A biased BBC reader notes;

“This morning I sat through 2 showings of a BBC Breakfast report at the Venice Film Festival giving us the low down on the films being released and showcased there. In both reports the BBC showed a clip of George Clooney at a press conference, supposedly there to talk about his film. Did the BBC show clips of him talking about the making of the movie? or the fact that he directed it? No. They showed a 30 second Clooney monologue on why Obama’s a great guy and has a very hard job. WHAT ON EARTH DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE FILM FESTIVAL?”

What indeed?

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13 Responses to THE VENETIAN JOB…

  1. Span Ows says:


    simple: Obama’s an actor; he lives in a fantasy world, Goeorge on Barack is fantasy, what the beeb report is fiction, 


  2. RCE says:

    I saw this too. Boy did I laugh. Clooney says something about Obama being ‘a really smart guy’ or ‘one of the smartest guys around.’

    At about the same time, on R4 there was a trailer for some 9/11 programme-or-other, which (believe it or not!) contains a clip of someone asserting that George W Bush’s reaction made everything worse.

    Speaks for itself.


  3. Frederick Bloggs says:

    I saw this. It was bizarre. Clooney’s comment was a response to someone who asked him if he was going to run for president. So a dumb question in a news conference of a minor film festival gets serious airtime. I think the beeboids find this amusing and interesting. The rest of us think WTF?!


  4. jazznick says:

    Obarmy is SO brilliant he is presiding over the collapse of his country.

    ‘Is it coz he is kak ?’


  5. john says:

    The Beeb may have the greatest propoganda set up since Goebbels, but what good is it doing Obama. Obama was a media/PR creation which succeded for only three years. His star has now waned, the right wing media is landing punch after punch whilst the left wing media is less worshipful by the day.
    Of course, the Beeb will continue their hero worship right up until the Democrats swap Obama for the next left wing icon, but I sense that the rest of the media is gradually moving on.


  6. Cassandra King says:

    Obama is in trouble, deep deep trouble. Its only natural that the BBC is pulling out all the stops to help and assist him. So many facts have been hidden, so much cut out by the BBC censors their coverage makes no sense at all, its like watching a weird ill assorted jumble of nonsense like some crappy B movie cut for daytime viewing.

    The BBC are desperate enough to blame the US meltdown on the Republican party, apparently according to the BBC, unempoyment was caused by congress anf the house for not giving Obama more stimulus cash. Never mind the facts more fantasy eh?

    Pursuing a leftist agenda requires money, lots and lots of money and this is only possible at the height of an economic cycle, its what the left everywhere does best, they take over at the height of a cycle, squander all the money and let their political enemies rescue the economy and build it up again just in time for the left to step in with their spend spend spend it all policies.

    Obama took over at the bottom of the cycle for once and the left are bereft, no ideas other than to spend spend spend, they are lost and it shows. This is where the left and right differ, money and wealth has to be earned before it is spent. The left have no idea how to create wealth just how to spend it.

    Well for once the left have taken over and borrowed everything they can possibly borrow, squandered most of it and they need more, they have no idea bow to run a capitalist economy, its a concept they despise. If Obama couldnt create jobs with trillions in stimulus cash just WTF can he do with no stimulus/borrowed money? A one trick pony and the one trick failed so dick head is left scratching his head and removing himself into fantasy land ably assisted by the leftist BBC of course.


  7. Buggy says:

    Clooney was pulling this self-same “a guy who’s smarter than anyone else in the room and who’s really nice and a terrific shag ” BS in the Telegraph a couple of days ago, so he’s obviously got the script down pat.

    Idiot. (Insult fits either him or his hero).


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The BBC focused on the statement about the President because everything is seen thorugh the prism of Him.


  9. Jim Hanson says:

    Obama is in serious political problems in the US. As mad as the public was with Congress during the budget deficit talks, Obama proved himself to be worse than useless. Couple his angry press conference with Boehner telling him to butt out and let the legistator legislate and then he could either sign the resulting bill or veto it and he was made to look a fool.

    Him spouting off about having a laser-like focus on jobs, jobs, jobs and then skeedaddling to Martha’s Vineyard for vaction didn’t sit well.

    Then he came back and tried the transparent ploy of upstaging a long scheduled Republican with his  tedious speechifying to the joint session of Congress blew up in his face when Boehner told him to pouind sand. He — the President of the United states mind you — is now reduced to negotiating with a football league as to what time he can hold his speech. He’s already been pushed out of prime time TV, and in the western half of the coubntry he’ll be giving it when theiir either at work or in rush hour traffic.

    Now his aides are spreading the word he’s not really going to reveal his entire plan, just part of it. Whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. Oh, who am i kidding? we know what it means — he doesn’t have a budget plan — just a plan for more finger wagging, nose in the air, campaigning.

    Meanwhil he has two growing scandals headed at him like runaway freight trains: the Fast and Furious gunrunning insanity on the Mexican boarder and the new scandal involving 500 million dollars squandered on some green boondoggle that was leaking money like a seive when he extended the loans to them. Them being the Democratic fund raisers who owned the company at the time (they seem to have taken their share of the money and bailed on the farce as soon as they got it).

    The press in the states is getting increasingly skittish as his Presidency crashes and burns. If his Thursday speech is a flop, and I fully expect it to be one, they’ll start bailing on him to save what little credibility they have left.


    • john says:

      Jim, that’s a comprehensive summary of the position Obama finds himself in today. Thanks for that, but what a pity all the six figure salary Beeboid journalists appear to be oblivious to what is unfolding in the real world. It will be interesting to see if the BBC eventually fall in line with the rest of the MSM as Obama crashes and burns, or whether their love of the Obama project keeps them onside to the bitter end. My guess is that the BBC will do what lefties always do everytime their ideology fails to deliver in the real world, they’ll turn on Obama with the rest of the feeding frenzy. His failure will be blamed on not enough socialist policy and a sell out to the right.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        I don’t know about that, john.  The Beeboids have too much emotionally invested in Him.  My bet is that Mardell and Co. will protest with their dying breath that He came to redeem the US, but we were unworthy and spurned Him as the Jews did to Jesus.


  10. cjhartnett says:

    These posts tell me all I need to know about the Beeb.
    Today had an “exclusive” with Madonna this morning…and it made the radio 2 news within half an hour.
    She too has made a film I believe…and it would be “awesome” if we thought it good.
    Presumably the “Obama was predicted by the Kabbalan mystics” soundbite she will have had to say, is being kept for just the proper occasion.
    Bless their hearts!…


  11. Jonathan S says:

    shouldn’t George Clooney be married and have kids by now? …is he the new the new Rock Hudson?