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    (although her bio does says (BBC newswoman). Perhaps this was because she didn’t want the BBC to have editorial control over her tweets,

    Rather @rse backwards, if typically cake & eat it.


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    Speaking of tweeting as/vs. ‘news’..

    bbc5live BBC Radio 5 Live Your Call: @NickyAACampbell wants your reaction to the tragedy in Norway. Send us a tweet and follow online >> http://j.mp/clTSfG
    Go on… REACT!!!!!!!
    If it suits, it will be read out.


  3. deegee says:

    See if you can guess who the BBC is talking about here. Fill in the blanks. There is not one paragraph where doubt is not placed on the story, including the ‘scare quotes’ in the headline. If the BBC didn’t think the story worth checking for confirmation, why run it?

    _____ ‘intercepts weapons boat’ in _____ Sea

    ______ authorities say they have seized a boat carrying arms in the _____ Sea and are questioning two _______  who were on the vessel.

    The boat was carrying assault rifles, ammunition and other weapons, according to an _______ military statement.

    AFP news agency quoted the military as saying the weapons were being transported from _____ to ______.

    In March, _____ intercepted a ship it said was taking arms to _____.

    It said that ship, which was seized in international waters, was carrying weapons meant for militant groups that were to be delivered via ____.

    The ____ military described the boat that was reported to have been seized on Monday as a dinghy.

    In 2006, ____ detained an _______ and a _______ accused of using an inflatable boat to smuggle guns and drugs from ____ to ______.

    Read the origin of the BBC story here.