Another interesting insight into the biased mind of the BBC here. Justin Webb evidently has a problem with “Big Pharma” in true comradely fashion so when some of the world’s major producers of important drugs announce plans to supply at cost an anti-diarrhoea drug for African children, he is immediately suspicious and accuses them of seeking to curry our favour by “taxing” the NHS more in order that this can engage in such commercial magnanimity. The GSK spokesman is pretty sensible in what he says but you can sense the smouldering hostility from Webb. Through the prism of the left, personified by Webb, there is something inherently wrong in the profit motive and so all vendors of capitalism must be challenged even when,as in this case, they choose to save millions of lives.

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4 Responses to A TANGLED WEBB

  1. Grant says:

    My elderly mother recently got paracetamol on prescription from her GP. She has trouble swallowing and the tablets were large, pink-coloured and sugar-coated.
    I explained to her that these were manufactured for the “third world”  market, possibly Africa, where some people believe that the larger and more brightly coloured a tablet is, the more effective it is. The sugar-coating is to make it taste like a sweet.
    Maybe the BBC should do an investigation to see how these got dumped on the NHS  ?  


    • Natsman says:

      It’s for the immigrants, Grant – after all, they will become the majority of those that will need the drugs before too long (if there’s still an NHS to support them, that is…)


  2. cjhartnett says:

    Sounded like Justin was set from his binary mode of 0(at your feet) to 1(at your throat) when his Starbubucks gofer told him it was not to be DSK(vulnerable victim of the dark arts) but GSK(well Big Pharma innit?) that he`d be hanging out to dry.
    Delusions of adequacy can now be added to the delusions of importance and relevance  that Peter Woods actually WAS able to speak of when well enough.
    BBCs Pantomine horse of Justin and Saranh assured after todays show… how do I book them?


  3. flexdream says:

    Good point David, ‘big bad Pharma’ can’t win.