BBC Censorship: Blame The Republicans Only Edition

While the BBC is whining about how the Murdoch Empire “cozied up to the Conservatives”, here’s some information showing how the BBC is the lapdog of another Government: that of the US. The other day, I posted about how the BBC isn’t telling you the whole story about the budget and debt negotiations between the President and the Republicans in Congress. I showed how the BBC was only giving you the White House side of the story, and leaving out information about what the President was actually doing. Here’s more.

The BBC included video of the President’s press conference warning about the dangers of not reaching a deal. The report itself makes the case that the President is doing everything He possibly can to reach a deal, offering up “sacred cows” that will anger His base, while the intransigent Republicans are merely obfuscating in order to protect the wealthiest people in the country.

What the BBC doesn’t want you to know is that the President in fact wants to raise taxes through the roof. They don’t want you to know, so they edited that bit out of His speech. Here’s the relevant bit the BBC censored:

He states very clearly that He will raise taxes on everyone after He is re-elected: “In 2013 and the out years”. Contrary to the BBC/White House angle, this is exactly what Rep. Boehner and the Republicans have been saying is the reason they backed out.

Now here’s video of the President doing a little more class war:

“We weren’t balancing the budget off of middle-class families and working-class families. And we weren’t letting hedge fund managers or authors of best-selling books off the hook. That is a reasonable proposition.”

This is class war talk, whether one agrees with the ideology or not. The BBC told us He was going to govern from the center, to bring us all together. They dismissed all those who claimed The Obamessiah was a far-Left ideologue, yet here He is showing His true class warrior stripes when the chips are down.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the BBC has edited one of the President’s speeches in order to create the impression they want you to have. They did it with His inauguration speech, too.

Then there’s the fact that in 2013 – again, after the next election, which means He won’t be affected either way – the true cost of ObamaCare kicks in. That’s now estimated at over $1 trillion and growing, maybe even up to $2 trillion, with no end in sight. Has the BBC ever told you about any of this? No, you have no idea. All you know from the BBC is the parable of how The Obamessiah brought free health care to the poorest and most vulnerable. In any case, He won’t budge on that, because, well, it’s basically His only accomplishment other than giving the order to invade a sovereign country and kill someone in cold blood without due process of law. The latter of which he’s done several times now, but only one made the headlines.

And that possible $2 trillion is just the government spending, never mind the expensive burden that will be dumped on small businesses – which employ more than half the people not working in the public sector, represent 99.7% of all private employers, and create more than half of US GDP (not counting government spending, obviously) – when their insurance premiums go up because of ObamaCare. It’s as destructive a policy as there is, something He forced through while knowing full well we had a massive debt crisis looming, and He won’t give an inch on it. Yet the BBC wants you to blame only the Republicans for being ideologically stubborn.

Regardless of which side of the issue one is on, it’s clear that the BBC is not reporting the whole story. They are censoring information on one side, and giving you only one perspective. The BBC is a White House propaganda organ and little else.

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5 Responses to BBC Censorship: Blame The Republicans Only Edition

  1. D B says:

    Nick Gillespie at Reason:

    The two budgets that are being debated remain Obama’s, which grows federal spending from about $3.8 trillion this year to $5.7 trillion in 2021, and Paul Ryan’s, which grows it to $4.7 trillion. Even factoring in the current arguments over the debt limit, nobody is talking about taking this year’s budget and cutting from it. That’s why they keep yapping about “deficit reduction,” which will take place somewhere down the road, at the intersection of Bushwah and Malarkey.

    Sounds like the level of debate is the same over there as here. I guess it depends on what one’s meaning of ‘cuts’ is.  


    • John Anderson says:

      That is an awesome speech.  Sums up Obama to a T.

      The BBC would not dare play this speech


  2. Mailman says:

    Or go here for a good breakdown of McConnells speach (because you know you will NEVER see this in the BBC!);

    At a moment when we needed leadership the most, we got the least.”

    Ouch…and there you have why you will never see anything of value on the BBC simply because the truth of the matter is that Barry the Magnificent is way out of his depth in the first real job he has ever had!



  3. Graham Murphy says:

    this would be the same barack obama who tried to get the execution of a man who raped and killed a 16 yr old girl assaulted her with a stick then bludgeoned her with a piece of asphalt STOPPED becuase he was amexican national who hadent had a consular visit from a mexican official even though he moved to the us when he was 2 yrs old

    makes you seriously wonder what type of man he is