There is precious little which gets BBC hearts-a-beating than some good old fashioned Jew baiting. I was reading this report on the comments made by Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan in which he says recognising “Paletine” is an obligation, not just an option. Well, what to expect from a pig but a grunt – but this is where the BBC reports gets more interesting…

The BBC’s Jonathan Head in Cairo says that, while there were no new threats in the speech, it was fiery enough to sustain Mr Erdogan’s reputation as a champion of ordinary people in the Arab world without alarming Arab governments that have resisted change.

Huh? Surely Erdogan’s “reputation” is as avowed hater of Israel, devout follower of Islam, and facilitator of vicious terrorism. Mr Head should stop being coy as to WHY Erdogan is such a “champion” in the Arab world!