Conservative backbencher Philip Davies is one of those rare things – a really solid Conservative voice. Naturally the BBC loath him and so everything he says is subject to great scrutiny. Today has a go at him over allegations that he suggested disabled people are disadvantaged because of the minimum age and should accept a lower rate of pay than their able bodied colleagues, you can listen to it here. Davies is talking common sense and showing a sense of humanity towards disabled people. Of course any economist worth his salt will explain that the socialist construct of a Minimum Wage is harmful to the employment prospects of many people but through the prism of the BBC, the Minimum Wage is a good thing and there can be no negative consequences.

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  1. matthew rowe says:

    I see no problem with his view as under the last lot  doing un payed work was also pushed as a great way into work so the reds seemed happy with this sort of stuff when they were in power !
    But I do wish people wouldn’t call it the ‘Minimum Wage’ as far as I can see it has  now become the maximum wage in a lot of sectors that payed better rates without it !


  2. TheGeneral says:

    Yet again Political Correctness gets in the way of common sense and ultimately is less than benificial to those in need.


  3. cjhartnett says:

    Davies is a man to watch!
    When Eddie Mair quoted the ECHRs views on what he said, he actually was able to tellhim what the rest of us remembered about the ECHRs employment of disabled people…guess what? He said it!

    Quelle horruer…in all our days…tumbleweed from stage left. Not relevant apparently, but I knew then that we have someone who may yet stick it to the Man-the Guardian reading,licence leeching quangocrat with lime green swastikas he can get the Kurdish houseboy to paint over when he is “challenged”- THAT Man!

    Hats off to Philip Davies…and he didn`t even remind them about Mandelsons use and abuse of Remploy…not to be confused with a similar word!
    Labours defenestration of Remploy says all you need to know about the eugenicists that still stalk round the New Statesman. Never remember Mair giving a stuff about that though!
    Carswell, Hannen,Davis…add this new hero of the anti-Soviet to those children of the Revolution who were NOT fooled!
    It`s what Marc would have wanted!


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The only real objection I had to the way the BBC was covering this story yesterday is that they kept conflating people who had “mental health problems” with those who are “learning disabled”.  There’s a massive difference there, and enabled at least one advocate to rant about how awful it was to force people with mental health issues to work for less than those who don’t have them.

    And Mark D’Arcy started it, from what I can tell.  Davies spoke of the learning disabled, which is not at all the same thing as mental health issues. At no time did he say people with mental health issues (i.e. not learning disabled) should be allowed or would want to work for less than minimum wage.

    Did the BBC create a lie here?

    Aside from all that at, it’s pretty biased for Beeboid D’Arcy to open the segment by sneering at Chope so.  “Thatcherite performance art”, eh?  That’s not biased?


  5. 1327 says:

    I doubt they will pick on Philip Davies for long. He doesn’t lay down during attack interviews and has a habit of talking about things the Beeb would rather not be mentioned. Odds on he joins a list of Tory MP’s (headed by Douglas Carswell) who are totally ignored by the Beeb as being beyond the pale.