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  1. London Calling says:

    Oslo? Think Timothy McVeigh, Fred McMurray Building, Oklahoma. Watching Sky and BBC, I get this sinking feeling, its a nutter, Dunblane style. All the speculation on Al Quada, but its not evil enough to be Islamists – there are not enough victims. Betfair, its a nutter, and everyone will look foolish in the morning. Perhaps me  too – I never liked sitting on the fence – splinters in the bum.


  2. john says:

    As we learn more about the Oslo outrage, may I go back to the news as it was breaking on Sky.
    Interestingly for a further 30 minutes, BBC News 24 was still leading with the major story of the day untill they finally worked out where Norway was and might be worth a mention.
    So they moved on from you know what.
    They are not just biased, their bloody useless and bloody slow at even plagiaizing the anti-christ Sky footage.


  3. Martin says:

    The BBC were spinning that this wasn’t Muslims who murdered children, what then? Jews, Christians?


  4. pounce_uk says:

    Geoff Watts wrote:  
    “Up to 30 people could be dead, either in a bomb blast or shot by someone. And yet all you can do is to try and pick holes in the BBC’s coverage, find ways to try and blame Muslims and make jokes.  “  
    Hi Geoff welcome to biased bBC which is run on picking holes in the bBCs leftwing bias. As for trying to blame muslims for this act. Well you see contrary to bBC opinion the relgion of peace is anything but. Which kind of explains why so many people in Norway (And Europe) are looking at the hand of Allah as being behind this terrorist act. Oh you may not like how the posters on this board are looking funny at the bBCs coverage of this truly evil event.  Yet where were you after 9/11 and that question time. Where were you after John Simpson called the terrorists who bombed London. Misguided criminals. Where were you after each and every news article where the bBC gave succour to Islamic terrorists. Hell faster than you can say ‘Allah Ackba’ after an incident in darkest Afghanistan, the bBC will have a report condemning NATO/ISAF or the British based on the hearsay of a terrorist. But when its those innocent terrorist doing likewise, well rules are in place to ensure that those rabid terrorists are never reported in a negative light. So once again where the hell were you, when the bBC is caught out time and time again defending Islamic terrorism not only that but most of the time it doesn’t even bother reporting them. So come on Geoff where is your concern for all the people who get oppressed and killed by Islamic terrorists whom the bBC never seems to bother its arse reporting. You know like that convert to Islam in Australia who woke up and was whipped by a bunch of Islamic bigots for having a bevy or two or even worse its lacklustre reporting from Syria. You know that Syria which the bBC claims it can’t get any reporters in, but which everybody else can.  

    Now if you want to see a real bigot at work head over to my blog and give me what for,for slating Muslims. But then unlike you, I was born a Muslim left the cult of death during the 70s and have a bummer of a birthmark which paints me as an apostate. Want to tell me how Muslims are taught to deal with apostates via their holybook. Don’t bother looking to the bBC for the correct answer as they claim that Islam is a religion of peace.: Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Nigeria, Thailand, Philippines, China ,Chechnya ,Moscow, London, Madrid, Paris, New York, Mumbai all say otherwise.  


    As for making jokes, you mean like how the entire left knocked them out when Bush choked , When Murdock (How old is he?) was attacked inside parliment the otherday and when Maggie dies. I suppose that’s alright then. 

    Please feel free to repond.  


    • Span Ows says:

      pounce_uk – excellent stuff.

      I would only add that it is a shame I can only press “Like” once.


  5. isoprophex says:

    However if this is related to far-right terrorist groups then its equally as important to understand their ideaology as well. The Turner Diaries sets out a “manifesto” of a “race war” in the US.

    What is more interesting is the same obssesion that they share with Islamist extremists-and this could possibly explicit over the coming days. 

    They share:

    -They believe in a “Jewish Conspiracy” and a “world Government” (known as ZOG or Zionist Occupation Government”)

    -They both believe in the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

    -Both believe in the distruction of Isreal and the irradication of the Jewish race.

    -They both believe in the coming “clash” and have apocalyptic outlook.

    -They seek mass causualties, and like the Aum group, they have been Aum Shinrikyo and Whabbist groups, also examined the possibilties of using unconventional weapons.

    If these groups are active, we may well be entering a darker age of terrorism as these groups aim to bring about the cataclysim. 


  6. isoprophex says:

    I think you guys might find this rather enlightening……




    In certain intelligence circles-with AQ’s increased difficulty in attacking Western targets, the scale and type of attack is far beyond anything local far right groups could do…….the expertise to carry out this type of operation might well have come from “outside” (which is why the Helpers of Islam statement and retraction is interesting).

    If some far right groups have connected with Islamo-facists elements, then the game has changed……

    Lets see how it unfolds


  7. isoprophex says:

    And one more disturbing thought.

    The same crack-pot tin foil hat goons calling themselves “9/11 truth movement” or Alex Jones, or far left extremist groups also believe in similar paranoid conspiracies as Islamic extreamists and Neo-Nazi Terrorists regarding the US/European Government/UN/NWO/Builderberg Group/Bohemian Grove/The Elder Protocoles of Zion.

    Ask yourself how many nutters have you come across regarding the above-it only takes a handful of these goons to do damage.

    Hold that thought.


  8. ltwf1964 says:

    kate Silvertongue in overdrive on al beeb “news”

    he appears to be a ” right wing christian fundamentalist”

    well,soory to have to enlighten you Kate,but most “right wingers” as you term them(actually national SOCIALISTS-so left wing loons) hate jews,so you’ve got a lot in common to begin with

    and any christian fundamentalist worth his/her salt can’t be a nazi,because they support Israel with every fibre of their being

    so,there’s no compunction to call him a “christianist”…..no twisting,turning and verbal contortionism when theygo out to try to find new ways of renaming muslim terrorist fanatics for what they actually are

    just straight in with CHRISTIAN and FUNDAMENTALIST and the usual efforts to pain them as right wing loonies,when the truth is nazis are and always will be whackjob lefties

    scumbag kate

    scumbag bBC


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      The key here in professional news terms is the word ‘appears’ which, like ‘speculate’, seems to give free rein to integrity-free media to spout whatever they fancy until actual facts catch up… if too late.


  9. Andrew says:

    I found myself watching the Norway story break on the news yesterday on the News 24 channel.  As I often do I flip between that and sky news in big breaking stories when they get on a repetitive loop in an effort to find some “news”.

    Whilst Tim Marshall was giving his views on the potential suspects which included, far right and the potential link with the newspapers that ran the Mohammed cartoon, the BBC lagged behind.

    We went to one of the diplomatic affairs team but her name escapes me.  The question from the Beeboid was “what do we know?” in the tone that suggested the real question is “as newsreaders we’ve been winging it for half an hour trying to work with very little, what have you found out that can really add to this story”.

    Cue a monologue that consisted of no new news at all and was something we could all have done simply by watching the film. 

    The difference was that she was twisting herself in knots as she desperately tried to avoid suggesting any potential islamic connection.  The frequent comment was “we just don’t know”, but used so extensively that it was clear she was deliberately  trying to skirt around this suggestion.  In fact she was much more comfortable suggesting that this could have been a gas explosion.

    Pounce will probably be better able to verify this, but it looked like no gas explosion I had ever seen on the news.

    The overall point is that they were very keen as they put it “not to jump to conclusions”.

    Shame it’s not a principle they use in reporting other stories.


  10. hippiepooter says:

    The weary predictability that this was another Islamist attack appears to be proved unfounded.  It seems to be the work of a Nazi scumbag.  Let’s hope the weary predictability of the BBC trying to tar the entire democratic right with this act of evil proves to be unfounded as well.  I’m not hopeful.


  11. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC its hatred of the US and half the story.
    Ohio ex-Marine murdered 11 women
    A sex offender who lived among the remains of 11 dead women at his home in Cleveland in the US state of Ohio has been convicted of killing all of them. Anthony Sowell was found guilty of aggravated murder, kidnapping, tampering with evidence and abuse of a human corpse in the 11 deaths. The 51-year-old former US Marine could face the death penalty.
    SO the bBC on reporting this grisly court case points out that the man in the dock is an ex marine. In fact its headline quite succulently imparts that information. But here is what the bBC doesn’t tell you. Mr Sowell joined the US marines in 1978 and left in 1985. Yes 1985. Lets see 1.2.3…26 years ago. Why in 1989 he was arrested ,charged and jailed for 15 years for rape. So seeing as how he left the forces over 26 years ago, that he has since done 15 years (twice as long as he served in the military) inside. Shouldn’t the bBC be leading with Former Convict indicted for murder?
    Instead the bBC tries its best to demonise the US military. Typical.


  12. isoprophex says:

    Good Morning

    Perhaps I might be able to shed some light on this.At the moment, the Police in Norway are being rather careful to disclose any information. Once again however SKY and the BBC are rushing to conclusions regarding the motives for this attack.

    The Neo-Nazi movement in Scandinavia has been one of the most high profile in the last 20 years. Its counter-cultral background does not come from the writings of Pat Buchanan but from the Norwiegian “Black Metal” scence (before anybody says it-heavy metal did not cause the attack either)


    Many of the counter-cultral figures involved openly admit to neo-Nazi sympathies, however it is also important to point out many had at the time strong anti-christian ideaologies as well.

    With the growth of the internet, neo-Nazi groups started forming links with each other, and many adopted the ideaology of the Aryan Nations and the Order 


    This version of “Christianity” has very little to do with the Republican Evangelical movement. They have incorperated elements of paganism and new ageism in to this belief system. 

    What binds these groups is the belief,which is now being expressed in certain sections of the mainstream media, is the coming of a “New World Order”- a secret group of Jews/Freemasons and wealthy and powerful individuals (Bush.Blair,Thatcher,Cameron,Sarkozy,Putin,Dutch Royal Family,Rothschilds,take your pick) plans to install a “totalitarian global government” through front organizations like the UN,CIA,European Union,Isreal,IMF,World Bank,NATO and multi-national companies.


    This is very similar to the conspiracy theory that also fuels militant Islam and far left groups and cults like Aum. On the surface they have different agenda’s but they share many of the same conspiracy theories-as well as the belief in the “endgame”.

    What is more interesting however is,as I have said earlier, the MSM also gives it a certain kudos- the reporting on the Arab/Isreali conflict, films like Klute/Parrallax View/All the Presidents Men, TV shows like the X-Files, Edge of Darkness, Defence of the Realm,and popular music from punk,industrial,metal and techno all pay a certain lip service to conspiracy theories. Timothy Mcveigh, David Copeland and now Anders Behring Breivik do not have beliefs so far removed from many in wider society.





  13. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Just noticed this…


    The numbers are so huge as to be meaningless.’

    From an over-staffed, unique money manager like the BBC, that is quite an admission.


  14. pounce_uk says:

    Have a look at Mark Mardels Bio on the right of the site:  
    About Mark  
    Covered British politics from the fall of Thatcher to Blair’s last election victory as political correspondent  …

    Grew up in Surrey, educated at Kent University in Canterbury, worked in commercial radio on Teesside Leeds and London before joining the BBC.
    It seems his pride of joy is the fall of Thatcher and the rise of Blair. Political views on an impartial website? Before anybody points out that is the period he worked for the bBC, err he joined in 1989,maggie was kicked out in 1990 and he is still emplyed at the bBC. But I do love him imparting where he was taught. But for some reason he left out this seat of education:

    Mardell was educated at the independent school Epsom College in SurreyEngland, currently running at arounf £10,000 a year and to think the bBC hates toffs you know like Cameron and the like.


  15. deegee says:

    Amnesty: Saudi terror law ‘would strangle protest’  
    Reading this would you think Saudi Arabia was a liberal democracy, like the UK or perhaps Israel?  
    I particularly note this quote towards the end wiht the implication from Amnesty that freedom of expression orpeaceful dissent exis in Saudi Arabia.  

    Philip Luther from the charity said the law would be a serious threat to freedom of expression in Saudi Arabia in the name of preventing terrorism.  

    “If passed it would pave the way for even the smallest acts of peaceful dissent to be branded terrorism and risk massive human rights violations,” he said. 


    In fairness to Frank Gardiner, his box points out that political parties are banned in Saudi Arabia and women can’t drive.


    In criticism of Frank Gardiner the driving ban is not total and women do drive in more remote regions. The driving ban is simply one example of the suppression of women’s rights in all areas.  


  16. cjhartnett says:

    Noted this morning that Justin Webb ended up reading the weather forecast himself…luckily he was able to do this from “The Guardian…which I`ve got closest to hand!”
    Really…as Cassandra says “who`d a thunk it?”
    Probably held to their hearts as they point their upturned faces towards Highgate Cemetery more like!
    The Norwegians were very good about the Webb ambushes in order to get those 9 O Clock soundbites of theirs.
    Norway now has an idea of the rent a gob controversist reflexes that the formerly hallowed BBC now deals in…bet they`re glad they`re out of the EU if the EUBC(BBC) is what we get left with!


  17. Millie Tant says:

    Oh, look who’s on the Beeboid Radio 2 this morning. No, it’s not Ubiq Maguire, for once.  Who would be your next guess? Yes, indeed, none other than that everlasting tourer of Beeboidland, Thug Campbell.

    …Joining Ryan on his first show is journalist, author and former spin doctor Alastair Campbell …

    Dear oh, dear, he must have a book to sell and the Beeboid Corporation must step in to do its bit. What sort of literary agency agreement does he have with this publicly funded broadcaster? Does the Charter cover this kind of activity? Just posing the question. Don’t suppose the Beeboids will be rushing in to tell me the answer.


  18. Millie Tant says:

    I know that Peston’s friendships, his methods and his sources for his stories have been discussed on this blog. However, Mr Thompson DG doesn’t normally trouble to reply to what is said here.

    But I see that the Daily Mail has caught on that Tom Watson and Bob Ainsworth are accusing Peston of spinning for Murdoch and News International, alleging that he broke the story of the sacking of a Sun journalist, formerly of the News of the World, to deflect attention from Colin Myler’s claims about what was known by News International.

    “But his coverage of the hacking scandal has been praised by BBC director general Mark Thompson.

    ‘Anyone who has actually watched and listened to Robert Peston’s outstanding coverage of this story over the past few days will regard the idea that he is acting in some way as a mouthpiece for News International – or anyone else, for that matter – as frankly ludicrous,’ he said.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2017875/Labour-MPs-attack-BBC-business-editor-reporting-hacking-scandal.html#ixzz1Sw5HDdx5


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I think I agree with Thompson there.  If anything, Peston was selling his friends and contacts out for a scoop.  He clearly used those people, feigned friendship, to get close and get the inside info to enhance his own position.  Classy.  But Thompson would still be right that he wasn’t protecting Murdoch’s crew.  Peston did, I think, initially downplay how bad this was going to get for his acquaintances, and his judgment there may very well have been influenced by what they were telling him.

      He’s compromised either way, I suppose.  If nothing else, everyone in the City and press needs to take note: keep your distance from Peston and keep your mouths shut around him from now on.


  19. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Oh, piss off, Sopel.  “We’ve kind of got used to hearing about shooting sprees in America.”  
    No shooting spree in the US had half the body count of this madman.  And as far as I’m aware, no adult in the US has ever rounded up children to murder like this lunatic did.  Piss off, Sopel.


  20. George R says:

    Will BBC-Democrat report this, maybe on its ‘Entertainment and Arts’ page?:
    “Upcoming Weather Underground Movie to Show ‘Real Americans Who Stood for Their Beliefs’”



    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The Beeboids will probably see this as a documentary about real American heroes.


      • Buggy says:

        “Probably” is hedging it a bit, David.

        “Naturally” is more like it.


  21. Deborah says:

    I was listening to Farming Today at 6.30 am where the trial badger cull was discussed.  Only half awake until I heard the breathy female interviewer ask the farmer what would happen if the cull ‘wasn’t a success’? ‘Wouldn’t it be poor PR?’ she followed with immediately with incredulity in her voice.

    Well perhaps as a presenter on a Farming programme she should understand that farming is more that PR .  Dairy farmers are really struggling financially and having so many cattle culled and the associated TB restrictions the economics of farming even more difficult. It could be that without the cull there will be no dairy farms left in the UK. 

    Surely a presenter on a farming programme should try to understand farming – but hey – this is the BBC so of course she will know nothing of the topic.  (I suppose I should be a realist and remember that the environmental correspondent has an English degree.)


  22. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This blog post by Katherine Birbalsingh is worth reading.  It concerns the BBC and the promotion of the idea that people from council estates and families on benefits cannot achieve anything and should not be expected to.


  23. The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

    Amy Winehouse is being reported dead as I type.  I wonder if the BBC will now stop its hate campaign against her?

    Or will they, as usual with those whom they help drive to their deaths, keep on kicking her corpse?


  24. The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

    Astonishingly 10 miuntes later they are repeating Sarah Browns Twitter beltherings?  Do they employ some poor sod to sit and watch their darlings oervre and why is it news?


  25. john says:

    The World’s Greatest Broadcaster “bringing you breaking news first”  has once again fallen down on the job.
    The sad news of Amy Winehouse’s death had been receiving many tributes and footage of her all too brief career on Sky news for 18  minutes before the infants at the BBC even bothered to mention that a 27 year old woman’s body had been found in a Camden flat.
    Jesus Christ !
    Where would the BBC’s relentless newshounds be without access to Sky News ?


  26. George R says:

    “Hacking was endemic at the ‘Mirror’, says former reporter ”

    How many people from:

    a.) Tories;

    b.) News International,

    -will BBC-NUJ-Labour-Mirror allow on the panels of its programmes to discuss this?



  27. George R says:

    Greece’s austerity, except for public spending to build mosque?

    BBC-NUJ report:

    “Greece aid package boosts stock markets”



    What economic crisis? Greek government spending $15 million to build mosque in Athens


  28. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Great piece on the BBC’s collection of Communist Party activists that they try to pass off as ‘comedians’:



    • Millie Tant says:

      There’s also a comment in that blog about the Beeboid Corporation’s coverage of the press hacking scandal:

      You’d think the phrase “evil empire” was coined to describe News Corp, judging by the coverage the BBC has been giving its problems. Yes it’s a huge story, but none of Murdoch’s newspaper competitors have adopted the crowing tone of his broadcast rival: the Today programme this week has turned into The Daily Gloat. Meanwhile, another empire is teetering, thanks to the stricken eurozone – but the reaction has been quite different. When the euro launched, the Today team were panting with excitement. Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive! So no gloating now; just the presenters sounding as gloomy as they did on the day George W Bush was re-elected.


  29. George R says:

    “BBC fatcat who saddled world with motormouth Chris Moyles quits with £2m pension pot… and new job”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2017854/BBC-fatcat-saddled-world-motormouth-Chris-Moyles-quits-2m-pension-pot–new-job.html#ixzz1SxGoJXt3


  30. George R says:

    INBBC’s drip, drip, drip of propaganda (by E. Stourton in this case) for Islamisation of European Union:



  31. cjhartnett says:

    The BBC have got their black trousers at half mast with the death of Amy.
    Drugs and the good die young cliches abound. We`ve already had a tribute from David Beckham-and no end of Twitter types-Demi Moore I think was one! Who else but Becks would YOU ask then at such a time?

    Oh-and here`s the owner of the cafe where she got her kebabs and played snooker!
    Let`s see the BBC use her sad death to stop glamorising drugs and that edgy lifestyle they push at Glasto and no end of yoof shows.
    Maybe the BBC staffers could all abstain from their own stashes for a minutes silence…maybe they need the coke to drivel on like this for perpetual rolling news!
    That hyper approach to NewsCorps may be fuelled by more than malice and spite then?


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Who else but Becks would YOU ask then at such a time?  


      ‘Give us your views….’

      How, on earth, it is felt to be ‘better’ that a story like this has comments enabled with ‘iikes’ and ‘dislikes’, informing ‘Editors’ Picks’, is ‘interesting’.

      That it also gets double a Robinson (enough to ‘speak for the nation’ in some minds) before early closing shows the twitterisation of ‘news’ is near complete.

      I’m also intrigued how a comment gets to be second most disliked before ‘the moderators found it broke the house rules’.


  32. cjhartnett says:

    Seems to me that if News International have been doing all this hacking-then surely they`ll have record on who has been supplying Amy Winehouse with her drugs.
    Maybe some good could come from it all-and I`d not be surprised if the BBCs staffers might be able to help with police enquiries!
    Just a thought from the pod!


  33. pounce_uk says:

    From the Amy winehouse article at the been.
    “Doug Charles-Ridler, co-owner of Winehouse’s favourite Camden pub The Hawley Arms, called her “a special person with a good soul,” adding, “this should not have happened”.”

    Favourite pub BBC? You mean the place which had no problem contributing to her illness. What a load of false grieving from a right bunch of wankers who 9 times out of 10 will have laughed their socks off at seeing a drunk pissed out of her head.


  34. George R says:

    “It’s not the Murdochs but the BBC that holds the real power in Britain”

    (by Tim Montgomerie)


    “…the real power is in the hands of the Murdochs’ arch-enemy: the BBC. When it comes to news, 73 per cent of us get most of it from television – and the BBC supplies 70 per cent of TV news. Its dominance is even greater when you factor in the high-end, high-impact programmes that shape the whole current affairs agenda: the Today programme, Newsnight, Question Time.
    “This dominance wouldn’t matter if the BBC provided fair coverage on all the big issues. But it doesn’t. It is actually a broadcaster with many obsessions. One is public spending cuts. Every morning, the Today programme provides a platform for anti-cuts lobby groups and misses the bigger picture, such as the fact that Britain is spending twice as much on EU bail-outs as George Osborne is saving from domestic cuts. ”



  35. George R says:

    “Award-winning BBC reporter makes thousands working for missile company”


    “He [Heselhurst] is just one of several top BBC journalists and presenters who are exploiting their high profiles to land lucrative corporate contracts.”

    Others include: Silverton, Husain, Marr, Flanders, Montague, etc.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2018104/Award-winning-BBC-reporter-makes-thousands-working-missile-company.html#ixzz1T0XRbuEJ


  36. ltwf1964 says:

    the andrew marr show guest this morning?  
    yes-it’s jackboot Jacqui again………she should be speaking from her prison cell to apologise for stealing from taxpayers,not on a tv studio sofa  
    dirty rotten scumbag BBC  
    and Hugh orde is on,presumably to bolster his move for Met Chief  
    you can read them like a book-presumably a dirty book in jackboot Jacqui’s case


  37. RCE says:

    Andrew Marr show:

    Hugh Orde – lefty.
    Vince Cable – lefty.
    Kelly Holmes – athlete.
    Jacqui Smith – thieving lefty.
    Rory Bremner – centrist comedian.

    Bias? What bias?


    • Ron Todd says:

      Now they have Tessa Jowell brought on to talk about the olympics but given the chance to put Labours opinion on the MET.

      Not heard any discusion on the BBC about the need for stricter gun control on Norway.


  38. As I See It says:

    Calling all Alastair Campbell watchers! He turned up on the BBC again yesterday. Shoehorned into Test Match Special no less.

    We really should keep some statistics for the frequent appearances of these un-elected left-leaning mouth-pieces on the state broadcaster.

    I’m thinking along the lines of some kind of Wisden to keep track of the likes of Kevin Maguire, Lord Prescott, Shami Chakrabarti etc etc.

    Having established this exclusive club for us perhaps the BBC could provide its members with a special pink and green tie. With a fascinator in the shape of the hammer and sickle for ladies. (Radio could have their appearances accompanied by a folk rendition of the Red Flag playing softly in the background).

    Amusingly the only one of the Test Match Special regulars to sound a little discomforted by the general bonhomie concerning the appearance of our Alastair was Geoffrey Boycott. It was all sweetness and light until there was some anecdote dating from when Blair’s spin doctor to be had been an ‘innocent young man’. Our Geoffrey remarked ‘He’s never been innocent in his life’. Cue a chill through the TMS team and an awkward end to the train of conversation that shrieked ‘We’re BBC, we don’t do politics!’ No, of course you don’t.


    • cjhartnett says:

      Thanks for the alert!
      I think we need to tell the Maudsley that he seems to be taking too much of the up side of the meds and not enough of the calming ones.
      Presumably he doesn`t need a CPN with him when he`s been signed in at Prescotts Bulimic Bonking Croquet sessions run at TV Centre/BH…wherever the minibus can park!

      His partner Fiona clearly getting him out of the house while she checks the schools round Glanda Jacksons old rotting borough prior to being the voice of education that the BBC seem to want.
      They of course won`t have kids of their own-and even if they did, they`d be Mardells bag carriers and muffin toasters so not be that much use.
      Wouldn`t stop them though!
      I`d swap Boycott for any of them at BBC Current Affairs.


    • Millie Tant says:

      I mentioned earlier that he was on Radio 2 yesterday morning.


  39. hippiepooter says:

    Not a cause the BBC is likely to publicise or ask the likes of Oxfam tough questions about:-



  40. John Anderson says:

    I finally heard a reference on BBC Radio 4 to the debt crisis in the US – 4th headline at 9am,  just one sentence.

    If the report has to be compressed so much,  there should be even more focus on whether the micro-report was balanced.

    Fat chance.

    It simply said “Democrats are accusing the Republicans of ………”  

    With no mention of the counter-fact that Republicans are accusing the President of failing to lead,  accusing the President and the Dem Senate of failing to produce a budget,  let alone detailed on-paper proposals to deal with the debt crisis.

    BBC – mouthpiece for the Democrats as usual.


    • cjhartnett says:

      Great spot John!
      I heard that too-and the point about who accuses who-who is actively trying to put it all right( as opposed to the forces of conservatism that thwart the One World Dream)-and who is passively reacting to the rational probings of the progressive alliance of the virtuous by only being negative…is excellent!
      Reckon Craigs wordcloud will be helping me here!
      There really is a University available on this website people!


  41. Millie Tant says:

    I see that Radio 4 has a programme called Americana on sometime today in which they discuss whether African Americans are as interested in politics as they were. Hm…I wonder why they Beeboids are asking such a question.


  42. George R says:

    This Moday, Islam Not BBC (INBBC) presents 3/3 of TV series on Mohammad, presented by Somali Muslim of Al Jazeera, Rageh Omaar, in a series directed and produced by Muslim Faris Kemani (of ‘Crescent Films’ – get it?), and commissioned by Muslim Aaqil Ahmed, INBBC’s head of religious programming.

    Part 3, is entitled, without irony: ‘Holy Peace’, concentrating its propaganda on sanitised versions of JIHAD and SHARIA.


    An alternative view, banned by INBBC:

    <!– AddThis Button BEGIN –><!– AddThis Button END –>

    “Mohammed, a Real Muslim?”  (by Bill Warner)


    “Mohammed’s example was crystal clear. According to the Sira, the sacred biography of Mohammed, he was involved in over 65 acts of jihad, or as we say today, 65 acts of terror. And that was in a 9 year period. Bin Laden was small fry, in comparison to Mohammed.

    “Why are we being told that Bin Laden was not a real Muslim? The propaganda is that violence has nothing to do with Islam. But Islam is based on Mohammed and he was violent in every way. He assassinated those who opposed him, enslaved thousands and sold them for money to wage jihad, he tortured men to death for money, tortured slaves to get information from them, created a policy of rape of Kafir women and on and on. The only reason to call Bin Laden a non-Muslim is that he did not do enough jihad. Oops, pardon me, terror.

    “But wait! Maybe the reason that Bin Laden was not a Muslim was because it is true that violent behavior is not Islamic. And since Mohammed was much more violent than Bin Laden, we are left with the conclusion that Mohammed was not a Muslim. He was too violent to be a Muslim. ”



  43. Cassandra King says:

    As the USA debt ceiling deadline edges closer the BBC has all the answers for us.The Rebublicans are to blame of course, simples innit? And the BBC boils the issue down for us.

    The nasty Republicans are utterly determined to to defend millionaires and billionaires and the ultra rich and they wish to do this by the following methods.

    The nasty Right wing Repblicans are determined to cut medicare,pensions and undescribed ‘entitlements’. In a nut hell the nasty Republicans want to punish the sick and the old and the unemployed.


    Now Obama wishes to make the ultra rich and millionaires and billionaires and the ultra rich pay their fair share in order to protect the sick, the lame, the unemployed, the unfortunates. Obama is fighting for the poor while the nasty Republicans are fighting for the rich.


    The world seen through the eyes of the BBC, a simple easy to understand and totally false reality. As DP(USA) has said, in reality raising the debt ceiling AND raising taxes while cutting very little is what Obama is after. He needs the money for his gigantic spending spree to ensure his re election. he is playing politics while the USA suffers, he is placing his own interests above those of the USA. So there you have the BBC perspective, a total bag of poisous lies, smears, deceptions, no wonder the BBC and the democreeps get along so well.


  44. George R says:

    Uneducated Britons:

    – BBC-NUJ censors the immigration problems:

    ‘Express’ has –

    “SPEAK ENGLISH IN HOMES”http://www.express.co.uk/ourcomments/view/260814/Speak-English-in-homes

    BBC-NUJ only has:

    “‘Two Britains’ qualifications gap emerges in study”



  45. Millie Tant says:

    Peter Hitchens sees another form of Beeboid Bias as he considers its failure to capture the spirit of the past (as opposed to the surface appearance of it) in one of its dramas:

    The BBC cannot recreate 1956 because it loves the present day too much, and is afraid to admit that anything about the past might have been better.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2018065/The-BBC-recreate-1956–loves-selfish-grasping-present-much.html#ixzz1T3ZXvG4f


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      I was just reading that. Hitchens is right. Look at any historical drama and the BBC seem to just transplant 21st century views on the past. It happened in George Gently, which was supposed to be set in the 60s but Gently was the typical college graduate top cop we have today. Then the Tudors, Henry XIII who seemed to have been based on someone from a boyband. Robin Hood which if you took away the green tunics could have been based in 21st century Birmigham.

      But when it comes to Dickins the BBC seem to do a good job I wonder why?


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Look at any historical drama and the BBC seem to just transplant 21st century views on the past.

        Which, curiously, is the antithesis of the post-modern cultural relativism inherent in the official version of multiculturalism.  It’s evidence of their intellectual failure on the entire subject.


  46. hippiepooter says:

    Some months ago there were ‘misgivings’ expressed about ‘Common Purpose’ that may have been paranoid and may not have been.

    Andrew Gilligan sheds further light (about mid-way through) that is disturbing:-



    • John Anderson says:

      The Gilligasn article is very disturbing.  I had regarded the Common Purpose stuff as rather incidental – it does seem to be a bit more central.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Robert Peston is a champion for Common Purpose.  Say no more.


    • Andrew says:

      I did wonder why Hugh Grant was in the “smart arse” chair on Question Time on the week of the hacking scandal.  Normally that chair seems to contain a somewhat unconnected individual and Grant being there would have given that impression to a degree. Gilliagan’s article shows the jury was loaded more than ever on that night.


  47. John Anderson says:

    TOMORROW the US dollar will come under real pressure

    So – World Service 1am

    Timothy Geithner, Obama’s Treasury Secretary, spouts his piece.  An unknown Republican says a few things – not a SENIOR Republican,  to match Geithner.  Then a Dem attacks the Repubs.

    Balanced ?  2 to 1 ?  

    But it was nice for the BBC to let the Repubs have a few words. 

    Then a BBC woman commentator in Washington, Natalia someone.   Blaming the Republicans.

    3 to 1.

    The Republicans are doing better.  Normally it has been ZERO Republican input.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The problem for the BBC is that The Obamessiah may bascially not even really be involved in any short-term deal.  He has not negotiatied in good faith, and tried to throw in more tax increases in at the last minute, after agreeing to a potential deal.  And then lied about it to the public.  The BBC has steadfastly refused to inform you of any of this. Because they are ideologically in thrall to Him and His policies, they repeat the lie as if it’s the truth.  
      Rep. Boehner and the rest of them realized He’s going to hold His breath until He passes out rather than agree to anything which won’t look like a massive victory.  Not for the country, mind, but for Him.  
      If a deal is worked out between the House and the Senate, and then is passed to Him to sign, it won’t be His win. He’ll hate that, but He may sign it anyway just because He’s worried about 2012.  If He doesn’t achieve total victory, though, the BBC will hate it, and will continue to blame Republicans and lie about what has happened.  Basically, take anything the BBC reports about this story and then assume the opposite is true.


  48. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Speaking of ‘investigative journalism’…


    As peroxide sinks breathlessly ‘interview’ armchair experts and ‘critics who are asking questions’ on why my nan can buy a can of Weedol, I have had cause to ponder the media’s role in various exposes.

    Seems the technology exists to hack phones, and commitment and funds to get snoops in care homes.

    How then is that a rather high profile, high ratings celebrity’s source of supply seems to be shrouded in mystery? A line of questioning (or questioning on lines) I would have thought it not hard to to pursue.

    Should there be the will. Or maybe professional courtesy intrudes?


  49. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Gameshow Nikk on Radio 5 Listeners asking everyone who comes on,

    ‘So is this Anders Breivik a Christian terrorist?’

    Wow – a Christian terrorist – finally the BBCC are drinking deep from their holy grail.  Have they found one Christian terrorist (not ‘extremist’ note) to exactly balance the several thousand Mussulman terrorists who have inflicted themselves on us?

    Keep plugging away with the meme, Gameshow, I’m sure it’s got legs.