A guest post by Hippiepooter.

This is overdue but I think you’ll agree very worthwile covering. H/T to ‘Buggy’ for bringing this up in the Open Thread a couple of weeks ago.

Here is a BBC Online report 7th April that they headline thus:-

Blackpool children ‘safer than ever from grooming gangs’

When you compare it to the Blackpool Gazette story below, you may agree with me that it touches levels of Orwellian depravity that belong in a surreal horror movie. This is the Blackpool Gazette headline for the story:-

‘We hid nothing’ say sex case cops

Both stories stem from a paywalled report in The Times. Below is how both reports address the The Times as the source of the story.


A report in The Times said more than 60 girls in the resort were groomed for sex by a group of men.

The Times reported that an unpublished report by Blackpool Council recorded that more than 60 girls in the resort had been groomed for sex by a group of men connected with a cluster of town centre takeway restaurants.

Blackpool Gazette

Lancashire Police came under fire in a report by The Times which accused the force of ‘hiding a sex grooming scandal’ in Blackpool and ‘inhibiting’ further research by political correctness.

The Times article also connects to another missing Blackpool girl, Paige Chivers. […] Paige was just 15 when she disappeared in 2007. The report claims the teenager was also a “victim of sexual exploitation” but police say her disappearance remains a missing person inquiry and they are “keeping an open mind”.

You will be wearily unsurprised that the BBC report mentions nothing about Paige Chivers, nor the comments below by a retired senior detective featured in the Blackpool Gazette:-

Former Lancashire Det Supt Mick Gradwell, said police should, however, have a “more open debate”.

He said: “There is a lot of work going on with these operations (such as Awaken) but there is a reluctance to talk openly about the full facts.

I would suggest that all the BBC report was interested in was whitewashing how Lancashire Police had been whipped into submission by 25 odd years of BBC thought policing and the disaster that their ‘nationcidal’ promotion of multiculturalism has wrought upon us.

The mailonline also published a report on this the same day as the BBC, although they didn’t mention it had been prompted by what The Times ran. It carries more extensive comment from former Det Supt Mick Bradwell and draws yet more stark and chilling contrast to the take of the BBC.

While trying to find the Times report I found there’s plenty on this on BNP and EDL sites, but the views of racist neanderthals don’t interest me.

The Gramscian BBC and the BNP are twin sides of evil. They couldn’t live without each other.

From one of the areas of the BBC untainted by its Gramscian subversives, here is information on how to assist the Police with their inquiries over the missing Paige Chivers.

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  1. john in cheshire says:

    Out of interest, why do you regard the postings on the EDL and BNP websites as neanderthal and racist. Surely, if they are reporting on what is actually happening in towns such as Blackpool, when other sources of information are abdicating their responsibilities, then they are a legitimate source and should be read?


    • hippiepooter says:

      @JiC .. I would no more align myself to the neo-Nazis of the BNP and EDL against Islamism than I would ally myself with the Communists and Islamists of the UAF against the BNP/EDL.  
      If you wish to delude yourself (or others) of the neo-Nazi antecedents of the BNP’s leaders like its MEP’s Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons, than that’s up to you.  I do not wish to enter into the sewers of British politics on the left or the right.


      • john in cheshire says:

        hippiepooter, but surely, if the BNP are alerting people (as they have been doing for a long time now) to the awful reality of what muslim men  are doing to young white English girls, when no one else is covering the issue, then they deserve to be heard. Or, are you saying we should ignore such evil deeds until a mouthpiece that is acceptable to you brings it to our attention? I’m not arguing with you, I’m just trying to determine why you should close your mind to a source of serious information because you don’t like the messenger.


        • dave s says:

          Agreed.One may not like the messenger but if the messenger speaks truly then he must be heard. To do otherwise is to fall into the reality denying trap of the liberal left.


          • Sheriff Rosco says:

            The really sad thing is that it took so long for any branch of the MSM to speak about this disgusting situation at all.
            Easier to label it ‘far-right lies’ and brush it under the carpet I suppose.


        • hippiepooter says:

          If you wish to get your information from contaminated sources then that is of course your choice.  I neither seek information from contaminated sources like the UAF about Nazi scum like the BNP nor do I seek information from the BNP/EDL about communist/islamist scum like the UAF.

          I’d be much obliged JiC if you’d give me a couple of simple answers to a couple of simple questions:-

          1)  Do you, or do you not support the BNP?

          2)  Do you or do you not consider the BNP a racist party?

          Thank you.


  2. Quiet_Man says:

    I fail to see what is racist or neanderthal about the EDL in general, sure they have racists and neanderthals, but no more than the average political gathering of the Tory Party. That they continue to keep this story fresh in the media by their protests and campaigns shames both the BBC, the MSM and indeed those who deride them from their own narrow prejudices.
    The EDL will be protesting in Blackpool at the end of this month in support of the family of murdered Charlene Downes and in protest at the lancashire police cover up of the grooming of 60 young women at the establishment where Charlene is alledged to have been turned into kebab meat and sold to the public.
    Yet all some poster here can do is sneer and comment on something they know little about so deep do their own prejudices go.


    • Lloyd says:

      Charlene is alledged to have been turned into kebab meat and sold to the public.

      Whoa! That cannot possibly be true?


      • hippiepooter says:

        All indications to that are ‘yes’.


      • George R says:

        From ‘The Times’ ( 7 April):

        “…another missing Blackpool girl, Paige Chivers, 15, who vanished in 2007 and is feared by police to have been killed, was subsequently identified as a victim of sexual exploitation.

        “She was known to spend a lot of time at one Blackpool takeaway whose owner had earlier been questioned by police as a witness during the Downes investigation. Iyad Albattikhi, a Jordanian, was eventually accused of murdering Charlene after allegedly having sex with her. Mohammad Raveshi, originally from Iran, was charged with helping him to dispose of her remains.

        “The prosecution which had no physical evidence and relied largely on a series of covert recordings, claimed that Charlene’s body was chopped up and put through a mincing machine. Takeaway staff were said in court to have joked that she had ‘gone into the kebabs’.

        “The trial jury failed to reach a verdict and a scheduled retraial in 2008 collapsed owing to the exposure of serious failings in the management of the Lancashre Constabulary investigation. Each defendent was paid almost £250,000 in compensation.

        “Today, Mr Albattikhi, 33, still owns and runs the kebab shop that was the centre of the murder investigation. Mr Raveshi, 54, continues to hold the licence that allows it to serve hot food until early morning.”


  3. George R says:

    Islam Not BBC (INBBC) is politically very concerned that the essentials of this case should be censored.

    In particular, INBBC wants to relegate any significance attached to the notion of Muslim perpetrators in the case.

    The opening words of the ‘Times’ (7 April) front-page lead on this are:

    “More than sixty schoolgirls in aeaside town” [Blackpool] “were being groomed for sex by a group of men who have been linked with the unsolved disappearance and murder of a 14-year old…

    “The endemic scale and nature of the sexual exploitation uncovered by the police in Blackpool was kept secret. The victims were young white girls; their abusers were non-white workers at takeoaway food outlets in the Lancashire town.”

    Ex-detective superintendent, Mick Gradwell of Lancashire Constabulary, said in’The Times’ that further research into the pattern of such crimes:

    …”is being inhibited by political correctness and concerns about upsetting community cohesion.” 

    I would say that such attitudes affect not only the police, but also the media (inc INBBC), and the three main  political parties.

    The parents of the missing Charlene Downes have found that the only political group to support them is the English Defence League (EDL). And the EDL were planning a rally in Blackpool about the Downes case, but INBBC censors what the rally was to be about: 

    “English Defence League told to rearrange Blackpool demo”

    But, of course, INBBC gets in the jibe about the cost of a previous demo, without mentioning how much of the cost should be attributed to the UAF involved. (And INBBC does not mention the £3,500,000,000 which INBBC costs a year.)

    And, of course, INBBC does not provide updates on the case (because INBBC wants us to forget about it), but here is one from ‘Blackpool Gazette’-

    “Takeaway ‘a haven for under age sex’”

    A six minute video in German:


    • George R says:

      Link to INBBC report (above) on postponed EDF Blackpool demo-


    • Lloyd says:

      I’ve just read the Blackpool Gazette story above and I have to say i’m utterly dumbstruck. How those animals aren’t already locked up is incredible, and even now he’s only in court over some licensing issues.

      I’m very very surprised that the matter hasn’t been dealt with vigilante stryle, by a member of the local community.


  4. rayman 10 says:

    When did this site become the anti-BNP site? I thought it was called biased BBC. I think you will lose a lot of visitors if this keeps up. Everytime I read a post or comment by Hippiepooter he has to get a dig in.


    • hippiepooter says:



    • George R says:

      Not that INBBC would mention it, but I see that the English Defence League is planing a demonstration for Blackpool, 28 May:


    • Demon1001 says:

      I am totally with Hippiepooter with regards to the BNP.  They are just the working class manifestation of Beeboidia, and are just as vile.  I’m not too sure about the EDL though.   
      I thought the same as Hippie but, having listened to the very cogent and eloquent debating of their leader, I think I may have fallen into the BBC trap and have been blaming them for what the BBC accuse them of, rather than what they really are.  Maybe, for once, the BBC are right and the EDL are vile, racist scum but maybe that’s only what the BBC want them to be.  For me the jury is out on the EDL.


      • hippiepooter says:

        A bit of fishing around on the internet soon produces some extremely disturbing information over the swastika worshipping nature of the EDL.  Of course, there’s a fair number of innocent dupes in it – given the lack of effective outlets that there are to oppose Islamism – and some people find themselves in really desperate situations where they to blind themselves to seek succour and solace.

        I wouldn’t necessarily judge anyone for voting BNP.  I can quite easily conceive of how people who aren’t racist may nevertheless vote for the BNP and be prepared to swallow all their honeyed moonshine that they’re not racist.  
        However, you dont have to dig too deep to know that they are as much one of the avatars of Satan as they’ve ever been.

        We can have an idea that someone has truly abandoned the evil of racism when this happens, although ironically through the writings of G K Chesterton, who dallied for a while with Oswald Mosely and his Blackshirts.


        • graham duck says:

          Thank you hippiepooter, I will sleep so much better tonight knowing that you wont judge me for voting any which way I want… so comforting!
          When folk on here begin to open a window in the way they see our voting rights it’s time to stop reading such a load of rubbish.
          Hippie, I’ll vote anyway I want…I dont need your permission and neither does anyone else.


      • Barry says:

        “I am totally with Hippiepooter with regards to the BNP.  They are just the working class manifestation of Beeboidia, and are just as vile.”

        That’s what this is really about, isn’t it? Pure snobbery.  


        • Demon1001 says:

          Absolutely yes –  it is snobbery, pure and simple.  That is the reason that the very middle-class BBC loathe them, they supposedly want to be the “working man’s champion” but expect the same working man to support their bid to overthrow the system and be grateful.  They hate it when the working class people are more preoccupied with things that concern them most, such as immigration, so pretend their other policies are different when, with that one issue excepted, are very similar. 

          It was the same as in Germany in the post WW1, the reason that the communists and national socialists (German workers party) hated one another was class and nothing else.  They all wanted to overthrow the fledgeling democracy, such as it was back then, and replace it with socialism.  But the communists regarded the National Socialists as rivals to their own attempts to take over, while the NS blamed the communists for losing the war.  Other than that their policies were pretty similar early on, it was only later when Hitler’s personal prejudices became more important that there was any significant divergence.


    • George R says:

      Some non-INBBC reports relating to English Defence League”


      Royal wedding: Muslim group applies for permission to protest outside Westminster Abbey


      “Poppy Burning Is The Least Of It: What Is That Black Flag They Were Waving?””Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff on yesterday’s demonstration in Luton” on issues such as the Islamisation of Britain, the threat of Islamic jihad, the uncontrolled mass immigration, the English Defence League does not think that it can wait for the political elites of e.g. Labour, Lib Dems, Tories, the MSM, inc INBBC, to provide leadership in these urgent matters.


  5. Philip says:

    The BBC’s neutering of reports on the Muslim sexual grooming racket isn’t isolated to this case either. I featured a similar tale at the back end of last year, in an example where the local newspaper had done its job and reported the facts accurately.

    Al-Beeb, however, had rendered similar stories almost completely context free in their reports of the wider problem in this particular location – and thereby once again refused to report the fact that this crime is committed virtually 100% by Pakistani Muslim males.


  6. king chillout says:

    I’ve lost count of the times that the BNP have been shouted down as racists, propaganda merchants and liars when they have exposed cover-ups of crime by the pro-multiculturalists or when they have revealed the real extent of immigration into Britain.

    In every single case they have eventually been proven right.

    If people like you had bothered to listen to the BNP years ago instead of closing your very tiny minds, it’s no stretch to imagine that a young girl may still be alive today.

    If you want the truth five years before the MSN decide that they will trickle it out ( but only with a dose of anti-BNP propaganda) visit the BNP website.

    Yes, I am a BNP voter. I vote for them because they have never lied to me. How do I know they aren’t lying ? Because of the extreme lengths all the other parties go to discredit them. They hate the truth being told to the ordinary bloke in the street.

    Only a complete idiot would close themselves off from hearing the truth because they didn’t like the messengers clothes.

    If you knew anything at all about the EDL, you would know that they are definitely not a racist organisation….but after reading about how you only accept the truth from sources you deem acceptable, I’m betting you don’t actually know much at all.


  7. cjhartnett says:

    Got to be a newspaper (online) in flagging up the stories that the liberal media won`t touch-or give insufficient emphasis to.
    Imagine this Blackpool one will run-as well as the Afghan prisone escape-the BBC funding/supporting climate change Jonesys(don`t panic!).
    As a maths teacher ,I ought to give then prominence in inverse proportion to that given by BBC/Gaurdian/Indie…square cm/mins of airtime-and then we would know what really matters to us as opposed to the death of a Brian Hanrahan.
    Wonder if the EUs chugging of the nation for alms with menaces will make any liberal news outlet this week-or have we another self imposed superduper injunction? Maybe if we say that some Murdoch type phone tapped Rumpoy, we might get a story!


  8. king chillout says:


    what do you think the odds are that the only two white people convicted just happened to be BNP members ?

    I’d say about zero.

    I’ve been a BNP member for two years, and I’m still waiting to meet another one !

    Political party causes a stink about something the authorities would much rather keep quiet… get a good smear campaign going so the gullible idiots will believe it…..and you have.

    But, just for your sake, let’s believe it was actually true…..does that still make the BNP’s original story null and void in your eyes ?

    If Nick Griffin was to tell you your house was burning down, would you ignore him because you don’t like him ?

    The BBC is biased and sees events only the way it wants to. How are you any different ?


    • Barry says:

      “I’d rather see Britain destroyed by multiculturalism than Nazi scum like this.”  
      Be careful what you wish for.

      Of course the first places to be destroyed by multiculturalism will be occupied by those awful working class people. No doubt you’ll be long gone.


      • Demon1001 says:

        Barry, it was me, not Hippiepooter who mentioned the working class.  However, I believe you misunderstood my point entirely, which I have now fully explained in my answer to your previous post.

        It’s not me, nor Hippie, that have a problem with the Working Class, but the BBC.   The BBC supposedly claim to be their friends and champions whereas they actually don’t want anything to do with them.  That’s why they hate the BNP, as apart from immigration, they have very much the same world view.  The BNP’s main plank is against multi-culturalism because that is the issue that affects the Working Class most.  The BBC, in their ivory towers, don’t have to worry about that so they are in favour of mass immigration to smash at the fabric of British society. 

        They actually hate that the Working Class has a party (BNP) which will not tug forelocks at their masters in the standard socialist parties.  However, to me, the BNP is a racist organisation and in that I agree with the BBC even if we say it for different reasons.  We can be anti-excessive immigration without being racist, the BNP can’t. 


        • hippiepooter says:

          The bias that exists here against the BNP is a democratic one, the bias the BBC has is a left-wing one.

          I must say how glad I am that this democratic bias gets the goat of the BNPers who visit us here just like it does with a Gramscian leftist like Scott/Dez.

          The BBC has a duty to impartiality to serve democracy which gives them a democratic duty of bias against all subversives and terrorists.  Unfortunately, the subversive left hold sway at the BBC which is why they try to taint the Union Jack and patriotism with the Nazi usurpers of the BNP.

          Because the BNP are so eager to exploit the reality of Muslim pedo gangs and the murder and disappearance of Charlene Downs and Paige Chivers it makes it that more likely that Political Correctness will impede an investigation when the Thought Police of the BBC loom so large.

          If the BNPers here really cared so much about the issue, they’d renounce the BNP and start a clean slate to work with democrats of all stripes to expose the evils of Political Correctness in enabling Muslim pedo gangs, but their racism means more to them than the fate of girls like Charlene Downs and Paige Chivers.  At the end of the day the Gramscian BBC and the Nazi BNP couldn’t give a flying toss about them.


        • Barry says:

          “That is the reason that the very middle-class BBC loathe them..”  
          I know.  
          “They hate it when the working class people are more preoccupied with things that concern them most, such as immigration..”  
          But working class people look to organisations like the BNP and EDL out of fear, not hate. Lofty dismissals such as “scum” and “dupes” by those who are not, I suspect, at the sharp end, are as guilty of snobbery as the BBC in my opinion.  
          I am not defending the leaderships of the BNP or EDL but I still have family in a community that has been dumped on by successive Labour and Tory governments over the last 60 years, so forgive me if accusations of Nazism against people who have nowhere else to turn sound like snobbery of the worst kind.  
          Rudyard Kipling’s “Tommy” springs to mind.


          • Demon1001 says:

            “But working class people look to organisations like the BNP and EDL out of fear, not hate.”

            I agree.

            “I still have family in a community that has been dumped on by successive Labour and Tory governments over the last 60 years,”

            I sympathise, I have also had some first hand experience of this and am relieved that I don’t have too much of a problem now.  Although I suspect it won’t be for long – in fact that goes for the whole country, except in the refuges of Beebland.

            Lofty dismissals such as “scum” and “dupes” Who said that?

            “accusations of Nazism” are for me only directed against the BNP leaders and any others who spout some of the racist bilge that they have done in the past.  I can understand why people vote for the BNP out of desperation, but it doesn’t excuse Griffin some of his actions and statements.

            “by those who are not, I suspect, at the sharp end, are as guilty of snobbery as the BBC in my opinion.”  

            I’m afraid this is clearly inverse snobbery.  The only people I had accused of looking down on the Working Class were the BBC and fellow travellers (e.g. Labour Party, Guardian readers (both of them), UAF etc.).  I was clearly not having a go at the BNP for being Working Class, but for racism which is not a class issue.    


            • Barry says:

              “Lofty dismissals such as “scum” and “dupes” Who said that?”

              Hippiepooter, comments on first page.

              “I’m afraid this is clearly inverse snobbery.”

              My comments were not directed at you in particular. However, I’ve met a fair number of middle class professionals who are happy to condemn working class people for failing to cope gracefully with conditions in the sort of neighbourhood that they have become very skilful in avoiding, knowing full well that, if it all kicks off, as I fear it will, these crude people will provide the infantry.


              • hippiepooter says:

                You either haven’t read properly what I’ve put or you’re wilfully misrepresenting it.

                The word scum I have reserved for the Nazi core of the BNP.  Dupes for those who delude themselves into thinking it doesn’t have a Nazi core.  There is of course the third category who vote for the BNP with their noses held because they’ve just got no where else to go.

                What category are you in Barry?


                • Barry says:

                  I’ve read your comments again and clichéd phrases such as “Nazi scum like the BNP” do not seem to me to make the distinction you are trying to achieve.

                  My comments are clearly about attitudes towards working class people who are, perhaps, not particularly articulate or able to relocate to Devon or Northumberland.

                  As for me, my late father’s religion would rule out having anything to do with the BNP – not that I have to justify myself to you. It might also explain why my family in Leeds do not see the BNP as the worst “evil” (your phrase) on the horizon. You make some excellent points but at times your rhetoric is just plain silly.


  9. George R says:

    What INBBC does not do, is  allow open debate based on uncensored reporting, as to whether the ideology of Islam is conducive to Muslim men committing sex (and worse) crimes against non-Muslim white girls.

    The Blackpool cases are part of a larger national and international experience.


  10. Umbongo says:

    The BBC and the BNP are both biased sources of information.  However, I can understand BNP bias: it’s trying to get its members elected to local councils/Westmeinster parliament/EU parliament.  For that reason I always check any information produced by the BNP.  However, the same goes for all the other political parties and every pressure group you care to name.  The tragedy is – and hence the reason the B-BBC website exists – that I have exactly the same attitude to the BBC.  I cannot accept as true and/or comprehensive any information on any subject dear to the heart of the BBC (eg climate change, immigration, Islam, Middle East, the “cuts” etc etc) without checking other sources.  Almost unfailingly, I find that the BBC misreports (by leaving out salient facts or emphasising minor, but prima facie BBC-narrative-favourable, facts) or delays or fails to report at all.

    It may be that the BNP (and the EDL for that matter) are dyed inn the wool racist organisations.  However, were I a white working-class man living in an area of immigrant settlement and thus affected in my daily life – and my children’s daily life – by the problems created by unrestricted immigration I’d vote BNP without any hesitation whatsoever.  AFAIAA, and for their own good political reasons, the BNP has been the sole political party (with, possibly the exception of UKIP whose policies are more emollient) which has consistently highlighted both the effects of immigration and has a stated intention to do something about it.

    Yes, the BNP’s economic policies are down there with the SWP and the Greens but, coming back to my white working-class voter, it’s too late to be worried about that: I’d want my country (or at least my neighbourhood) back sharpish – we can talk economics later.  I’m lucky and I suspect most of the posters/commenters on this blog are lucky in that they spend most of their lives shielded from the worst aspects of the post-WW2 immigrations – especially those since 1997.  It’s easy to be dismissive, even contemptuous, of the BNP when you are relatively prosperous and living in a relatively prosperous area: not so easy when you’re effectively trapped in Somalia or Jamaica or Bangladesh although your house happens to be (geographically) in London or Bradford


    • hippiepooter says:

      Like I’ve said previously, I feel sympathy for people swamped by immigration and at the sharp end of the jihad who vote for the BNP in desperation to make their voices heard, but there are a huge amount of working class people who dont vote for the BNP in theses circumstances, many of whom wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole.  A lot of those who do vote for the BNP do so because they’re nasty, evil, racist bigots.  So while I can understand where you’re coming from Umbungo, I think you’ve gone way overboard with your empathy.


    • sue says:

      I remember being pinned to a wall  by an irate person with eyes of burning coals. He was telling me that he had been watching BNP videos, and the BNP are the only ones who could save us from hell in a handcart.
      Even though I understood what he meant, I couldn’t help thinking, if the BNP had really and truly ditched the antisemitism they were associated with not so long ago, why didn’t they tear up the bad old image and start from scratch? (instead of being shifty and refusing to admit it ever existed)
      One could be pragmatic and take the approach ’my enemy’s enemy’ but ….Nick Griffin?

       At a slight tangent, Frank Gardner has just been telling us all about the government’s casual dismissal of Abu Hamza as a harmless doddering nobody, and their total lack of interest in his warnings. “I told them so” he said.
      I wondered, since he knew what was going on, why didn’t he use his power and influence to tell US? 
      The BBC has special powers, does it not? Surely Frank Gardner could have chivvied the government into waking up somehow. Perhaps by instigating one of those investigative Panoramas featuring a dramatic Jeremy Vine introduction.  Perhaps Abu used his dole money to take out a super injunction?

      As you rightly say, we found out most of this through ‘other sources,’ but obviously those who rely solely on the BBC, and the government, probably wouldn’t take the trouble.


    • Umbongo says:


      I think the BNP’s failure to capitalise on the grievances of the indigenous working-class which – as you correctly write – keep voting Labour is down to 1. the BNP’s woeful leadership and pathetic organisation and 2. the mistaken belief among the white working class that Labour is “their” party and acts in their interests.  I think this was discussed in a previous thread on B-BBC apropos of the Channel 4 documentary on the Barking constituency in the general election.  The programme revealed the BNP leadership/organisation in all its ineffectual glory.  Even in Barking, faced with Labour’s (almost) limitless resources and smooth organisation, the BNP maintained the numbers who supported them in the previous local elections.  As one BNP member grumbled after the result: Labour won by mobilising the ethnic vote not by changing the minds of the white voters.

      I have no illusions about the BNP and its leaders and, I suppose, many of its supporters.  OTOH, were I white working class why wouldn’t I vote for them?  On one level, what sort of person in his right mind would vote for someone as squalid as Margaret Hodge whose record at Islington Council surely disqualifies her from the society of decent people (much like some in the BNP).  On a different level, Labour has joined with (or, more correctly perhaps, has been joined by) the other major parties in becoming almost purely a vehicle to access the political gravy train.  This is also the trademark of the Cameroons.  As to the LibDems: they have been amazed – and have demonstrated their ill-preparedness – at achieving, by accident, a hand on the levers of power.  This is a party designed to appeal to lunatic no-hopers while giving their leaders a cushy life at our expense with (hitherto) no compensating benefit: in other words a life of no responsibility and little power.

      A big BNP turnout in Barking might not have won it a seat but it would have galvanised the political class – and the three parties which represent it – to consider doing something.  I say “consider” because I suspect it would, in the event, have done nothing beyond mouthing a few non-muli-culti pieties and hoping the whole problem would just go away.  Unfortunately “it” won’t go away, “it” will get worse: not a nice prospect on a sunny April afternoon.


      • hippiepooter says:

        >>On one level, what sort of person in his right mind would vote for someone as squalid as Margaret Hodge whose record at Islington Council surely disqualifies her from the society of decent people (much like some in the BNP).<<

        Agreed, and agreed in spades.  The soft underarm bowling Humphrys gave her over her Correctnick, paedophile enabling reign at Islington will be etched on my mind forever, just like the soft underarm bowling she received over insulting one of the victims of the abuse she enabled as “disturbed” for having criticised her.

        I dont think your assesment of the BNP’s electoral result in Barking holds water.

        Not only did they drop their percentage share but they lost everyone of their 12 seats on Barking Council.  Generally, when people see how BNP candidates perform when elected, they dont come back for more.

        Personally, I am just yearning that Melanie Phillips gets a party started.  The choice between three sets of cultural Marxists or fringe single issue pressure groups is simply no choice.  I’d be back in Britain like a shot if Mel got this going.


  11. jarwill101 says:

    The BBC fears & dislikes the white working class, & has disdain for its legitimate concerns about the sacred creed of multiculturalism. The Corporation, comfortable within its NUJ straitjacket, is also very adept at ignoring the collateral damage that those at the sharp end of ‘diversity’ endure daily. The atmosphere in Britain now is that of a seething quagmire. And it all could have been so different. Instead we were ‘governed’ by the craven & the wicked. If we hadn’t of been there would be no need for the BNP or EDL. That is Britain’s tragedy.
    The look on Paxman’s face at the end of the interview with Tommy Robinson said it all. He looked aghast. How can such people exist? Haven’t they seen the enriching light? Why won’t they co-operate with their rapid social displacement & relegation down the pecking order of this brave new world?
    Out of touch? Educated, privileged champagne cultural Marxists like Paxman don’t need to be in touch. When chaos breaks out, he & his ilk will just fly away. Because the turmoil caused by the policies his sort espouses is so far, far below them. The hypocrisy of the BBC, & its total lack of empathy with British people who justifiably feel cornered, is nauseating. I’m sure they’ll be relieved when we’ve gone. Our strange epitaph will be, ‘And do you know? A lot of them weren’t even racist.’


    • The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

      I don’t think the Beeboids hate nor fear the working class, they despise them.  They are, to a man, the sort of people I have the misfortune of working with every day.  They are privately or publicly educated and hate Tories because they always had better toys than them at big school.  They are left wing because it is not right wing, not because they believe in that collectivist crap.  Where, after all do they educate their kids, at the local ‘bog-standard comp?’  Hardly.
      You can easily spot them, especially the lesser kind of privately educated or even grammar school lefty.  Just ask them if the prefer football or rugby.  Then ask them to describe the offside rule .  They are that pathetic – they dismiss football because they see it as working class not because they think rugby is in any way better.
      It is snobbery pure and simple but that’s not why they hate the BNP.  They hate the BNP for the same reason that People’s Front of Judea hated the Popular Front – because they are splitters.  They cream off working class votes from their ‘proper place’ the labour party.  No other reason, after all they share ideological roots and only really differ in who they admit to hating.
      As to the BNP; if they are not a racist party why did they exclude black people from their ranks for so long?  After all most West Indians I know hate immigrants too.  Go figure.


  12. St Bruno says:

    ……but the views of racist neanderthals don’t interest me.

    Since when has the BNP and the EDL been part of the MSM daily dose of NUJ compliant
    Drivel ?  
    Just in jest and in the best possible taste.Wondering where you would like to position yourself:
    When top level guys look down, they see only shitheads.                               
    When bottom level guys look up, they see only assholes.