I thought this was an excellent tour de force on the BBC and wanted to end August by sharing it. My sincere thanks to the contributor;

“Watching any BBC
programme whether drama, comedy, science or nature you soon become aware you
are not merely learning about the history of the Roman Empire for example but
are also being subtly lectured on the evil done under the British Empire, a
programme about hedgehogs might, will, end up with the message that we need
more wind turbines, a programme about a town’s history will be a lesson on
immigration and so on and on and on.

Whilst commercial product placement is banned on the BBC no such restrictions
seem to exist or be recognised when it comes to political ‘product placement’.
Ideas are the most powerful ‘weapon’ and the ability to broadcast your own
ideas is therefore extraordinarily valuable and possibly dangerous and open to

Most writers seem to be of the left wing persuasion and the BBC seems
unconcerned about what favourite hobby horses they flog in their scripts.

‘New Tricks’ is a deservedly popular programme but is often used as a vehicle
to peddle ideas on feminism, the evil of Israel, capitalism and now government
cuts in the police service. 
Similarly in ‘Doctors’…..a story about a mix up with handbags and frog spawn
ended up with a political comment on NHS cuts. 
On the ‘Conspiracy Files’ we are told that the public believe more in such
conspiracies because of the lies told to us by politicians…roll out Nixon,
Clinton then a clip of George Bush talking about WMD in Iraq. 
Now this is purely the BBC’s take on history…and of course is part of its
effort to defend itself after the Kelly Affair and Hutton by rewriting history
in its favour.

The default position must be that both Blair and Bush had an honest belief that
the intelligence was correct (and Kelly himself believed the intelligence was
right….see Hutton….’I had no doubt about the veracity of it (the Dossier)
wasabsolute.’…’It is an accurate document, I think it is a fair reflection of
the intelligence that was available and it’s presented in a very sober and
factual way….it is well written.’ “I was personally sympathetic to the
war because I recognised from a decade’s work the menace of Iraq’s ability to
further develop it’s non-conventional weapons programmes…..We were 100%
certain that Saddam had a biological weapons programme.”)

For the BBC to state otherwise is mere propaganda on its own behalf.

The BBC uses its everyday programmes to quietly and surreptitiously insert its
propaganda, its own ideas about the world into your mind.

It is attempting to manipulate what you think and how you act…it is an exercise
in thought control.

Does it work? Yes it does. After 13 years of Labour corruption and incompetence
the BBC manages to avoid talking about those lost years….they talk more about
the Thatcher years than the unlucky 13.

Discussions on immigration, Europe, Islam and the economy are either non-
existent or strictly controlled….and the majority population views of these
things are suppressed.

As Chomsky said:

‘The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the
spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that
spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives
people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the
presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the
range of the debate.’

And Tony Blair’s view on the media’s power to corrupt the nation…..
‘Blair’s conclusion was a bleak one. “I do believe that this relationship
between public life and media is now damaged in a manner that requires repair.
The damage saps the country’s confidence and self-belief; it undermines its
assessment of itself, its institutions; and above all, it reduces our capacity
to take the right decisions, in the right spirit for our future….it is intrinsically
unsatisfactory and unhealthy for a significant proportion of the population to
have a distorted view of reality.” 

This is the BBC’s open declaration of its intent to manufacture your consent to
its ideas……

‘Drama can be a powerful mechanism for development. It can build an emotional
connection with target audiences over a period of time, while modelling
situations or behaviours.

Viewers or listeners become attached to characters and share in their

The process of designing a mass media programme or campaign begins with a
‘messaging workshop’, where the results of formative research are analysed to
produce a ‘messaging brief’. The brief describes which messages need to be
communicated to achieve key behaviour change.’

All endorsed by the wonderfully bonkers Polly Toynbee declaring that “left-wing
people are more intelligent, and just generally better people”.

We can all learn a lot from the left wingers in the corridors of power at the


Nice catch.

“Victoria Derbyshire puts John Pienaar on the spot today by revealing the BBC strategy for breaking up the coalition!

http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/b013yx49 1 hr 26 mins in.

Talking about the sainted Vince Cable’s bid to split up the banks right now, Pienaar says the battle on timing of the split will spill over into the party conferences. Derbyshire puts foot in mouth and suggests he will make sure the row does spill over. Pienaar rapidly says he will be reporting..ahem…neutrally.

Of course he will.”

BBC Censorship: ATF Scandal and Gun Control Edition

A major ongoing scandal in the US is the revelation that the Dept. of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) deliberately allowed more than 2000 assault weapons to be sold to arms traffickers to sell to Mexican drug cartels. The head of the ATF has now been “re-assigned” to a keep-shtum-and-you-keep-your-pension job in another department, and the bureau chief in Arizona, where most of these guns went walkies, has been sacked.

The BBC report about this lays out the barest details, dutifully following the official White House version of what happened. To be fair, other than the odd human interest story or local atmosphere and color piece, the Beeboids in the US don’t do investigative or original reporting, and mostly rehash what they find in the liberal media they read, and where their friends work. So it’s no surprise that it’s heavy on quotes from the White House and light on facts about what the scandal is really about.

I won’t say that the BBC has been censoring news of the scandal the whole time, as they’ve done a few other news briefs about it during the past year. Naturally, those pieces also stick to the official White House version of events and fail to report what’s actually been going on.

The official version is that the ATF started this “Operation Fast and Furious” to track guns to Mexican drug cartels, in the hopes of, as the BBC reports, “tracing them to arms dealers”. Now, sting operations happen all the time in law enforcement, so this wouldn’t be unusual. Except, the White House changed their story. A BBC article from March has a slightly different “official version”, that the goal was to track the guns directly to drug cartel leaders. Which makes no sense at all. Still, first it was to catch the gun dealers, then it was to catch the drug leaders. Not that the BBC bothers to question it, as it’s official White House policy, which they must obey at all times. All they tell you is that the now ex-ATF director, Kenneth Melson, testified in Congress that “mistakes have been made”.

There’s so much that the BBC doesn’t want you to know about this, it’s not even funny. Actually, there is one funny bit: not long before this scandal first came to light, the BBC dutifully reported a success story for the operation instead. More on that in a moment.

What I’m going to do here is talk about what this scheme was really about, which is not the official version, provide links to the BBC reports, and let everyone decide for themselves if the BBC simply parroted the official version they got from the newswires and the White House and censored a huge amount of information which turns the story on its head – and points directly to the President Himself.

First, what this is all really about: a covert plan to create bloodshed which the President and His Administration could use to advance His gun control agenda. No, I’m not making this up. As we all know, the official story – repeated by the BBC – is that 70% of guns (the President and Sec. of State Clinton used to claim it was 90% – also repeated by the BBC – but what the hell, it’s only ideology, right?) used in Mexican drug violence come from the US. Never mind about how that’s not exactly true, as we’re talking about the White House version of reality, slavishly reported by the BBC.

In this piece, Steve Kingston (Hey, Kingston: how come you can pronounce “Juarez” with a flourish of Spanish accent, but can’t pronounce “Houston” the way the native whites do?) actually talks to one of the ATF agents who let the guns go walkies. Although here, it’s about how lax gun laws allow people to buy weapons easily and sell them along. See where this is going? It’s a gun control agenda, and the blurb for the video about how laws in the US are “more relaxed”. What the BBC is doing is here is actively supporting the official White House version of events, providing propaganda for the ATF scheme. In case that wasn’t enough, the BBC did a separate full piece on that agent as well. Good public value for the license fee, eh? One has to ask, though: just how much does this BBC reporter really know about it?

In any case, here’s that example of the BBC helping out with a bit of White House propaganda on the scheme. They report this minor incident, yet suppress so much important news. Agenda? What Agenda?

It’s a given that the Left would like guns to be outlawed entirely, and that their goals are to have the strictest gun control laws possible. Indeed, the Left has been pressuring the Obamessiah Administration to get tougher on guns practically from the time He took office. Yes, another Leftoid complaint about another missed opportunity to force legislation they like without having to soil their hands and deal with Republicans when they had a super-majority. The same people who now demand bi-partisanship and working together, and frown at Tea Party intransigence. But I digress.

Long before He even ran for Senator, the President was on the board of the Joyce Foundation (what a shock: He threw some money their way this year), which has long been an advocate of banning guns. He also came from the notorious political machine of Chicago, which is one of the stricest places in the country. One cannot even own a handgun or automatic weapon within the city limits. In short, He has history on this.

Fast forward to March of this year, when this scandal was a mere blip on the radar in the mainstream media, and not many people were talking about this being something other than what the White House said it was. Jim Brady (Reagan Press Secretary permanently severely disabled when he took a bullet when that President was shot) and his wife, both leading activists with their own foundation, met with current Press Secretary (husband of BBC Washington correspondent Katty Kay’s friend and business partner) Jay Carney to pressure the Administration about getting a move on enforcing more gun control laws. During the meeting, the President Himself walked in, and was also asked to reassure them that strictest gun control was high on the Administration’s agenda. Apparently, it was. Only not publicly.

“I just want you to know that we are working on it,” Brady recalled the president telling them. “We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.”

He knew. The President Himself knew about the whole thing, and no mistake. To borrow from Sandy Toksvig in a way she’d absolutely hate, He puts the other “u” in “gun control”. This is the Washington Post, ladies and gentlemen. There’s no way at least one Beeboid doesn’t know about this.

The dots begin to connect. When ex-ATF boss Melson was testifying before Congress about all this a while back, he said quite a bit more than the BBC let on. Among those “mistakes” he talked about were incidents where ATF agents were ordered to step aside and not bust gun traffickers. Which allegedly is what the whole scheme was about. And he didn’t mean ordered by him, either. Melson also said that one reason given to him – the head of the agency, remember – was that some of these people were working as informants for other agencies. Which means that this is so not just about the ATF. The FBI is involved, and the DEA is involved. All three agencies had to know in order to give such an order. This is bigger than the BBC is letting on.

Sen. Darrell Issa, on the other hand, who led the Congressional investigation into this whole thing in the first place, knows exactly what’s going on. The ever-faithful Washington Post claimed that the Administration told Issa all about it last year, and that he had no problem with it. Even the WaPo admits his aides say they didn’t give him any actual details, and Issa says they didn’t tell him any details at all. In fact, he still has questions about just how high up this goes, considering all the agencies involved and orders coming down from on high to the head of the ATF. Part of Melson’s testimony was to Issa privately, with Melson’s own attorney instead of the Government guys. Issa says there’s more to this that he knows about but can’t say until the Administration releases more documents. Melson says Attorney General Eric Holder is stalling. I wonder why? The BBC is uninterested.

Now, officially, the Obamessiah Administration says that this was a failure, an “oops”, and that neither Holder nor the President knew. That’s the story the BBC presents, without the slightest hint of anything else. That’s why Melson and the AZ guy got the boot, right? So why are some of the people busted by the ATF as part of this operation getting deals to cut their prison sentences way down? This includes – Hello! – the New Mexico mayor busted for arms dealing as reported in that BBC propaganda piece story about the ATF’s success in their mission that I mentioned above. Worse than that, why were the top three supervisors of the whole thing given promotions a couple weeks ago. Some “botched operation”. I wish I had made such successful mistakes.

Does this smell bad enough yet? Plenty of information out there, and the BBC is utterly silent, simply reporting the mainstream, President-supporting media take on it, which parrots the official line. In Melson and the AZ man, they found their scapegoat. Holder can pretend he didn’t know. And as we’ve already seen, the President knew. Lastly, here’s one of the ATF internal emails Issa released, where the Asst. Director of Field Operations, Mark Chait, says this:

Bill – can you see if these guns where purchased from the same Ffl and at one time. We are looking at anecdotal cases to support a demand letter on long gun multiple sales.

“Bill” is William Newell, the AZ guy who just got “re-assigned”. What a shock.

In the end, this Operation Fast and Furious was a scheme hatched at least near the very top, and was authorized by the President and the Attorney General, all with the goal of getting people killed so they could push their gun ban agenda. And the BBC is a willing accomplice, following that agenda, unquestioning.

Don’t trust the BBC on US issues.


Did you see the BBC running with the faux outrage from the usual suspects that it could take..gasp..almost another HUNDRED YEARS before UK women managers are paid the same as their male colleagues? Here’s the link. I heard a comrade on from the Trade Unions on saying that at least they were fighting the good fight for equality in the Public Sector but those evil males may still be earning more! I was intrigued to read that the author of the report is Lord Davies of Abersoch. He was elevated to the Lords by Gordon Brown and worked alongside Peter Mandelson. So, no hint of bias there. Leftists love to whinge about the imagined pay discrimination in the work place, suggesting that employers are intrinsically sexist and discriminatory. We’re not. But we base salary on experience, continuity of employment and competence. That. of course, flies in the face of the utopian logic employed by Lord Davies and willingly lapped up by the BBC.


So, let me see if I get this right. When some Irish Gypsies decide to go ahead and build despite planning permission, and the Council moves to evict them, the question we must ponder is; “Does evicting people from the largest traveller site in England amount to ethnic cleansing?” Thus ponders Jeremy Vine. And we should also note that BBC sympathy for the “Travelling Community” in this situation  is shared by luminaries such as Vanessa Redgrave and what the BBC terms “activists from Sweden, Italy, Belgium and France.” There was an interview with Basildon Councillor Tony Ball (link is broken for some reason) on the BBC this morning and one cannot help but feel that the BBC entirely sympathises with those Irish Gypsies concerned and has contempt for the Council and the ratepayers of Basildon. I wonder why?


The BBC has been running with Saint Vince’s latest diatribe against the evil banks. Don’t get me wrong, as a businessman I have plenty of dealings with banks and they are certainly no angels but to suggest, as the BBC repeatedly does, that they are the source of all evils is malicious and playing into the Labour copybook. Anyway, the BBC invited CBI Director-General John Cridland onto the Today programme today and Evan Davies decided that rather discuss the issue of banking regulation he would instead assault the integrity of the CBI itself, suggesting on several occasions that it was a/ A mouthpiece for the banks and b/Divided against itself. I thought Mr Cridland did quite well in response but it was the sheer inappropriateness of the line of questioning that appalled me. Give it a listen here and you will know what I mean. The BBC still rejects the complicity of the Labour Government in bringing about the financial meltdown and instead chooses to assault the banks and anyone who dares defend them.


The BBC has been hyping up the lack of houses in England. But what could possibly be the cause?

A Biased BBC observer notes;

“Personally I thought it might be connected to the couple of million immigrants that have flooded into this country….cleary not as the BBC didn’t think it relevant to mention immigration as a factor at all. What do I know though….I should have listened when the campaigners told us that the problem wasn’t the number of immigrants demanding to be housed but that we weren’t building enough houses. The number of immigrants is not a problem.

The problem with all these foreign prisoners filling our prisons to overflowing is not the number of prisoners but that we don’t build enough prisons. The number of criminals and crimes is not a problem.

If you want to be blunt you should ask just how many murders, rapes, muggings, robberies, frauds and thefts have been committed by immigrants allowed into this country by Labour’s open door policy. When a Labour politician or a BBC home affairs correspondent tells you that immigration is beneficial to us think about that…think about the NHS, schools, housing and the welfare system and ask if they are sustainable under the current immigration policies when nearly 500,000 foreigners turn up wanting to be housed, fed and their kids schooled and treated by the NHS annually.

Clearly not. Mass immigration means the end of the welfare state. Labour likes to claim it created the welfare state…..it is Labour that has killed it.”


A Biased BBC obeserver notes the State Broadcaster rushing to defend the honour of single mums ‘stigmatised’ by Tory politicians as having caused the recent riots.

Joint BBC/Guardian effort (as with Toynbee and her class war piece).
Colin Paterson talks to the singer Jamelia.
Jamelia presents a show on single mothers.
Jamelia talks to the Guardian.

Jamelia actually supports the notion of the ‘family’ but falls into the BBC ‘think’ of not wanting to judge single mothers…..in this she makes the second mistake by lumping all single mothers together….because the mothers being ‘stigmatised’ were one particular type, those who not only had many children by different fathers but also didn’t bother to control or teach them anything.

The riots were not blamed on single mothers but irresponsible parents as a whole were criticised, but it was mostly irresponsible politicians, liberal social activists and certain media types who were finally challenged on their policies and blamed for the riots.

Jamelia’s final words told us everything about the intentions of the programme…not a gritty honest examination of single motherhood warts and all but a plea not to judge, not to condemn bad behaviour, not to demand better behaviour.

‘What single mothers deserve more than anything else in the world is respect.’

Wasn’t that precisely the attitude that produced the riots? You can do no wrong….you have a hard life and so cannot be condemned for your behaviour….you deserve more regardless as to whether you have worked for it or not.

But look what else Jamelia says essentially blowing her liberal emotional argument out of the water with her own real life observations:

‘Absent fathers, she believes, are the reason many teenage boys go off the rails – there’s no strong male to keep them on track. ” If my brothers had had positive male role models around, people who looked out for them, they wouldn’t have got into trouble. I believe that 100%,”

During the riots, one middle-aged Afro-Caribbean woman told a television crew: “This would never happen in Jamaica.” Jamelia agrees. In Jamaica, there’s a very strict moral code, which is quite Victorian. Grandparents look after the children a lot because Jamaicans are very family-oriented. “I do think parents have been too liberal.”


Here’s a retweet from the BBC’s Nicky Campbell. I wonder WHY the BBC stalwart would seek to retweet this particular essay on the Texas politician who may well become Obama’s opponent? A pre-emptive strike so early? Hat-tip to Biased BBC reader Keith!     

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