Reported in the Telegraph:

The BBC’s annual report, published tomorrow, will show that it paid 19 presenters, actors and journalists more than £500,000 last year, at a cost of £22 million. However, despite promising MPs that it would reveal how many stars are paid between £500,000 and £750,000, as well as the number on £750,000 to £1million and those on more than £1million, the broadcaster has now dropped the plans.

BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten has defended the U-turn.

So, sod you licence payers.

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3 Responses to UNIQUELY FUNDED

  1. matthew rowe says:

    Oh what a shock! =-O that the BBC have again lied and  hidden their commercial ploys behind it’s moral protector mind you can hide a lot behind fatty patty !!


  2. Roland Deschain says:

    To quote Lord Patten: “people who are hawking their talent have a right to privacy

    True, but those paying have a right to know how much of THEIR money is being used.  If you work for a publically-funded body, the public have a right to know which trumps your right to privacy.  If you don’t want everyone to know how much you earn, go hawk your so-called talent for ITV where only the shareholders need know.


  3. My Site (click to edit) says:

    One man’s media monoply is another’s legitimate reconsideration of prevailing situations.

    Maybe it’s one gender unspecific impartiality controller’s ‘uniquely funded national treasure’ is another’s ‘U-turn!!!! Consider your position!!!!’.

    Or something.

    If the BBC had any more standards, it would look like French Cavalry Line at Agincourt.

    There maybe be other aspects to that metaphor to develop in time.