There is precious little which gets BBC hearts-a-beating than some good old fashioned Jew baiting. I was reading this report on the comments made by Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan in which he says recognising “Paletine” is an obligation, not just an option. Well, what to expect from a pig but a grunt – but this is where the BBC reports gets more interesting…

The BBC’s Jonathan Head in Cairo says that, while there were no new threats in the speech, it was fiery enough to sustain Mr Erdogan’s reputation as a champion of ordinary people in the Arab world without alarming Arab governments that have resisted change.

Huh? Surely Erdogan’s “reputation” is as avowed hater of Israel, devout follower of Islam, and facilitator of vicious terrorism. Mr Head should stop being coy as to WHY Erdogan is such a “champion” in the Arab world!
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20 Responses to LOVING ERDOGAN

  1. noggin says:

    and they can t wait to get this shower in the EU…
       what could go wrong? 😀


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Hey, if Erdogan means that having a Palestinian State will insure the long-term security of Israel, then by all means let’s call it an obligation.  Although somehow I don’t think that’s why the BBC is presenting him as the voice of stability here.  Is that why he sent his activists on boats in an act of war against Israel, BBC?


  3. George R says:

    Just as INBBC is approving of Erdogan’s Islamising, and anti-Israel action in Egypt, so too on another political front- that of Europe, INBBC  supports Erdogan’s push to get 80 million Muslims into the E.U. and to thereby Islamise Europe and Britain more deeply. 
    “Erdogan The Vainglorious: бей жидов и спасай Россию!”



    • DP111 says:

      Its not just the 80m in Turkey. Turkey also allows millions of Muslims in, as they know they are headed to Europe. I think they also have “no visa” agreeements with Syria and other Muslim nations.  

      In any case, the entire Muslim world will head to Turkey once Turkey is in the EU. That will be the end of the West.

      Then ofcourse we have our staunchly European rulers – the EU, desperately trying to get visa free immigration for Turks, supported as usual by our FO.


      We seem to be ruled by an elite that are not only stupid, but have a death wish.


      • jarwill101 says:

        ‘Death wish’ is correct, DP111, but it is a death that the demented European political class will experience vicariously, for they, wealthy birds that they are, will have flown, literally, before the tidal wave of chaos engulfs the people they purport to represent. How they must loathe us, how they must despise the flawed, but remarkable nation states of Europe. They have a barely-sublimated Bolshevik impulse to destroy the hard won post-WW2 stability that we had. Turkey in the EU? The beeboid mosque will be in raptures.


        • Reed says:

          This is, for me, one of the main arguments for leaving the UE – the ability to properly control our own borders. This is essential, particularly for the small island that is the UK.


  4. George R says:

    Peter Hitchens in Istanbul, a year ago:

    “As David Cameron calls for Turkey to join the EU, PETER HITCHENS on the disturbing picture of growing repression at the heart of ‘Eurabia'”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1299213/Peter-Hitchens-disturbing-picture-growing-repression-heart-Eurabia.html#ixzz1XsD4NiUd


  5. John Horne Tooke says:

    “..Mr Erdogan’s reputation as a champion of ordinary people in the Arab” So the BBC don’t hate populism as long as its not:

    “..anti-Islamist populist Geert Wilders.”


    Its all in the language “champion of ordinary people”  is populism. but sounds much better.

    The BBC are masters when it comes to propaganda.


  6. john says:

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    As I am not a 12 year old, I do not have a solution “solution”.
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  7. Cassandra King says:

    The road to war has begun, the warmonger Erdogan is fanning the flames of the next conflict and the BBC is right in there helping him.

    Jus another hate filled bigot, a racist thug, a typical islamfascist and the BBC just loves him. No critics allowed, no other point of view allowed, just typical BBC fawning adulation. We can see clearly what is coming, war a terrible war, a war which the forces of islamofascism will never give up on no matter how many lives are lost, the dream of exterminating the Jews, the dream of a caliphate led by islamofascist Turkey. Already the wheels are turning, Jews and Christians and secular Turks are being trodden on, the persecution begins.


  8. Philip says:

    All you need to know about Hamas-supporter Taqiyya Tayyip at the blog..


  9. Andrew says:

    Slightly related – I’m just waiting how long it takes the BBC to pick up on this aspect


    It seems our old friends at the UNHRC have issued a statement countering the conclusions of the Palmer Report, namely the legality of the blockade.  I don’t suppose it will be long before the BBC are all over it.

    It took a while to get there but I see our old friend Richard Falk was involved.  I remember blogging at the time of the Turkel Commission report how the Today programme had Falk on the show and introduced him as though he was the press office staffer on duty when the BBC happened to call, thereby giving the impression he was speaking with the full authority of the whole UN.  What they didn’t let on was that Falk has history on Israel as do pretty much all of the UNHRC given the number the fact they never pass up a chance to stick the boot in on Israel.

    This current statement from them simply rehashes old narratives that have been successfully challenged.

    The BBC’s stick it to Israel department will love it.


  10. George R says:

    “As David Cameron calls for Turkey to join the EU, PETER HITCHENS on the disturbing picture of growing repression at the heart of ‘Eurabia'”

    (by Peter Hitchens in Istanbul, 2010)

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1299213/Peter-Hitchens-disturbing-picture-growing-repression-heart-Eurabia.html#ixzz1Xulw7wj8


  11. dave s says:

    I must admit to being fascinated by Turkey. It seems to me that serious analysis of the situation is absent from our media.
    Has Turkey given up on EU membership? Could well be.
    Is all this sabre rattling by Turkey designed to counter Iranian attempts to speak for the Islamic ME?
    Is there a growing problem with the Kurds?
    Is Turkey determind to have a large share in the energy finds in the eastern Med.?
    Is Turkey a Nato member in name only ?
    Is Erdogan really ensuring the Turkish army is out of the picture as guardians of Attaturk’s legacy?
    What is really going on?
    We could do with some serious reporting from our well funded state media.


    • Geoff Watts says:

      I was just in Instanbul. All this talk of radical Islam in Turkey is utter paranoid BS from people who haven’t been there, haven’t spoken to Turks, don’t know what they are talking about and see the word Islam and run screaming hysterically for the hills.
      Firstly most Turks aren’t interested in joining the EU. Why would they? Their economy grew 8.8% in the last quarter. Europe barely showed any growth at all.
      They have a very young workforce and massive internal infrastructure projects. What woudl they get from joining the EU? Their workforce drained off, which will hit their economy. 
      There is an article to be done about Erdogan and what is long-term political objectives are – and don’t look to Iran for that, but China.
      Turkey and Iran have always competed for political influence over the region, both see themselves, and always have, as regional powers. Look what Turkey did immediately following the end of the CIS and its moves with regards to the central asian republics. 
      If beating up Israel a bit is what is needed, Erdogan will do it. But actually relations underneath the public gestures are as strong as they ever were between Turkey and Israel. It is political gesturing.
      As for that article by Peter Hitchens, what utter and total tosh. I see more burqas in London than I do in Turkey. Yes there are a lot of mosques and yes you hear the Muezzin’s call. But you see a lot of “dagger shaped” church spires in England and hear competing bells calling the faithful to prayer – in fact it is worse, they chime every 15 minutes to remind you that the church is there, Muezzins only call five times a day.
      Turkey’s interests lie as a bridge between Europe and Asia with a foot in each camp – a role it has played throughout its entire history.  Hitchens article is an ill-informed, biased, highly-selective piece of mis-reporting, otherwise known as a Daily Mail article.


  12. Will says:

    The BBC report Erdogan’s wanting

    ” Freedom and democracy and human rights must be a united slogan for the future of our people.”

    but fail to point out how that conflicts with the intention of the Palestinian leaders he supports

    “The Palestine Liberation Organization’s ambassador to the United States said Tuesday that any future Palestinian state it seeks with help from the United Nations and the United States should be free of Jews”