This Just In From The BBC

In a series of incidents last night, a drawing room was severely damaged.

Our reporter at the scene :

“Well, I can tell you this morning that this drawing room has been almost totally destroyed. The china cabinet has been destroyed and its contents smashed, all the furniture looks as if it’s been sat on by something heavy – even the doors are smashed off their hinges. Witnesses have spoken of scenes of mindless violence. It almost looks as if some large animal had been in here wrecking everything …” (noises of trumpeting and cries of ‘it’s coming!’) … “I’m afraid I have to go now because the situation looks dangerous.”

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4 Responses to This Just In From The BBC

  1. cjhartnett says:

    The suspect is believed to be pachyderm-related…although we of course are not only colour blind to any “racial” epiphets, and will not smear the whole “big grey things with trunks” community…who have enriched all our lives as they bless us with their presence.
    Whether African or Indian in their roots, they have found a home in our welcoming community…so we at the BBC will not name the monochrome Babar in the room with the pastel checked waistcoat and a spliff somewhere handy!


  2. davejan says:

    that what happens when you visit prescotts flat


  3. cjhartnett says:

    Am pleased now that the bullshitting BBC will soon be putting Palmers Green etc on a par with Syria, Bahrain and Zimbabwe at the current rate!
    Might get some local knowledge from the “street level reporters” as opposed to drugged out PollyAnna Toynbees that infest the media, and continue to sniff their own Jimmy Choos and tell the rest of us that we`re wrong or unenlightened.
    Just as the Met is some centralised croissant and lingerie shop-so the BBC will be getting decentralised…otherwise we`ll continue to be given the liberal slop bucket and suggestion boxes tipped nastily over our collective heads!


  4. Span Ows says:

    tsk, tusk, we didn’t see it hidden behind that trunk.