The BBC likes nothing better than a strike. Or two. This is even more true when Labour is not in power. So it ran this item on Today this morning with Comrade Mark Serwotka even as it runs this item on the main news portal. The State Broadcaster assiduously propagates the idea that the “poor” downtrodden public sector masses have no choice to but to strike and if that could bring about an Autumn of discontent then so much the better. Tragically, given the gutlessness of the Coalition, I fear Cameron will u-turn on any plans to make the Public Sector live in the real world – a place unknown to the BBC.

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  1. matthew rowe says:

    Oh no we are in trouble now the unions are mobilising their great army of ‘public angels’ to strike, oh no they will stop doing the not a lot they  don’t do and a few will suffer ! how will we cope with out them failing to send out the forms you need ! never removing the crap on the street or not giving water to the elderly, oh the humanity!!
    In the words of [ BBC creation! lol  oh the irony ]deep thought
    “who will that inconvenience ?”


  2. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ’s political line in action:

    “BBC journalists to begin strike ballot over job cuts this week”


  3. George R says:

    Does BBC-NUJ print this disclosure and vested interest anywhere, as it should?:

    ‘As a public broadcasting organisation, the BBC-NUJ, as financed by British licencepayers, fully supports the TUC, the Labour Party, and opposes the Government. Accordingly, the BBC-NUJ is currently undertaking a strike ballot in pursuit of its political and economic goals, and will continue to propagandise on these lines in its broadcasting.’

    ‘Are you financed by the British people and do you too support the TUC, the Labour Party, and oppose the Government in your activities? Then Have Your Say with BBC-NUJ.’


  4. cjhartnett says:

    Great that the teachers will scoot off and leave the kids with a DVD to watch-but that is a normal days work in class these days!
    Who will carry the kids mobiles and footballs to the endless activity and enrichment sessions set up ,so the little darlings would be any any risk of learning anything…eugh!
    Good old Mark-sounds like the slimy union Welshman in “I`m all right Jack!”
    By the look of his clean fingernails, I don`t suppose that HE has pushed a pen in anger in recent history.
    Still- reminds me of the 70s so good to have him around. Anyone here do a good impression of Iain Mc Gregor?…I`ve got a paper bag at least! 


  5. Derek Buxton says:

    Cameron may do a U turn, it comes natural after all, but the real world?  What does he know of the real world?  Somewhat less than the Unions I would suggest.
    Still Belgium haven’t had a proper government for a year and they are getting on more or less.  One good thing about a public sector (oxymoron shurely) strike, we would know how many to sack.


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The News Channel says that the civil service is going on strike as well.  Goodbye civil society.


  7. Roland Deschain says:

    Dangerous game.  I don’t think the employed and self-employed will look too kindly on their diminishing incomes and greater taxes being put towards the preferential treatment of public sector pensions.

    This point was acknowledged by James Naughtie on Today this morning, though his question was worded along the lines of “You know I don’t believe this, but I’ve got to ask you to try to look vaguely impartial”.


  8. christopher watton says:

    …Yet not a word about the massive fuel increases, which will hit the poor and vulnerable (job or no job) the most – including the “poor downtrodden public sector masses”

    Could it be because the reasons for the fuel increases (which will have a knock-on effect for all other essentials) are in no small way attributed to the climate change bill?

    Are our most vulnerable acceptable sacrifices for their contemptible ideology?


  9. The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

    Public workers on strike?

    Will anyone notice?


  10. cjhartnett says:

    Maybe someone can explain this one to me!
    When the unions call for a public sector co-ordinated strike for 30th June , this is only right-free to strike etc.
    If a Coalition minister says that the strike won`t do them any good and will only make things worse for the unions( if not their bosses) , then OUTRAGE…this is pre-empting the unions negotiations as they are progressing..this is being divisive or confrontational, and indeed the GMB threaten to walk out of talks if the politicians continue to threaten them with their…er ..”policy”!
    Don`t see how the unions bellowing isn`t pre-empting the talks with government…but hey, what do I know?