BBC seem to be enjoying the bellicose threats coming from the Trade Union comrades. Today we have the (helpful for the Unions) news headline from the BBC that Unison and other unions could bring about the biggest wave of strikes since 1926. This, of course is in defence of the unsustainable pension provision that the State workers demand, beyond their already inflated salaries. In a hilarious example of just providing us with one side of the narrative, the BBC quote Unison’s Dave Prentis and then invite on TUC leader Brendan Barber in order that he can provide the much needed balance by..agreeing with everything Comrade Prentis said! This is a perfect BBC meme – evil Tory led Coalition attacking helpless low paid kindly public sector workers. Danny Alexander is getting it in the neck for daring to suggest a degree of balance and at every point the BBC is selling the Union line. What a disgrace.

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5 Responses to IT’S 1926 ALL OVER AGAIN….

  1. ltwf1964 says:

    and the elephant in the room being that only a small minority of the comrades could even be arsed to vote at all



  2. cjhartnett says:

    Could have done with someone a bit more combative than Danny Alexander to be dealing with this…where are the Redwoods when you need them? (don`t say Californai either!)…Minnie Cauldwell maybe?

    Still we are where we are…so let`s lop the head off the BBC snake.

    1. What are their pensions like? Carole Vorderman to sign off on their value.

    2.The State to cancel them as of now-then to put the money  into the pot to buy off the comrades that actually are needed-as opposed to telling us what is needed.

    3. Let them squabble like rats in a sack at Tolpuddle over how best to distribute it. Arm wrestling over warm beers for all I care. NUJ can wash the pots and make the sandwiches.

    Winners and losers to be announced on all local hospital radios the following Monday morning-and employing the disabled to broadcast REAL news for the new era as opposed to continually inciting treason as the BBC likes to do these days!


  3. RGH says:

    Stright from the TUC.

    Compare with (if you care to):

    TUC History online:

    Full of romanticised nonsense wholly in keeping with the glee with which the prospective of a public service strike is being reported.

    The BBC has quite uncritically taken the piece straight from a biased source.

    Notice the emphasis on Conservative Government and later mentions of Margaret Thatcher’s legislation.

    The assumption being that the trade unionism is always honourable and stymied at every turn by conservatives and capitalists, makes it sound like an article by Peter Sellars’ ‘Fred Kite’ in ‘I’m alright, Jack’.

    The gratuitous mention of the Catholic Church (feeding the current anti-Catholic meme) shows complete failure to understand why it was that Cardinal Bourne preached as he did. Nor the context of a Labour Party that in its statement:

    “It condemns all attempts to bring about any rapprochment between labour and capital or any method of compromise aimed at amicable relations between Labour and Capitalism short of the total abolition of the capitalist system”

    In the context of the Bolshevik take-over of a left of centre government in Russia (and look what happened there when the comrades started diusmantling the capitalist system after  November 1917), I think the BBC presentation is hopelessly mired in leftist romanticism.  at a time when leftist fantasists are getting hot flushes about another ‘big’ political strike.


  4. RGH says:

    The more you look, the more you find.

    Here is the BBC presenting itself as being from the outset subject to Government interference. Read Conservative Government interference.

    This from the BBC :

    “At the same time, the Conservative government was trying to exert greater control over the media, including the fledgling BBC, to get its message out.”

    Now, let’s look at the ‘fledgling BBC’ in May 1926 and how the Government tried to exert greater “control”.

    Oh dear, problem.

    There was no BBC in 1926.

    The BBC was given its Charter on 1st January 1927 (by the control exerting Conservative Government)

    Prior to this, and during the General Strilke, the BBC was a PRIVATE Company….The British Broadcasting Company Limited incorporated as a joint venture in 1922.

    So the conservative government which  gave birth to the BBC by means of the Charter and gave it its status in British Society, is presented as trying to exert influence on an institution that did not exist.!

    The BBC is, yet again, presenting a false view of history, even its own.


    • RGH says:

      The Labour Party at the time complained loudly of ‘British Broadcasting COMPANY bias’.

      To which Reith (the General Manager since 1922…note not Director General as the Corporation did not, as yet exist) replied in the Radio Times:

      “We do not believe that any other Government, even one of which Mr Snowden was a member, would have allowed the broadcasting authority under its control greater freedom than was enjoyed by the BBC during the crisis  ”

      (Philip Snowden was the former Chancellor of the Exchequer in the short-lived 1924 first Labour Government)