous. Crawley was unable to get Malik to condemn the killings outright. Whose idea was it to invite Malik? They should be ashamed of themselves.


  6. Barry says:

    Islam is certainly akin to fascism but I don’t view it as such. I think of it as a primitive mindset which results in too many of its adherents being hostile to progress, suspicious of outsiders, superstitious, unduly deferential towards religious elders and the equivalent of holy writ, disrespectful towards women and believing that problems should be solved by local men ganging together with torches and pitchforks.

    Christianity used to be like this but we don’t think of the period as fascistic – just primitive and unenlightened and, as we know only too well, elements of it still emerge from time to time. By and large, however, we’ve moved on. Now we’ve imported the whole sorry mess all over again and I fear we’re going to pay a heavy price.


    • sue says:

      Please point me to the differences. I’m open to suggestions. I can’t see where Christianity fits in though.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Christendom underwent an Enlightenment.  The Ummah hasn’t.


      • Barry says:

        I didn’t say that there were significant differences. I made it clear that this was my perception only – of a superstitious, primitive culture, rooted in the distant past, rather than a relatively recent political movement.

        At DP pointed out, Christendom moved on, Islam either doesn’t want to or can’t bring itself to take a long hard look the word of Allah.

        Thanks for the Wikipedia link but I have a fair idea what fascism stands for.


  7. Daniel Smith says:

    I’ve had an opportunity to view this. Although clearly pitched at a young demographic with its inappropriate pop song soundtrack and the narrator’s constant attempts to distance this group from “ordinary muslims” without explaining why, it was not as bad as I had anticipated. Rich and his pals were shown as a bunch of fanatics, and worryingly ones which the authorities tolerate. Robb is surprised that the police take no action over the flag burning but a few minutes later we see a white man being arrested at a later gathering of the Islamists in Weymouth.
    I’ve seen a lot worse than this on BBC3.


  8. George R says:

    Burning the Koran.

    Will INBBC show the following video of an American woman burning pages of the Koran, after she explains why she is doing so?

    After all, INBBC readily shows lots of pro-Islamic propaganda against the burning of the Koran – some is very violent. And INBBC airs lots of propaganda against Christianity.

     ‘Gates of Vienna’ contributor says  of Ann Barnhardt’s video:-

    “She declares herself strongly at the beginning of the first video:

    ‘Hello, my name is Ann Barnhardt, and I am apparently one of the very, very last people left in Western Civilization who possesses any quantity of brains and balls simultaneously.’

    “And it gets even better after that. The second video shows her tearing out pages — bookmarked with strips of bacon — from the Koran, and burning them one by one.

    “I don’t always regard Koran-burning as an effective tactic, although I fully support anyone who decides to do it. However, in this case I heartily approve of Ms. Barnhardt’s actions, because she does the job properly: she reads a relevant verse from the page before tearing it out and consigning it to hellfire. The verses she recites include 4:34 (beating your wife), the Sword Surah, some of the ‘smite their necks’ ayats, and all those promises of sweet young boys like clear pearls for the believers who make it to paradise.

    This is great stuff.”


    • hippiepooter says:

      Wow, that’s one real riled up American momma.  Taking her word for it that Republican Lindsay Graham said what she says he said, he really is a contemptible, utterly dhimmified individual.  There comes a time I guess, when one just gets sick of the guff.  Ann Barnhardt has certainly reached her limit and beyond.

      From what I know of the cult-like Church Pastor Jones runs, I think he’s just a fringe nutter looking to make himself popular.  This woman though, she could win the war against Jihad single-handed!


      • hippiepooter says:

        I think she was over-doing it with the bacon bookmarks though, but if Moslems want to stick a knife through someone’s chest for what she’s done, they really need to do it to Lindsay Graham.  He’s comments were very provocative.


        • hippiepooter says:

          I think if Paxman interviewed her face to face he’d tread very carefully with her.  If he treated her the way he treated Tommy Robinson I think she’d just get up and nut him one.


          • hippiepooter says:

            Wow and double Wow!  She gives her address at the end. Ann Barnhardt, I salute you, a great American.  
            I guess a good practical argument for using bacon bookmarkers, is that when she burns the whole of the Koran at end the fat helped it to catch light.  
            I wasn’t aware of the bit in the Koran about ‘sweet young boys like clear pearls for the believers who make it to paradise’.  If her take on this pans out, boy, the Koran is far sicker than I’d previously thought.


    • deegee says:

      Do we approve of burning books, now, or just the ones we don’t like? 


      • Marky says:

        I approve of burning or desecrating anything you own. I especially approve of burning or desecrating a book written as a religion, to be followed to the letter, about the morality of a totalitarian, warmongering, mass murdering, genocidal, woman abusing, rapist, kiddie fiddler. Someone wants to burn mein kampf go for it, burn baby burn, don’t worry it might offend people, same goes for the quran. To fend off those who make the analogy between Nazis and burning books find another way desecrate the unholy quran.


  9. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC, the murder of an Israeli Arab and half the story;
    Arab Israeli actor Juliano Mer Khamis killed in Jenin
    The above is the sad story over how an actor who went out of his way in which to give young arabs a taste of the arts was murdered outside the theatre he set up in the West Bank. However for some strange reason the bBC doesn’t mention who was behind the crime or even why? Instead they wax lyrical about how a Palestinian ambulance took his body to an Israeli checkpoint ,how Mr Mer Khamis’s Arab-Israeli parentage was a rarity where the two populations never intermarry and how his theatre was treated with suspicion and had been threatened and vandalised.

    So what isn’t the bBC telling the great unwashed about the murder of a man who just wanted to get the locals to learn about the arts?
    1)In 2006, Mer-Khamis opened the Freedom Theater with Zakariya Zubeidi, the former military leader of the Al-Aqsa Martyr Brigades in that West Bank city. Zubeidi was appointed co-theater director in an attempt to subdue the ongoing threats voiced against both the institution and Mer-Khamis. The theater itself was torched twice in the past, and the threats persisted despite Zubeidei’s appointment. Some of the criticism focused on the fact that the theater offered co-ed activities, despite prohibition in the Islamic moral code.

    2)The theater’s program director, Samia Staiti, said she saw the killing. “He was on his way to his car when a masked man stopped him, shot him and ran away.”Staiti said he had received death threats from people in the community who felt he was going against conservative Palestinian traditions. “They are trying to kill what Juliano tried to spread – peace and freedom. We will keep on going on,” Staiti said.

    Strange how the bBC never mentioned anything about a man who mirrored everything the bBC luvies claim to stand for, Peace,the Arts and freedom, who was murdered by thugs who subscribe to a religion which clamps down ahrd on all of those.

    Funny that?


    • hippiepooter says:

      Fantastic comment Pounce, I hope it gets posted.

      The BBC piece ends:-

      Mr Mer Khamis was no stranger to controversy, our correspondent adds.

      Born in Nazareth, northern Israel, he made his name as an actor appearing in the 1984 US thriller The Little Drummer Girl and went on to star in several acclaimed Israeli films.

      It’s like the BBC are saying because he starred in Israeli films he got what he had coming.


      • Marky says:

        Yes that’s the way I read it as well.


      • deegee says:

        I don’t think that is what the BBC is saying. It’s what they are not saying that worries me. When Israel moves out, the ‘moderate’ Palestinians will be replaced with Hamas intent on turning the West Bank into Gaza.


  10. graham duck says:

    I watched the whole of it with interest. I believe the Beeb’s motive was to show that the radical followers are indeed nothing but thugs and potential terrorists, but then to distance the mainstream Islam from those types. It comes back to the point Emily Maitliss tried to make on newnight few days ago that Islam doesn’t make women get mistreated it’s the “Islamisation” of the radicals that does that. IE Isalm doen’t proscribe burqas but the radical follwers make that happen. They will keep on driving that point at the young target audience of BBC3 until they achieve their objective. I would just like to see them combine a recent prog called “the worst place on earth to be gay” with the brother one, what would be the result of that. Oh and BTW the worst place wasnt Iran …what a surprise!!!!


  11. Gerald says:

    I trust I was not the only one to hear the words “Islamic teerorist” on Today this morning.

    They were of course utterted by Moslem being interviewd! Doubtlessly he was told afterwards that those two words are NEVER used together on the BBC and he might not get invited back unless he promises not to repeat the error!


  12. Maturecheese says:

    On matters of ‘Resistance’  check this lady out.
    I’m in Love 🙂


  13. TooTrue says:

    Just watched those two videos. She nearly knocked me off my chair. Great lady.

    Something tells me Ann Barnhardt is small. Dynamite comes in small packages.


  14. George R says:

    The Islamic Republics of PAKISTAN and IRAN.

    1.) Pakistan.

    Islam Not BBC (INBBC) seems curiously reluctant to question  Cameron’s £650 million awayday to Pakistan.

    Is it because ‘foreign aid’ is sacrosanct to INBBC?

    An alternative view:

    “The £650m apology: Forget our ailing education system, that’s what Britain’s giving to Pakistani schools to make amends for the past

    Read more:

    2.) Iran.

    As on ‘TODAY’, INBBC’s political futuristic utopian narrative for the uprisings in the Islamic world is, of course, that such uprisings will be ‘democratic’ and ‘liberal’ in some vague sense, despite the evidence of Muslim Brotherhood power.

    -from this morning’s ‘TODAY’:
    What is the likelihood that the revolutions and uprisings that have been taking place across the Middle East will lead to even more repression in those countries? Hooman Majid, an Iranian-American writer, considers the lessons to be learnt from the Iranian revolution of 1979. ”

    Such are Naughtie’s political gymnastics that he thinks that he can put a ‘liberal’ spin on the 1979 Khomeni Islamic revolution/repression! So to assist this INBBC fantasy narrative, who does ‘TODAY’ have on this morning but an advisor and translator for Ahmadinajad:

    “Hooman Majd is a writer based in New York. He has written for GQ, the New York Times, The New Yorker, the New York Observer, Salon and is a contributing editor at Interview. He often writes on Iranian affairs, and travels regularly to Iran. He has also served as an advisor and translator for two Iranian presidents, Mohammad Khatami and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on their trips to the United States and the United Nations, and has written about those experiences.”  (‘Wikipedia’.)

    Why not have done with it, INBBC? -Why not hand over your propaganda for the Islamic Republic of Iran to iits official propaganda arm, ‘PRESS TV’ which the UK government irresponsibly allows to broadcast against Britain from its London studios, 24/7 on Sky satellite?

    INBBC’s political propaganda for Islam at our expense, is global, persistent, utterly mistaken and dangerous.


  15. cjhartnett says:

    One can only admire the fearless Beeb in its relentless hunting down of those that would offer internships( should that word not have been dry cleaned out of the lexicon by Monica Lewinskys sad little tale?).
    Funnily enough they are happy to interview Will Straw, have Ben Wright on their payroll and ,of course send young Naughtie minor to the USA on a beano/bender…yet all this passes without any witch hunt-no doubt for child protection purposes.
    Next time you are asked to judge the toffs for promoting their own in the class war-think on the Dimbleby boys still raking it in…Sally Magnusson and Guy Mitchelmore…and think on where yo saw such nepotism and croneyism first,,,then find another station!