Anyone catch this wonderful interview on the BBC this morning with Millie Tant and her feminist tendency? It concerns the opening of a Playboy club in London and all good feminists are up in arsm against this unspeakable evil. I bet that she was speaking on behalf of  every good Beeboid although to be fair Michael Winder took the proverbial!

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  1. Craig says:

    Millie, what have you been up to now? 😉


    • Millie Tant says:

      I dunno, Craig…is DV trying to tell me something? *DONT_KNOW*


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Humphrys sounded like he was speaking from experience when he talked about what goes on at the Playboy Club.  Still, the Today producers did a great job of having Winner on as an ancient, sexist foil to the woman’s claims about “we know” this or that fact about how Playboy leads to rape and violence against women.  They couldn’t find anybody who didn’t discredit the other side of the argument?


  3. Daniel Clucas says:

    I’ve just returned from a weekend in the bastion of liberalism that is Holland (Amsterdam), if these feminists are so worried about other women prancing about in bunny ears and tails maybe they should take a walk around there and see what real exploitation of women looks like.


  4. Craig says:

    It’s not entirely clear but did I hear John Humphrys call the feminist Kat Banyard “Kat Bunny” at 5.23?


  5. cjhartnett says:

    A sorry pointless debate, wasn`t it?
    Poor old Kat needs the comfort and the clucking milksap agreement of the Janes and the Jennis…not the bufferesque silliness of dear old Deathwish!
    Humphrys won`t know about any of it really, so it was typical aimless controversy frothed up by the BBC.
    These diluted feminists really aren`t fit to hold Greers cycling helmet-Germaine had the intelligence and the scholarship to put a case at least back then( anyone seen Bonnie lately-33 days without a sighting?)
    Learned nothing from this apart from the fact that the “empowering the sistas with lap dancing” types are at war with the ” we`d all be working for a living instead of writing this crap if men weren`t so …well manly I guess!” types. Both sides have lost too!

    Just likes gays and Islam-irreconcilible but can we squeeze a few more years grants until it`s admitted?
    Did learn one thing though…”are we all to be Retrosexual now Father?”…if not in a Winner way!


  6. Grant says:

    First time I have listened to Toady for many years, hit the wrong button on my car radio !  Winner was so funny, I loved it when he called the femmy  “nuts” !
    And, dare I say it, credit to Humph who was quite even-handed. 


    • cjhartnett says:

      Day off from grading the low grade comedy snippets of Toady on Saturdays. No traffic jam to stew in, so I`ve no excuse to listen-but glad others do. 

      I tend to check if Brian Matthew is OK on Radio2-and continue wonder whatever happened to Roger “The Vocalist” Bowman-seemed to become Ceausescu and was disappeared as far as I could tell.
      Then I go to check on my other patient… Danny Baker, it being Saturday.
      Did catch a bit of Nadine and her 1,4 sex bits before the watershed-confused Humph which I`m sure was the intention!
      The Toady show is the arid plain where Humphrys and the other dandelions cast sad seeds upon the wind to no real purpose…without even the prospect of a sighting of tumbleweed that can blow wistfully through in the week!
      A western in Pot Noodle format-ageing old hippie gunslingers that can`t even bend down to pick up a tin badge anymore…when they go for the draw their trousers end up round their ankles!
      Knocking on Evans door alright-and no end in sight!


  7. Frederick Bloggs says:

    What I failed to understand is why Michael Winner did not tell her to “calm down dear”. 


  8. George R says:

    Any feminist campaign for FIFA football attire rules to apply to Islamic Iran, or will feminists campaign for Sharia law rules on women’s attire?: