Understandable Silence

It’s understandable that the BBC has chosen to wait for the grand finale before reporting any news about the forthcoming Gaza flotilla, even if the build-up has caused a stir elsewhere.So far they have had nothing to say about the elaborate preparations currently taking place in 12 European countries and various other far-flung locations. I’ve been searching the BBC news pages each day to find a reference, but the website only comes up with stories concerning the fiasco which created nine martyrs last year. This year’s extensive preparations by pro Palestinian Peace activists haven’t made the cut. Normally one might just think that’s fine and dandy, after all, ‘if it doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t lead’. But as this stunt is deliberately designed to provoke Israel, and the peaceful protesters are evidently hoping it will lead to another violent confrontation ending in bloodshed, Israel’s supporters would say background information is essential. That is, if there were to be any hope of fair reporting, if and when the anticipated drama unfolds.

I find several reports about this more newsworthy than the BBC does. Apparently, the fashion for using ‘Lawfare’ as a weapon against Israel has been adopted by the Israelis and redirected at the flotillistas, with knobs on. Melanie P explains on her blog that warnings concerning potential accountability for Hamas’s future acts of terrorism are causing suppliers and maritime insurers to pull out. Various other delays and impediments to the preparations have taken yet more of the wind out of their sails.
A number of the recruits on stand-by are elderly, which means that their value as human shields all but equals that of babies and toddlers. Some of us might interpret this as the cynical exploitation of expendable useful idiots, while others will see pensioners’ participation as endearingly brave and selfless.
Ha’artetz has run some stories about preparatory workshops designed to whip up an atmosphere of defiance mixed with fear, creating amongst the passengers such an expectancy of violence that it is very likely to be self-fulfilling. That will provide the requisite anti Israel message for the media.
There have been reports that they intend to kill IDF soldiers, but having seen that this wouldn’t fit the agenda, they are hastily backtracking on that.
The BBC hasn’t reported any of the above, but the Guardian has, putting the case for the flotillistas. The Guardian is not under any obligation to be impartial, so it’s understandable that, as Just Journalism points out, they’re not bothering to report that Israel has promised that after an inspection of the cargo, which must be carried out as per the conditions of the blockade, they will deliver all the humanitarian aid on board, safely and lovingly to Gaza. Similarly, the Guardian hasn’t reflected on the fact that ‘there doesn’t seem to be a practical reason to send the aid.’ But, again that is understandable, since the media’s orchestrated campaign to delegitimise Israel is a given, and the Guardian is not constrained by a charter which limits their freedom of expression. Unlike the BBC whose motto might be
‘if you can’t say something bad, say nothing.’
So the BBC has been silent, in strict, officious accordance with the genetic impartiality it’s so proud of.

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  1. George R says:

    It must be remembered, of course, that INBBC and Patten are politically committed to the Islamisation of the E.U., not least through their advocacy of the membership of Islamic Turkey; so this is another reason for not criticising Turkey over the flotilla:


    INBBC will not be at all interested in supporting THIS flotilla for freedom:

    “Freedom Flotilla  comes to Turkey”



  2. Biodegradable says:

    This just went up this afternoon. Just the sort of thing the BBC was waiting for!

    Gaza aid flotilla: Irish crew accuse Israel of sabotage

    Talking about The Guardian, I commented here how similar The Guardian’s coverage and that of the BBC pf the Saleh affair were similar, to the point of being almost identical:

    The Guardian’s bias in covering Sheikh Raed Salah


  3. cjhartnett says:

    You`ve hit a nerve here Sue!
    That this “preparation” to cynically create a story is not being reported says all we need to know about this ragbag of useful idiots.
    This could be a catastrophe in them making-and the media seem very happy to create one.
    All this is known and knowable-and the media are always happy to mop up other peoples blood on the decks, but are less happy to document their creative role in making the story that they seek.
    To have a list of tools like Alice Walker and her toy box queuing up to provoke a sovereign nation that needs to stay on a war footing is wicked. That gloopy mixture of malice and sentiment will never win-but will keep the media happy in pictures and postures.
    Glad you`ve mentioned this nasty build up-will continue to watch, and hope that the “Israel lobby” kick up a fuss en route.
    Count me in these days!


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I thought the border with Egypt was open now.  Why the need for a naval assault?  Yes, that’s a rhetorical question, but one which the BBC had better ask when the time comes.


    • deegee says:

      The flotilla refuse to deliver aid (what little they are carrying) via Egypt. Partly this is anger against the (now former) Mubarrak government. Partly it is a ‘principled’ or more accurately deluded statement not to be told what to do. Mostly it is an admission that the purpose of the mission is not to bring aid but to defeat the blockade.

      If the Gazans were really desperate they would prefer the aid to the political theatre.


  5. pounce_uk says:

    First of all congrats Sue on getting recognised for all the hard work you’ve put in exposing the jew hating bastards at the bBC.


    Now to the subject at hand. Did you know that every Dutch journalist who was down to travel on the free Gaza day trip has jumped ship. NO! Well here is how one Dutch Journalist wrote up his shortened sojourn.


    Gaza activists blinded by faith

    On Tuesday a small group of Dutch activists is expected to set sail from Greece to the Gaza Strip. They are part of a flotilla hoping to bring humanitarian aid to the impoverished Palestinian territory, which has been under an Israeli blockade since 2006. I had been planning for the past three months to sail with the activists and report on their journey. But over the past week that I spent in Greece, I lost all faith in the Dutch Gaza Foundation which is responsible for the Dutch boat.

    Things started going wrong from the very beginning. During our first meeting on the Greek island of Corfu, we received the usual latest updates, and then one of the organisers informed us that one of the Dutch journalists had leaked secret information to the most popular Dutch daily about the mission. She was furious: No one is as open as the Free Gaza Foundation, she proclaimed indignantly.But I have worked as a journalist for the past 25 years, and never have I experienced such a closed organisation.

    Risky trip

     After this welcoming message, she explained the ground rules to us. There were many, many non-negotiables. “If you don’t accept this, you can’t come along.” I wanted to make a video report, filming the two days of obligatory training sessions to convey a sense of how the activists were preparing for the mission. But the organisation declared numerous sessions off-limits. I and the other Dutch journalists present explained that we needed this footage to do our work. But she wouldn’t have it. “I have worked with CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC, and no one has been as demanding as you Dutch reporters.”Eventually there was a hand count and the activists voted us out of those sessions. We journalists all felt that a schism had been created for no reason. We also began to lose faith and trust in the organisation, both essential ingredients when undertaking such a risky trip. During the last Freedom Flotilla last year, nine Turks were killed when the Israeli navy boarded


    • pounce_uk says:

      The Motivation

       I expressed an interest in joining the mission earlier this year when I heard that the Dutch were going to send their own vessel to Gaza for the first time. There would be over 30 participants, including prominent members of Dutch society. An Italian delegation with 20 people would also take part.I then attended meeting after meeting in various cities in Holland. I had to be screened because – I was told – there were so many people wanting to travel to Gaza. When the organisers called to say I had passed the screening and been chosen as one of the select group of people who would set sail, I felt obliged to express my joy.



       Now, back in the Netherlands, over three months later, I feel deceived. There never was a “select group”. There were no prominent Dutch figures interested in joining Freedom Flotilla 2. Instead of 32 people from theNetherlands, the organisation managed to assemble just eight activists and four journalists. Yesterday [Monday], two more journalists decided to jump ship before the boat even left the port of Corfu. Since day one, journalists, including myself, asked questions about the Dutch organisation and the boat, for example about the funding. Even simple questions about the ship’s power supply for me to hook up my satellite transmitter. The answer was consistently: “I’ll get back to you about that” or “we don’t know”. I’m still waiting for answers. 


  6. David Gregory says:

    Sue. As I’ve said before I don’t know enough about Israel to contribute much of any use to your posts. But looking at this, if the BBC HAD done more about this story… do you think you could have constructed a post condeming it for doing so? Sort of suspecting there was no way the BBC could have “won” this one.


    • John Anderson says:


      The BBC’s coveraghe of the Marmara episode was disgraceful.  No harm in Sue warning us that the BBC may well try the same biased coverage again.  And pointing out that the BBC has been oddly silent so far – even though there are some stories they could have examined.

      If the BBC had run some stories on the new flotilla – they could have been judged on their merits.   The BBC would not have “lost” if they had reported fairly,  so your argument is not valid.


    • Biodegradable says:


      Why is it that the first (and only, so far) report from the BBC on the second Gaza flotilla is “Gaza aid flotilla: Irish crew accuse Israel of sabotage“?

      Couldn’t they find any more news stories from Israel about dogs condemned to death by stoning, for example?

      Just waiting for Israel to be accused of something, anything.


      • Biodegradable says:

        By the way, I hear that this time the Israeli government are to invite 12 journalists along embedded with the force that will be intercepting the flotilla, if indeed it does eventually sail.

        Will there be a BBC “journalist” along for the ride?


    • Cassandra King says:

      Convenient false logic David, all the BBC has to do is to do its job and abide by its charter obligations, thats it.

      Tell the truth, investigate the reality behind the press releases, inform the public clearly and without prejudice what the actual facts of the story are.

      Not difficult is it? Not rocket science is it? Just who is financing this flotilla and just who is behind it? Are some passengers planning a violent response? What is the motivation of the groups involved?

      Investigating the facts without fear or favour, asking the difficult questions showing the public the reality behind the fabricated covers and propaganda illusions.

      The BBC is plainly keeping quiet because the BBC narrative would be threatened if they reported the facts. In order to be a BBC approved victim the first and most important rule is that these victims are completely innocent, their motives are beyond criticism and reproach and their methods are pure. BBC approved victims are protected, if the BBC cannot say anything good they will say nothing at all.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Sort of suspecting there was no way the BBC could have “won” this one’

      As if it is supposed to be about ‘winning’ outside the bubble of the media world that exists these days. It is about truth, integrity, education… and people’s lives.

      My knowledge of the full extent and nuances of all that is behind this is equally less than one would like, perhaps due to the ‘variety’ of ‘reporting’ on the MSM, but experience and evidence of one’s own eyes shows one thing to be shaping up in classic manner…

      This could be a catastrophe in the making – and the media seem very happy to create one.  

      Whether by cynical ratings ambition per Eliot Carver, venal blinkered agenda per activism media empathy, or a mixture of both, it’s a dangerous and damning brew.

      One hardly eased if those involved, or involved with those involved concentrate more on knee-jerk, dip-in tribal default defences on a ‘what if’, ‘two wrongs’ basis (for the nth time), as opposed recognising a problem, acknowledging it exists, and working to correct another journey down a sorry path.

      The attempt here is on a par with the Indy Editor’s selective ‘defence’ of Hari, and odd precedent, that there was no issue because ‘no one had complained before’.

      Challenging Sue’s clear and well outlined concerns on the basis that if some effort at context had been attempted it would have also be critiqued, is also hardly credible of a media organisation. And simply a poor defence of editorial by omission (as it suits). If the reporting is factual, professional and impartial, it should attract no critique that will stand up to you, Dez, Scott or Daisy’s infrequent contributions in counter.

      Sort of suspecting you know that, but for some reason can’t resist highlighting the paucity of the BBC’s record and position every so often.

      For which, thank you.


    • deegee says:

      Surely the BBC should have reported that the Irish boat is carrying zero aid? Murphy: New flotilla ‘not designed to provoke Israelis’

      Is this an Irish joke? What do you bring a starving country with a ‘humanitarian crisis’? A boatload of hungry Irishmen? 


    • sue says:

      Dear David Gregory,

      If the BBC had done more about this story I would have done my best to ‘construct’ a post condemning it, unless I thought it was fair, like the uncharacteristic Jane Corbin Panorama which put Israel’s case more even-handedly than anyone could have hoped.

      For the record, who do you think is in more of a ‘no win’ situation? Me, or the BBC? *DONT_KNOW*

      My advice is don’t indulge in brash celebrity-style behaviour. You were boorish and showed a staggering lack of grace, with a touch of uncouthness. :*

      P.S. Thanks to everyone who came to my defense against David Gregory’s brutal, ferocious, savage, ill-mannered attack. Sorry for coming back so late in the day. I was lying in bed until late morning before insulting my family and helping myself to whatever food I’m not allergic to.


      • David Gregory says:

        brutal, ferocious, savage, ill-mannered attack.” Seriously? 


        • Biodegradable says:

          No reply to my question then David?


          • My Site (click to edit) says:

            With a H/T to Godwin, on matters of expectation of response, when the BBC and her finest are at a certain level in their excavations, it seems to be rather unidirectionally a case of…


        • sue says:

          BBC extracted your sense of humour?
          ‘Brutal, ferocious and savage’ – (supposed to be sarky) and ‘ill-mannered’ was my impression of  Mrs Carolyn Bourne. That makes you my future daughter-in-law.
          They do say humour doesn’t translate to the written blogosphere. That’s what the smiley faces are meant to be for. At first I hated them, but laterI saw they can be useful. Or in this case, useless.
          I’m glad you’re joining in the debate though and in futiure I promise to take your comments more seriously.
          Meanwhile, why not look up some info about Israel so you have some ammunition to throw at me. I don’t like attacking an unarmed combatant. 🙂 😉 😎


          • My Site (click to edit) says:

            BBC extracted your sense of humour?   – (supposed to be sarky) ‘

            Indeed tonality is a sorely-missed aspect of the written word.

            However, fresh from a recent exchange of my own, it would appear the preferred response is ‘Just teasing’, which I am sure would be recognised in this instance O:-)


  7. deegee says:

    Followed the Flotilla press conference-rant today. The classic comes at 56 minutes when the unidentified woman says The flotilla is not about aid, the Palestinians don’t want humanitarian aid. It’s about freedom.

    That should have been clear. Unlike the other ships in the flotilla, the Irish one will not be carrying any cargo or humanitarian aid. Just hungry Irishmen: surely the ideal thing to bring to a ‘starving’ country. 

    “Hopefully by going as passengers we are participating as part of the bringing of the cargo as well,” Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy said.

    I don’t know if that is better or worse than the US Audacity of Hope boat carrying as its cargo thousands of letters of friendship and solidarity with the people of Gaza from individuals throughout the U.S. and Alice Walker, apparently as ballast.

    Any off this is worthy of ridicule. OTOH I’m not sure the BBC failing to give the flotilla the stamp of BBC credibility is such a bad thing. 


  8. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC reporting on Israeli sabotage on the gaza freedom flotilla and half the story.
    I see the bBC has commenced it anti-Semitic tirade against the jews as only so called liberals can.
    Gaza aid flotilla: Irish crew accuse Israel of sabotage
    Irish activists planning to sail in a flotilla to Gaza have accused Israel of sabotaging their ship.
    It is the second vessel due to participate that has had its propeller damaged while moored in a Mediterranean port this week.The Israeli military is under orders to prevent an international convoy of ships carrying pro-Palestinian activists and aid from reaching Gaza.Organisers want to challenge Israel’s naval blockade of the territory .More than 300 protesters on 10 ships, from North America and Europe, are due to join the latest flotilla. American writer, Alice Walker, is among those due to set sail.Last year, nine activists on a Turkish vessel, the Mavi Marmara, were killed in an Israeli raid on an aid flotilla. Each side blamed the other for the violence.

    So the bBC reports on how an Irish ship (Actually it’s a very small boat) has had its prop shaft cut by the jews. This breaking news is followed by how the Israeli navy is under orders to stop ships getting to Gaza and how the Jews slotted 9 innocent Muslims last year.
    Well here are a few snippets the bBC doesn’t tell you. The boat is called the MV SAOIRSE. Saorise is also the name of the IRAs (yes that IRA) monthly newspaper. Which kind of explains why a number of the passengers on the boat are Republican Sinn Féin members. Ok nothing wrong with that.  But you’d think Irishmen who aghast at how the locals in Ireland were overrun by invaders have fought a campaign in which to remove the governing invaders would side with the invaders in a foreign land  Yes the jews are the original inhabitants of the Levant, however the Irish freedom fighters instead side with the invaders.

    Then there’s how last year the Irish contingent never made the group trip to Gaza as their experienced a broken steering problem in Malta. before gettring boarded by the IDF However at the time the Irish reported that they had been sabotaged by the jews.

    Unfortunately for the Irish, their plight was revealed by Palestinians.

    Now back to the current act of sabotage by the Jews against the Irish. That bBC picture doesn’t actually show any damage, however the silly sods at Irish Ship to Gaza blog do. Now have a look at the photos of the damage (take note of the corrosion under the waterline) notice something about that so called sabotage. It’s very smooth, it fact it’s so smooth , I’d say that, that gaping hole in the Prop shaft has been a long time coming. Oh and my credentials I did a couple of tours in the Falkland’s as a Combat support boat operator as well as teach a little on my return at Chatham. I’ve forgotten more about boats than the wankers on the MV SAOIRSE will ever learn. (MV indeed) Now knowing how quick the bBC is to hide its mistakes I’ve taken a screen dump of the photos of that shaft.
    Make your own mind up if it was cut this week or SF bought a lemon of a boat. You know like they did last year.
    Then to really put the icing on the cake the bBC rabbit on about how the Jews are hell-bent on trying to discredit this aid flotilla. So they bring out a story of a faux gay activist.
    It seems that the bBC can’t bend over fast enough for Friday prayers in which to allow their Mullah to upzip his latest diatribe. 


    • TooTrue says:

      That’s new damage? These IRA swine can’t even come up with believable lies and propaganda.


      • Grant says:

        Great topic for a BBC documentary  ” Irish Republicanism and Anti-Semitism”.   Now , why am I not holding my breath ?


  9. noggin says:


    no surprises, as ezra levant interviews flotillas capn ehab


  10. dave s says:

    The mindset of the libleft/Beeboids is completely unable to comprehend that the Israelis might well regard this venture as an act of war and deal with it accordingly.
    That is stop it in any way they can.
    The liberal delusion makes it impossible for the sufferers to admit this as a probability. Thus every Israeli action is by their definition an unreasonable act and a provocation .
    More than that it is an offence against the liberal truth.
    Insane of course but this is the Western world now.


  11. Cassandra King says:

    To any normal rational person the real intention of breaking the Gaza blockade is stunningly simple and it has NOTHING to do with trade or freedom at all.


    The minute a Gazan port is opened to cargo ships sailing out of Iran and Syria will be sending massive shipments of arms to the hamarse gangsters, thousands of tonnes of concrete and steel for bunkers. Oh and of course all the luxury cars the hamarse gangsters can afford with all the aid monies stolen.

    These so called peace activists are in fact useful idiots actively helping and assisting a terrorist regime arm itself for war and for the murder of civilians.


    • noggin says:

      well this is exactly my point,
      IF only the Biased BC, would ask the simple
      questions, just as Levant did,
      The whole, charade falls apart.
      you see, instead of the hapless
      enablers jumping through verbal contortions
      to help justify what is openly seen as dubious.
      A couple of straight questions, & it is,(if you
      excuse the pun) sunk 🙂 …


  12. TooTrue says:

    Strikes me as a good time to repost this skit from Latma TV:

    Knesset member Haneen Zoabi, who participated in the flotilla to Gaza, said, “We were treated like terrorists.”

    The IDF responded, “That is a lie. We did not treat them like terrorists. We didn’t give them cell phones or TVs and we didn’t pay for their college tuition.”

    So true. And the We con the world theme song is a laugh a minute.

    We con the world – the full tribal update


  13. TooTrue says:

    Been surfing a lot so can’t remember exactly where I got the following info from – probably CIF watch:

    Here’s Salah joyfully reminiscing with Azzam Tamimi, another deeply anti-Semitic Hamas propagandist, about someone in his class drawing a swastika on the blackboard for the Jewish teacher to find when he entered the classroom:



  14. cjhartnett says:

    Jenny Tonge(Baroness), Cherie Blair(Q.C), Alf Dubs(Lord)-and a load of weekend rebels, nondescript MPs, Benn impersonators and self loathing people of fatuous faith…it is, if they really think that Islam would be happy to share Jerusalem with them if they ever got it given to them.
    Any chance of the BBC doing some Judith Chalmers type of holiday programme where the above-mentioned get a leisure cruise experience of a lifetime?
    I would suggest that they accompany the BBCs useful saps of hacks and proseltysers like Bowen and fill a boat. Send it to the Med to take in the sites of the Levant or something temptingly pretentious like that. Let the IDF gently pull out the stoppers on their dinghies ,and top the hoilday off with some glamping in Gaza by the sea for a few months.
    These types are tourists and never pilgrims, so let them learn themselves instead of poisoning the minds of useful idiots of kids who want the keffiyah, but get the 72 grapes instead.
    Keep up the good work Sue!


  15. Grant says:

    So the Irish claim the Israelis have sabotaged their boat at Gocek. Well, the Irish certainly know how to choose a nice spot for a holiday.
    This assumes Israeli “saboteurs” have taken a considerable risk with the Turkish military. Personally, I doubt it. But, given the close links between the Turkish and Israeli military going back some decades, it would be nice to think they are still working together.


  16. George R says:

    This is something: INBBC splits with ‘Guardian’ on SALAH  –

    “Viewpoint: Guardian red carpet treatment for Salah”