Open Thread

Time for a new platform for all the BBC related elephants in your rooms.

There is no Question Time this week, so the B-BBC LiveChat will return on the 5th May.

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  1. Chuffer says:

    I know your cause is just (and I cry when I hear this, yes, h?v=uTnspbSjKVc )
    but your postings are swamping BBBC.


    • Demon1001 says:


      The link is broken – what was it about?


      I know Chuffer’s comment was tongue-in-cheek but your posts are invaluable and well appreciated.


      • deegee says:

        WHERE ARE YOU?
        All Seeing Eye
        ed thomas
        David LRiddick (aka The Aged P)
        David Preiser (USA)
        Robin Horbury


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          Trying to find work in The Obamessiah’s crap economy.  Contrary to the BBC’s reporting, all is not well and S&P do have a clue.  Not enough mental time to put together something intelligent about the lame BBC censorship of news about Wisconsin, the latest Tea Party activity, and how the actual reason Congress and the President are having this budget battle is that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid decided to kick that particular can into this year so they could avoid tough discussion right before last November’s mid-term elections.  They had a chance to pass a budget then, but decided to postpone it until now, putting the country into a seriously bad situation simply for their own political convenience.


  2. john says:

    I like the choice of picture for the latest Open Thread.
    Am I the only one to be reminded of our erstwhile friend Martin and the  colourful image of the naughty dog he used ?


  3. Natsman says:

    Just listening to “You and Yours” this lunchtime, and they’re wittering on about extending the length of HGVs by about 2 metres. This according to one interviewee, is “because of carbon”.

    They bandy the words “carbon” and “carbon dioxide” about, willy-nilly, without having a clue about anything to do with carbon. They have been sold the non-event known as AGW, and attached the blame to innocent carbon, when in fact we all know that it’s patent rubbish. It’s hard to envisage otherwise presumably intelligent people spouting this garbage, without an iota of basic knowledge about the subject. Brainwashing in extremis. We are told that AGW is so, even though the evidence is against it, therefore it must be true and we must embrace the doctrine, and proceed with our lives accordingly.



    • John Horne Tooke says:

      Diamonds are carbon.  You are quite right Natsman. You would not describe water as hydrogen. But to the BBC (and others) carbon = coal. The use is deliberate to promote fear. Carbon Dioxide is a colourless gas essential for plant growth.

      Nothing scary there.


  4. Chuffer says:

    Not completely tongue-in-cheek, Demon. i worry that the BBC’s anti-Israel stance (as shocking and obvious as it is) is becoming its only bias to feature here.

    Here’s the link; and yes, it does raise a tear – genuinely.  


    • deegee says:

      Sue has her own area of expertise/interest (also mine). It’s up to the others to contribute so it isn’t the only one at B-BBC.

      Where are the other contributors? 

      Pounce would you consider becoming a contributor, concentrating mainly on the military Bias so as not to overlap too much with Sue? 


    • sue says:

      As I have already mentioned on another thread I am aware that I’m the only contributor at my station at the moment and I have offered to pass on any guest post contributions. What more, apart from shutting up, do you want me to do?
      Even if the BBC’s anti Israel stance was becoming the only bias to feature here, so what? It’s particularly topical, what with the current major upheavals in the Middle East. The shift towards ever more radical Islamism will have ramifications affecting us all, and the BBC’s bias against Israel is particularly pertinent at the moment.

      Having said that, I chose to contribute to this blog in particular for its wide ranging remit, rather than one of the specialised pro-Israel blogs, which are dismissed as nasty Zionist propaganda mongers. That’s precisely why I partly agree with you that we don’t want to get that label on top of our right-wing mouth-frothing one.

      Even so, the fact that one can’t get a reputation for defending Israel against media bias without being considered beyond the pale is lamentable, and though I understand what you mean, I find your comment disappointing and a bit insulting.

      Robin’s last post didn’t receive many comments, if he’s discouraged I don’t blame him. It’s dispiriting.  David Vance is otherwise engaged, and I don’t know about the others.
      So, Chuffer, if you feel thataway, why not have a go your good self? 😛


      • Chuffer says:

        I’d love to – if invited. My chosen topic: BBC Radio Solent. (I had to ring them up this morning to help the newsreader with ‘Rory Cellan-Jones’ she was calling him “sellen’.

        No way are you ‘beyond the pale’, and a thousand apologies if I insulted you. Perhaps others have made my point better than me by asking where everyone else has gone. (DV has my email adress if you want to give me a more personal earful!!!)

        I know this: lose Israel, lose the West.


        • sue says:

          That WAS an invitation! Do write the post, email it to me on the address on my blogger profile top left, and Bob’s yer uncle!


      • All Seeing Eye says:

        My apologies for lack of regular posting although I’m still running and moderating the QT livechats each week.

        Back much more after the election – whether I win or lose!


    • Demon1001 says:

      Chuffer, I liked some of the stuff he was doing back in the seventies, and this is lovely to hear too.  But I was shocked when I recently read an interview with him and it transpires that he is another swivel-eyed left wing luvvie.  Shame.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Chuffer, the BBC are paving the way to a second Holocaust.  That is worth focussing attention on above all else.  
      With regards to other posts, well, all the Contributers are on their own time and can but do what they can but do.


  5. George R says:


    So committed is INBBC to ‘Arab uprisings’ (paving the way for ‘new’ Islamic regimes) that the following viewpoint hardly gets a look in at INBBC:


    (by Leo McKinstry)

    Read more:


    • hippiepooter says:

      We have ‘unfinished business’ with WPC Yvonne Fletcher and Lockerbie.  If we can satisfy ourselves that through intervention we can assure what comes after Gaddafi is not Islamist, of course we need to intervene.


  6. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Gosh-darned ‘Western media’ (who they, I wonder?), and getting the very odd end of a dirty stick a bit too often…


  7. George R says:


    Amazing! INBBC forced to mention  BIAFRA, at last.

    -But INBBC does not provide explanation of BIAFRA war.

    “Nigeria unrest ‘recalls lead-up to 1967 Biafra war'”

    For INBBC, including BBC Muslim Hausa Service:

    “Remember Biafra!”

    (by Hugh Fitzgerald, 2005)


  8. cjhartnett says:

    Baddiel is the new Brigstocke!

    Heard the former talking to N17 on yesterdays BBC pedalo that is the Toady Show.That it was the fag end of a fagged out show is no excuse either!

    He is cross that Spurs fans call themselves “Yids”-indeed he has backing from Saturdays Guardian that this is no longer””apppropriate,” so can`t we all “live as one” as St John Of Lennon might have sung from the stands?

    Presumably when the Beeb employs these sad “comedy acts” they are expected to be as wise as Russell Brand and as gentle as Alexei Sayle-and try as hard as possible to be funny! Even God could not raise a laugh from this lot-not even this Easter week!

    So Baddiel scoots off to Noel Gallaghers house with a song title, “Everything you know is wrong”leaving us in the pall of Libby Purvis.

    Does this woman NEVER take a holiday-her “Midweek” has never stopped as far as I know. How come?…anything decent gets 6/8 weeks before it`s pulled!

    The “curse of Purv” has blighted my Wednesdays since the year dot-if this is HRT then Lansley needs to cut it and fast.

    This is indeed my Midweek Crisis. That Dion Dublin likes a flutter on the horses is not what Reith had in mind when the BBC got started.
    “Everything you know is wrong” says David Baddiel-well his scriptwriter tells him to say it-but I am right on this!

     Libby needs a holiday and Baddiel needs another funny partner to save his unfunny self from any attempt at laughter-Brigstocke, Lenny…anyone-even bloody Libby if that gets her of the Wednesday cushions she has plumped for way too long!


  9. pounce_uk says:

    While the bBC can move faster than a speeding bullet in which to bring you the latest statement from the Taliban after NATO has been accused of killing somebody, they go all turtle when it comes to actually reporting real stories from the region, such as:
    1) Terrorists slit the throat of man in market place.
    2) 14 men who gang raped women in 2002 acquited
    3) While the bBC has no problem questioning why the Uk should give Aid to India it remains silent on Aid to Pakistan which has increased its spending on weapons. Oh the bBC does mention the 17% incrase but they say its to fight terrorism. But why does Paksitan need Nukes for that? or even a Navy.
    4) Pakistan makes demands on the running of Afghasntan. 
    5) How the Afghan army have  killed 65 terrorists south of Kabul
    6) How the Afghan army have killed 17 terrorists in Kunar

    Strange how the real world doesn’tresemble anything the bBC says it looks like. 

    You know the one where the taliban are unstopable, where Islam is a religion of peace and that Global warming is going to kill everybody.


    • pounce_uk says:

      I see the bBC have got around to reporting the story about the aquital of the men who gang raped Mukhtaran Mai   
      How as this is the bBC, they leave out such salient snippets such as:  
      14 men raped her, her brother was raped, that she was put on the same list as terrorists and bannd from leaving the country.  
      What else do you expect from the so called impartial bBC which only offers santised versions of any news story when it invloves the relgion of peace.

      If you have the time here is how I wrote up the same story. Compare it with the bBC version and ask yourself which one tells the actual story and which one santises it. A story I should I beat the bBC to by a good few hours and I don’t have any contacts never mind Miss Plett in Pakistan to ask questions. Bet she never shed a tear for this poor girl.


  10. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Just heard some BBC reporter talking about how Ghaddafi has expressed regret for some photo-journalist being killed by his troops.  There is no outrage being stoked up by the BBC report, no frowning, no building up of a case of bad behavior.

    Contrast that with this BBC article (yes, they’re doing a story about an Al-Jazeera story and not their own original reporting – what a shock – but that doesn’t give them license to reproduce libel) which suggest that the US military deliberately targeted journalists, or at the very least “do not take adueqate precautions to ensure the safety of journalists”.  There’s plenty of accusation and stern words here as well with no proof offered whatsoever that the US deliberately targeted anyone.  Yet Ghaddafi is given a free pass.   Not a single suggestion that, like the US was accused of in Iraq, Ghaddafi is indifferent to the presence of journalists in the warzone.


  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I’ve seen the BBC Narrative about this new issue of the EU forcing a privacy law on Britain.  They just had a discussion about it on the News Channel.

    Cameron is against it because it’s only “the rich and powerful” who want to protect their secrets, while journalists merely want to report the truth.  The only people against this new law are the “rich and powerful” who want to protect their own interests.


  12. David Preiser (USA) says:

    So if the BBC News newsreader can ask a pundit on air if Ghaddafi’s deliberate shelling of civilians “constitutes a war crime”, why can’t a Beeboid ask Jeremy Bowen or Jon Donnison if Hamas deliberately targeting a school bus is also a war crime?  Double standards at the BBC?  Surely not…..


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Blmey; couldn’t be much more slimmed down than, on politics, ‘what Michael Crick was told that a bloke may have said in the lobby bar, and passed on to Nick Robinson’. Or on home affairs, what John Prescott has promised he’ll huff and puff about on Newsnight. Or on science/enviro, what Susan Watts and the 3 Whores of the Apocalypse will cut and paste from CRU or Greenpeace. Etc.

      I’m still trying to figure out what they do with the other £3,999,999,995 of the annual budget I am, for some reason, obliged to co-fund, uniquely. It can’t all be shoring up poorly invested pensions, can it?


    • john says:

      Well the BBC “news presenters” should be only too well aware that TV news coverage is an expensive business, no matter how risable and costly their own is.
      Only a few weeks ago they were laughing and giggling on News 24 that SKY News was losing money hand over fist whilst reporting the News Corp story.
      Now I know the BBC are very seldom exposed to the real world, so I really hope that this new adventure will be the start of what we’ve all been waiting for : The BBC’s comeuppance.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      They can shut down their US bureau.  Send the Beeboids home and replace it with a news aggregator.  This would yield better value for money as it would keep the public better informed than they are now, with less bias and censorship.

      Get rid of all the Beeboids working in the US.  BBC World News America can be shut down tomorrow and it would be no loss to the license-fee payer, and how many different geniuses contribute to the US & Canada section of the BBC website?  Dump them as well.  If they are market-rate talents, they’ll easily find other work.  There’s an election coming up next year, so I’m sure there will be job openings in various Democrat campaigns.


  13. John Horne Tooke says:

    It does not look like “the rebels” are nice people.
    “As the principal assailant begins to saw at the victim’s neck, members of the crowd yell “Allahu Akbar!”

    We really should not interfere in other peoples conflicts.


  14. pounce_uk says:

    Can somebody from the bBC (I know you look in) please explain how such a world reknowned news org is so slow in posting changes in stories where allah’s little helpers have lost out in a bun fight with those they have attacked.

    The bBC at 18.15 is airing with the story that the bBCs fave terrorists in Somlai have hjacked a couple of ships. Meanwhile in the real world the South Koreans have not only sent a ship to the area of one ship, they have stormed it and retaken it.

    I’m sure that when the bBC do getting round to reporting on this reversal of fortune of these somlai pirates they will ensure that it isn’t a course of action they recommend as people can get hurt (or even killed when they do so) I mean they can’t be seen advocating violence agains thugs with guns can they.


  15. dave s says:

    There seems to be a disconnection at the BBC. News at Ten rambling on and on as usual about the cuts and how dreadful it all is. While Newsnight has a discussion about how even Obama is going to cut the deficit a bit although it all seemed a bit confusing to poor Kirsty.. Does it make it OK if Obama is cutting? Obviously to the beeboid mind set it does.
    Democrat cuts good Coalition cuts bad.
    The poor dears don’t know what to think. Report to the hive Queen for re programming.


  16. Samantha Vickers says:

    Comrade Mason was a little confused tonight on Newsnight. As he cannot blame US monetary policy for the rise and rise of the price of gold as it is far to close to criticism of the Obamamessiah he had to tell us it is because things are going so well in the Far East!  
    In fact the world economy going so well has caused the eurozone problems oh, the rise in the price of oil is because everybody is expecting America to boom under the Obamamessiahs enlightened economic policy and nothing at all to do with the possibility of someone lighting a match under the oil basin of the middle east…  
    In fact everything is so good that he felt he had to join in and went to Fortnum and Masons to celebrate!


  17. George R says:

    Not a report for advocates of open-door Britain, BBC-NUJ:

    “Family of 12 Ethiopian asylum seekers who have just landed in Britain get £1,460-a-week for vast London home”

    Read more:


  18. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Noticing on BBC blogs a new trend to praising the professionalism and balance of the BBC authors…

    Thank you so much for writing this Mark. It’s such a relief to finally see rebuttals of this kind of unpleasant attempt to divide and conquer, to set neighbour against neighbour. Here’s my article on the subject for Left Foot Forward :

    Not sure praise for rebuttals from such a quarter is coming across to those of independent mindsets in quite the way intended or hoped.


  19. As I See It says:

    BBC News 24. Christian Holy Week…and it’s over to our correspondent in Rome (nice gig).

    What’s all this about the Pontif doing a TV question and answer thing?

    Well I can reveal that there will be seven questions and they are all about Jesus! (obvious BBC disapproval – but in my innocence because I’m obviously not on message – I don’t at first understand quite what the BBC reporter is getting at).

    ‘I can reveal a couple of the questions to be put to the Pope…a man with a wife in a coma will ask ‘where is her soul?’…a young Japanese girl (survivor of the earthquake and tsunami) will ask ‘why do people have to suffer?’

    Getting a bit sneary the BBC man says ‘Not exactly difficult questions for a man of his intellect and experience…’ (What! Ain’t these just the sort of questions that have taxed the great philosophers and theologians for centuaries – and they happen to be just the sort of questions Christians want to ask of their Priests).

    It all becomes clear. As he signs off from Rome we get the BBC mantra: Pope = child sex abuse scandal.


    • Jane Tracy says:

      Part of the reason may be that the BBC’s economics editor Stephanie Flanders appears to have been on holiday from her blog since April 13th. There had started to be a few enquiries on it as to where she was which of course led to the blogs comments section being closed!

      It might have been better to ask her Twitter pal Ed Balls where she was….

      Others will be wondering that Floundering Flanders often takes long holidays and wondering how much she is supposed to take.


  20. pounce_uk says:

    I see the bBC is still pushing the message out that Somalia pirates who hijacked a korean  cargoship are still holding it.  
    In reality the ship was freed over a day ago by South Korean commandos, I wonder why the bBC doesn’t want you to know that. Just as they don’t inform you that 6 pirates who decided to take on a danish warship yesterday came off….dead.  
    Anybody else get the impression the bBC is the propoganda arm for Islamic terrorism.


    • dave s says:

      I get the feeling that South Korean ships will soon be avoided by the pirates. They could end up dead or incacerated in Korea for ever. The Korean navy is not quite so pirate friendly as our rather pathetic RN


  21. pounce_uk says:

    How the bBC hides the murders of innocents by screaming out foulplay over the deaths of those who kill for Allah.  
    Pakistan: US drone raid ‘kills 25’ in N Waziristan  
    At least 25 people have been killed in a US drone strike in the troubled Pakistani tribal region of North Waziristan, officials told the BBC.  Missiles were fired on a large compound in the town of Spinwam, but five women and four children in a nearby house were also killed…….Meanwhile, at least 13 soldiers died when hundreds of insurgents attacked a checkpoint near the Afghan border.Pakistani security officials told the BBC that Afghan militants had crossed the border and stormed the army post in the Lower Dir area.  
    Anybody noticed how the bBC always buries acts of terrorism by the Taliban in the middle of articles which berate’s NATO/US/UK forces for the deaths of women and children who happen to be in the area where the Taliban are hanging out. You know those very remote areas where Paksitani troops fear to tread, funny how the bBC can report actual figures from the back of beyond within minutes, yet as in my last post they are unable to report stories nearer to home.


  22. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC, that riot in Bristol and half the story.
    Eight officers hurt in violent clashes in Bristol
    Nine people have been arrested and eight police officers hurt after violent clashes in Bristol.Scuffles broke out when police forced their way into a property being used by squatters in the Stokes Croft area.Eyewitnesses said police fought running battles with hundreds of protesters, who dug up cobbles from the road to throw at them. Police carried out the raid because they feared a nearby Tesco store was to be attacked with petrol bombs….. Labour MP for Bristol East Kerry McCarthy visited the scene in the early hours of Friday after reading reports of the disturbances on Twitter.”I do question why the police op was carried out last night in an area full of bars where a lot of people were out drinking.”It didn’t seem to be a particularly sensible time to carry out an eviction of a squat that’s been there for a long time.”Ms McCarthy said she had been watching from a empty patch of land.”Three police officers in riot gear passed us by and one of them shoved me out the way, there was absolutely no reason for that, they could have quite easily walked by.”Earlier it had been a very ‘Stokes Crofts atmosphere’ with people playing musical instruments.”At one stage people laid down bikes and sat down in the road and the police steamed in pulling everyone out the way and dogs were used.”There were people being pulled up and roughly treated.

    So the bBC version of events is that riots transpired while the Police went in all heavy handed in which to evict squatters who had committed the crime of playing musical instruments, with the police using the lame excuse that they did so to protect a nearby Tescos.
    And here is what the bBC doesn’t tell you.


    • pounce_uk says:

      The bBC, that riot in Bristol and half the story. (Part 2)
      And here is how Bristol Evening Post wrote up the same story:
      Riot on a street in Bristol as police clash with anti-Tesco protesters
      POLICE and protesters clashed last night in a full-scale riot on Stokes Croft. Bricks, bottles and stones were thrown at officers as several hundred people gathered on Cheltenham Road.As well as eight officers ending up in hospital with injuries, the new controversial Tesco store was smashed up and looted in the early hours of this morning. At its peak, 160 police officers, clad in riot gear and shields, were required to quell the violence. The disorder escalated after Avon and Somerset constabulary raided a property occupied by squatters opposite Tesco. During the course of the afternoon people in the community became concerned after seeing people bringing what looked like petrol bombs in and out of the house and a man on the roof with what looked like a petrol can. At about 9.15pm, a team of officers forced entry to the building. The officers were not met with resistance and recovered petrol and several ready-made petrol bombs.One man was yesterday being questioned on suspicion of threats to cause criminal damage with intent to endanger life and three others were arrested on suspicion of public order offences.
      But as the police started to leave the area, a group gathered and grew quickly grew to several hundred on the road outside. People started barricading the road with street furniture, bikes and bins, and several bins were set alight. Soon missiles, including bottles and stones were being thrown at the officers.
      Assistant Chief Constable Rod Hansen said: “Residents have called us to several incidents in the property over the past few days. Yesterday, there was a very real threat to the local community from the petrol bombs that were being made and we needed to take positive action.“The safety of the public is paramount in any situation of this kind and we took the decision to carry out a swift arrest operation, following intelligence received about the criminal intentions of those who were occupying the building. “The fact that we seized petrol bombs illustrates the seriousness of this situation and the reason why we took this positive action.
      “When 300 people congregated and a small minority from that group started small fires and throwing bottles, stones and other items at officers, we used well-rehearsed plans, which involved the use of officers from neighbouring forces to control what had become a volatile situation.”With reinforcements called in – plus officers from Wiltshire, Gwent and South Wales police – officers managed to disperse the crowds at various times during the night, but a hardcore persisted.
      At 2.30am, the riot peaked and the groups started attacking Tesco, ripping off the shutters, smashing windows and looting, while two security guards were inside the property. Mr Hansen added: “That was clearly dangerous and life-threatening behaviour so we needed to respond to that.”
      A totally different version of events than that reported by the bBC, while they allow a Labour councillor to wax lyrical about the party atmosphere stamped upon by the jack boots of fascist police, they omit that actually the police were called to the location of the squat (Used as an anti-Tesco’s base) by concerned locals. Now follow the link and read some of the comments by the locals.


      • pounce_uk says:

        Ah a little digging reveals that the riots were insigated by the so called People Republic of Stoke Croft. A Hippy type commune who believe in love,peace and drugs but not in Tescos. and here’s a couple more anti Stoke Croft websites.

        For a bunch of hippires who claim that 93% of the locals support their cause here are a couple of Posts which hint otherwise;

        scum!!..Every single one of them who were involved in the riot. Most of them smackhead filth. I have lived on Stokes Croft all my life, 28 years, I am local and dont mind having Tesco here at all, I will still buy my fags, papers etc from Best and The Post Office but if I need something more extravagent I will use Tesco. All these scumbags rioting are not local at all, most of them are dirty tramps from all over the UK, with Scouse and Manc accents, what has it got to do with you??….Also the Tesco store is on Cheltenham Road, not Stokes Croft, so the argument is totally flawed anyway…Also Hein Geirrick and Lickin Chicken are not independant stores and have been on Stokes Croft for years. The lot of them are complete pond life and make my city look discusting….Do us all a favour and go away. These creatures have suddenly appeared on Stokes Croft over the last couple of years, because somehow they think its cool???…Stokes Croft used to be cool, now it just resembles some hippy hangout with loads of white dreads and unwashed smelly people. 
        Deebs, Jamaica Street


        Savages .. they behave like animals and expect people to take them seriously.
        I moved out of Stokes Croft under a year ago .. i was never consulted in their so called “survey of locals” and never given the chance to express my opinion, probably because it was in favour of Tesco.
        Is their campaign so weak that they need to resort to violence ! … the free market will dictate if this store is successful. If the locals truly do not want this, they will not shop there. The store will not be financially viable and it will shut. Personally i think they fear their so called supporters will utilise the store and prove the “campaign” invalid.
        Having lived there for over 8 yrs, i found it hard to do a proper and good valued shop for my family. Local produce shops were over priced with poor quality produce .. Tesco is posing nothing more than a viable threat to over priced poor quality shops and offers a choice to locals .. a choice it seems they are not being permitted to have. If the so called community is so strongly against this store .. stand by your convictions and let the store fail, by using violence you are making a mockery of any “cause” they have. This looks no more than a group of lazy lay about scum protest that they lost another stinking squat to hide from the responsibilities of society. 
        I have driven past the demonstration daily and had the never to voice support for the store. I was great by verbal abuse and cardboard thrown at my car .. this is people using their right to demonstrate and hold opinions, it looks like it ok to have an opinion so long as it is theirs … i have a right too and intend to exercise in a grown up more mature manner. 
        Tina, Bristol

        I wonder why the bBC doesn’t inform the rest of the Uk about the real reasons behind this riot?


      • hippiepooter says:

        An excellent report here from BBC Bristol


  23. Lloyd says:

    I’m a couple of days late with this comment, and as such don’t have a date, time or source for the quote I heard, other than to say it was on 5live, nach.

    Apparenty the Conservatives are to blame for the 81000 claimants of DLA by alchololics, drug addicts and the obese. No, not these Conservatives, but the last lot. The claim that policiees of the Major government are to blame for the high number of claimants was made by a studio guest, and went totally unchallenged. 13 years of Labour mismanagement totally erased from the beeboid memory.


  24. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    I suffered rather more of Radio 5 Li(steners)ve than I would have liked today.

    Starting with the most disgusting…

    The Victoria Dreadfulshire ‘Show’. 1:18:00 in

    Thick Vicky: Tell us a bit more about the drones.

    Jeremy: Well these drones are pretty lethal quite scary weapons… and they’re armed with very lethal missiles…they’ve been quite a controversial weapon in Pakistan and Afghanistan…they’re very destructive…sometimes they fire them at people they shouldn’t fire them at …wedding parties and so on.

    Shrieky Vicky: And what’s the Libyan government saying about their use.

    Jeremy: It says that it’s gonna lead to more civilian casualties…

    Silly Vicky: Worrabout cluster bombs.. Hilary Clinton…says are being used by Gadaffi’s troops?

    Jeremy: …The Libyans government *absolutely* refute any suggestion that they’ve got them …they’re suggesting maybe it’s Nato that’s used them… maybe it’s the rebels.

    It’s clear the questions have been pre-fed to Thicky by Bowen who as usual wants to get *his* views across and not the news.

    No further comment required from me on Bowen, he damns himself with his own words.

    Bowen is a vile creature.

    And the BBC tolerate him, pay him (or we do at any rate) and encourage him.


    • hippiepooter says:

      I like Victoria Derbyshire!  No Bowen though, who again was legitimising Gaddafi by referring his side’s viewpoint along the lines of ‘It’s understandable that the Libyans are saying this’.


  25. Bupendra Bhakta says:

     Phil ‘Poly’ Williams was the host with the least on the Breakfast Show and interviewing a Jock journo who was talking about how it is US policy to pay Afghanis to return to their villages in a hearts and minds exercise.

    Poor Phil, knowing that he had to suck up to the ‘big boys’ at BBCC  was desperately trying to connect his two brain cells and come up with a line of ‘attack’.  Eventually, almost sighing with relief, he dug out,

    ‘Does it demonstrate, critics have argued, ..does it demonstrate a lack of understanding of culture’.

    Gotta lurve the standard BBCC excuse for a get-out-clause of ‘critics have argued’.  And of course American soldiers and lack of ‘cultural sensitivity’ is a fairly standard BBCC line.

    I always like a trier, and Poly is clearly a trier.  But before he can run with the big boys he’s really got to go off on a ‘bias’ course.

    Because he’s not very good at it.


  26. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    and finally… The News Quiz.

    The vile Hardy is not worth bothering about.  There was a ‘comedian’ called Will Smith who was an absolute form-book guest.

    Jumped in with ‘there were other factors you know’ when Parris mooted that Gordon Brown’s stewardship of the economy was not all it should have been, trotted out the tired dailymailanddailytelegraph line, and also opined how JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon has ‘the kind of face you’d like to punch’.

    Sauce for the goose etc so here’s what will smith looks like should you ever want to, you know, punch him in the face..


    • It's all too much says:

      I had the misfortune to see “Have I got news” last night.  It had that smug ***ker Brigstock on the pane.  He is not quite as vile or offensive as the utterly irredemable Hardy but still well within the ‘Flummph’ (see below!) Smith criteria for facial punching.  The script was 50% abuse of the royal wedding$, and 50% abuse of some tory female MP.

      Brigstock is completely without talent, and absolutly unable to see the irony in his prolonged attack on Prince William and the royal wedding from a class perspective..

      “Brigstocke attended two private schools. In Chichester he went to Westbourne House School before going onto King’s Bruton School in Somerset. He also attended Netherton Hall School, a school for children with special needs, situated in Farway, Devon. He studied Drama at the University of Bristol, however he did not complete his degree.”

      His main line of ‘humour’ was to mock someone with the complex and upper-class specific name “William” or “Will” of “flummph” as Brigstock so hilariously claimed it was pronounced by the upper classes.  Well MARCUS, the last time a ‘working class’ person was called “Marcus” Vespasian was emperor.

      As for the alleged thickness of the royals, at least Price William finished his degree and is apparently intelligent enough to be handed some millions of pounds worth of helicopter and the lives of his crew and passengers.  Can these BBC  beloved no hopers find no other outlet for their biased ‘humour’.  How about a go at the Bristol ‘bohemian’ spongers (brilliant comments Pounce, many thanks) that I pay for one way or another.  (I’ll bet that no Beeboid would want to bring up a family there eh?).  How about a real crack at Bob Crow on his 150K plus PA whilst living in subsidised public housing, is there nothing funny and no point to be made about Political correctness or no chances to lampoon Miliband and Balls – an odd and unbalanced couple if ever there was one.

      Can these comics find no glimmer of humour in lampooning someone who has the name “Balls”?  I am quite sure that the Beeboids could find some if he happened to be of the wrong party…..

      Final thought, Brigstock et al are salivating (at the very least) at the prospect of the Prime Minister appearing in a top hat at the wedding.  Bang on the narrative, brilliant for at least five years of cartoons, film clips on incessant decades long repetitive loops William (not Flummph) Hague aged 16, John Redwood ‘singing’ you get the drift


      • john says:

        Brigstock (Marcus)
        On Wikipluto :
        Not funny, never will be, destined therefore to walk on parts only in BBC “Who gives a crap who’s paying for this” left-wing productions.
        Mr and Mrs Brigstock (Senior) to sue all the public schools Marcus went to, and their seem to be a few, because he’s not turned out as funny as they were promised.