BBC’s Cutting-Edge Arts Commentator on the Arab Spring

There’s an article on Harry’s Place entitled “BBC and Guardian profile Latuff.

That’s Carlos Latuff the cartoonist.

The cartoonist who has been working on behalf of those involved in the Arab Spring. Cartooning by demand so to speak.

It must be his vivid interpretation of their passions rather than his drawing ability that makes him so popular with his fans.

“The Guardian describes him as the “Voice of Tripoli” because of his cartoons relating to the Libyan uprising.”

I ran the BBC’s Portuguese page through Google translate. It’s easy, and worth a try.

He’s a Twitter enthusiast, the BBC tells us.

“On Twitter, Latuff calculates Arabs have more followers than Brazilians. The friends you make on the Internet to help you translate the messages of his cartoons into Arabic.

Latuff is mobilized from other causes. It is the militant Palestinian cause, the subject of many of his cartoons, and live out for conflicts in other parts of the world – this month, did work on the protests in London and on the famine in Somalia, for example.”

Says Google Translate, helpfully. It’s that “militant Palestinian cause” again. Just another casual, indifferent BBC observation.

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24 Responses to BBC’s Cutting-Edge Arts Commentator on the Arab Spring

  1. Glen Slagg says:

    So the riots are still “protests” on the BBC’s foreign language services?


  2. George R says:

    Talking about cartoons, Libya, Labour and a BBC presenter:

    “Mac on… Jacqui Smith getting two prisoners to paint her home”

    Read more:–Jacqui-Smith-getting-prisoners-paint-home.html#ixzz1W2HhXBWi


  3. George R says:

    Cartoon for INBBC:

    The Real Suicide Bomb


  4. deegee says:

    Latuff is a superb draughtsman. If he wasn’t his antisemitic filth would never find a publisher.


    • sue says:

      I disagree. I think his drawings are stiff and awkward, I’d give them, say 60 out of 100,  and I thought his stuff is mostly on the internet for people to download.
      “Latuff images available in your profile twitpic (, where the cartoons can be downloaded and played at the pleasure of the protesters.”
      The “leftist unions, and associations of teachers, civil servants and the Federal Courts” that do publish them would probably do so because of their content, however badly drawn they were.  For the *pleasure* of the protesters. *DONT_KNOW*


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    No surprise here.  An heroic champion of the oppressed and most vulnerable, just what the BBC loves most.


  6. VFC says:

    The BBC’S selective rporting, or more appropriately “NOT” reporting.


  7. cjhartnett says:

    Another gun for hire.
    If Israel has cartoonists as good in their cause( and they must have), I doubt that we`d ever see them.
    Back to David Low then-until I see the Israeli equivalent!


  8. Jeremy Clarke says:

    Nice bloke, that Latuff.

    I particularly like his ironic and highly original use of Nazi iconography; one of his main motifs is his ironic and quite brilliantly original idea of co-opting of the Holocaust by depicting Israel, Israelis and friends of Israel as Nazis. Briliantly ironic. Hell, he’s just brilliant, isn’t he?

    Jew-hater? Nah. Just ‘high spirits’.

    I’ll turn the sarcasmometer down a touch.

    Nah. I am not the first to note that The Guardian is heading in a very worrying direction – and even those ‘right-wing’ loons at Harry’s Place are noticing. Indeed, one leftish commentator in that particular parish even suggested that that newspaper had become a de facto facilitator of anti-Semitism. Harsh – but fair?


  9. pounce_uk says:

    If you use the goggle browser it will automatically translate any page from one lanuage to another, Here are some of the cartoons the bBCs feels require airing in which to show how great this bigot is:


    • pounce_uk says:

      And how the bBC feels this greats mans work should be aired.
      Have a look at the whom he feels is behind the riots.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Hey, Mark Mardell told me the US was reluctant to get involved and that the President’s goal was to make this a NATO victory and not led by the US.  He needs to send the White House propaganda to this guy.


      • cjhartnett says:

        We can forgive his student simplifications-being foreign and not getting our culture, unless sent to him in flatpack form by the usual suspects.
        What is not forgiveable is his being used by our media…we surely have people who can draw the truth…like David Low in WW2.
        This is the kind of bloke who wouldn`t dare draw a turbanned suicide bomber or a Muhammad…but wants us to indulge his racist, simplisitic cartoons…truly a caricature of events as I know them.
        For him it`s just a living…and his politics is as ludicrous as those who pay him…just don`t see why we should!


      • Reed says:

        That cartoonist really is a bag of shit, isn’t he.


  10. Cassandra King says:

    As long as the BBC approves of your victim status you can be a bigot, a racist, a fascist, a terrorist, a mass murderer.

    No crime is too awful just as long as the BBC approves of your politics, your hatreds, your prejudice, your bigotry.

    Does the BBC issue ID cards for approved victims? Discount on the licence fee…well muzzies get a 100% discount, their crapita thugs wont be going round a muzzie area will they?

    Life is good when you are BBC approved victim and the BBC is on your side regadless of how evil you are.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Latuff holds the approved thoughts.  That’s all the Beeboids care about.


  11. cjhartnett says:

    We seem to be producing a right bunch of victims aren`t we?
    Jody McIntyre for one…a nasty little blend of entitlement and class warrior-and in a package that adds slop and sentiment in bucketloads.
    I for one would refuse that creep any disability ramps to anything…he`s only likely to sharpen its edges and lob it at the police…or hide fellow troublemakers behind it!
    Besides…it only makes us more vulnerable to Dalek attack I`m told!


  12. George R says:

    For INBBC:

    “World Beck Reveals Restoring Courage Event Changed ‘Last Minute’ Due to Threats”


  13. sue says:

    Latuff responds.
    “Zionist uproar against BBC/Guardian articles about me. They dont want debate, they want CENSORSHIP! How democrats they are..”


    • George R says:

      As Mr Latuff must know, the main censorship associated with cartoons, e.g. the Danish cartoons, come from the Islamic sources he supports, and is accompanied by death threats, riots and fatwas.  He does know the nature of the side he supports.


  14. TooTrue says:

    Terminal, hi. If you are still around could you contact blog administrator All Seeing Eye regarding the 9/11 Question Time? He can’t contact you because e-mail addresses are not visible to the adminstrators.

    You can get to his blog by clicking on his name under ‘Blogs by our writers elsewhere’ and then scrolling down the left hand bar of his blog where you’ll find ‘Send Mail to the Eye’. 

    Thanks, TooTrue.


    • All Seeing Eye says:

      Thanks TooTrue. Good stuff.

      Terminal, yes, please drop a note to David Vance here or to me here. We’d be delighted to hear from you.