Isn’t it inspirational the way the BBC spends OUR cash?

The BBC has used licence fee payers’ cash to buy hundreds of tickets to the 2012 Olympics for staff and guests, writes Jon Coates. Despite receiving press passes for its army of commentators, cameramen and production crew, it has bought 430 tickets, an average of about 27 for every day of the Games. Matthew Sinclair, director of ­campaign group TaxPayers’ ­Alliance, said it was an inappropriate use of public funds. He said: “The BBC shouldn’t be buying tickets to impress corporate contacts at the expense of ordinary licence fee payers, many of whom will have been unable to get their own seats.”

So, is this a proper use of our money?
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4 Responses to THE RACE IS ON..

  1. Beness says:

    In aword NO!


  2. Scrappydoo says:

    Don’t buy a TV license – then you won’t be paying for it all.


  3. cjhartnett says:

    No pistol shooting, no starting guns…what about the air miles and all those `ickle trees and civilians cleared out of Stratford etc…is no-one thinking of Mother Earth and her equally grand sister Auntie Beeb?
    Apparently not when the Great God Sport is involved…Gaia just spins her dream catcher while Nike is flailing testosterone around the cabin, and thinking that he` s a real God like Rooney or Woods!
    Still, must indulge these telly tubbies that have shilled out all our money on bringing yet more drugs and guns into London…the BBC possibly think that there weren`t enough of them during the riots!
    Certainly not enough filming of “bad boys” using them for the archive…”Camerons Summer of Bloodbaths 2011″…
    Couldn`t we divert the Olympic Family to Athens again-they could do with the economic boost I`d imagine!


  4. Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs says:

    Fortunately, I didn’t pay for this as I cancelled my TV Licence some time back, but I have to say: David has provided so much evidence revealing an unsavoury institutional bias within the BBC, for those that say “something must be done”, I say “nothing will be done” until you personally cancel your direct debit. 
    It takes one minute. 
    You, like many others, will have made a difference.