Labouring under an Illusion

This heartfelt comment by Jarwill101 on the Open Thread deserves a main post. I liked it, and I’m taking the liberty of reproducing it here. Hope that’s okay.

“Yvette Cooper’s nauseating admission, ‘We got things wrong over immigration’, has to be challenged. No, Yvette, credit where credit’s due, given New Labour’s avowed policy, as revealed by speech writer, Andrew Neather, you got things right over immigration. You wanted to obliterate the Brtish nation state as rapidly as possible & mass immigration was your weapon of choice. And the beeboids filled the atmosphere with an enveloping, rainbow-tinted iCloud of touchy-feely propaganda to speed the transformation on its way.
Never mind the quality of the incomers, forget their, very often, utter unsuitability, their arrogant refusal to integrate, their immediate reliance on benefits, their propensity for criminality/terrorism. Our towns & cities are now descending into the Second World, a volatile, crowded, violent waiting-room, before the descent into the Third. Places like Tower Hamlets/Haringey should be the jewels in Yvette’s papier-mache crown. You, Yvette, & your cultural Marxist destructors have ensured that there will never be a harmonious society in this country again. Your job is done, don’t be self-effacing about it. Step out into our wonderful, ‘diverse’ streets, especially at night, rejoice in the ‘enrichment’. Perhaps a kindly passerby will help you count the holes in you face, help you into the ambulance.
I’ll wave to you from the river, upon which the indigenous people, & the hard-working, law-abiding immigrants, have been sold down in exchange for the advancement of your own worthless, traitorous little soul.”

I would just add though, that the Labour Party’s immigration mea culpa still avoids confronting their most treasonous ‘mistake’. As far as I’m aware, the type of immigration that they own up to ‘getting wrong’ is the, cheap labour, job-undercutting type, the hardworking Polish builder, and the Eastern European economic migrant. They serve as a scapegoat for the resentment many people feel over the other kind of immigration. The kind that dare not speak its name, the immigration that is fundamentally at odds with British values, the immigration that really undermines our way of life.


The BBC has been hyping up the lack of houses in England. But what could possibly be the cause?

A Biased BBC observer notes;

“Personally I thought it might be connected to the couple of million immigrants that have flooded into this country….cleary not as the BBC didn’t think it relevant to mention immigration as a factor at all. What do I know though….I should have listened when the campaigners told us that the problem wasn’t the number of immigrants demanding to be housed but that we weren’t building enough houses. The number of immigrants is not a problem.

The problem with all these foreign prisoners filling our prisons to overflowing is not the number of prisoners but that we don’t build enough prisons. The number of criminals and crimes is not a problem.

If you want to be blunt you should ask just how many murders, rapes, muggings, robberies, frauds and thefts have been committed by immigrants allowed into this country by Labour’s open door policy. When a Labour politician or a BBC home affairs correspondent tells you that immigration is beneficial to us think about that…think about the NHS, schools, housing and the welfare system and ask if they are sustainable under the current immigration policies when nearly 500,000 foreigners turn up wanting to be housed, fed and their kids schooled and treated by the NHS annually.

Clearly not. Mass immigration means the end of the welfare state. Labour likes to claim it created the welfare state… is Labour that has killed it.”