BBC Censorship: "Spot The Missing Book Report" Editon

A few days ago, the media got wind of a new unauthorized biography to come out about someone who holds no public office, is not running for one, and had virtually no public profile until 2008. There were a couple of personal scandalous allegations, and the media turned into the usual shark feeding frenzy, including the BBC. That private citizen is, as we all know, Sarah Palin. The BBC reported that her husband wasn’t pleased with the allegations.

Sarah Palin’s husband Todd attacks biography for ‘lies’

It’s a small mention, but they reported it nevertheless. Notice also that the BBC also rushed to inform you back when this writer had moved in next door to Palin, and then added a follow-up story when she built a fence to maintain her privacy.

Now the media has got wind of a book about someone who does hold a public office and is currently running for re-election, but similarly had virtually no public profile before 2008. This book describes infighting and incompetence in that public official’s administration. The media is about to leap into a frenzy, and it’s troubling that public official enough to launch a strong response, and some of the administration officials quoted in the book are, like Todd Palin, not pleased with the allegations. The BBC has not reported this. Of course, that’s because this book is about the President.

Apparently, He has the one minor quibble with His performance:

“I think one of the criticisms that is absolutely legitimate about my first two years was that I was very comfortable with a technocratic approach to government … a series of problems to be solved.

And He also compared Himself to Jimmy Carter:

“Carter, Clinton and I all have sort of the disease of being policy wonks. … I think that if you get too consumed with that you lose sight of the larger issue.”

Oh, and apparently the White House was a sexist old boys’ club where women felt excluded and ignored. How’s that hopey-changey stuff workin’ out for ya, BBC?

More media coverage here and here, so you know the Beeboids know about it, and that it’s a story they would cover if it didn’t make Him look bad.

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7 Responses to BBC Censorship: "Spot The Missing Book Report" Editon

  1. ltwf1964 says:

    “And He also compared Himself to Jimmy Carter:”

    that sentence on its own speaks vlumes about the man

    comparing yourself to a clueless failure with no hint of irony whatsoever……

    as I said before,we must be thankful that bBC propagandising will carry no weight in the US elections……the people know all too well how much of a failure obama is,and will no doubt vote accordingly-no matter what Mardell spews out in his propaganda pieces laughingly described as reporting


  2. Craig says:

    Some U.K. news sources are reporting on the revelations in the book, such as the Independent and the Daily Mail. The Huff Post has it now too.   
    Searching the BBC News website for Ron Suskind brings up no results, of course, for the new book. However, it does show that the BBC paid a lot of attention to Suskind’s 2004 book describing the inner workings of the Bush administration.   
    How times change!


  3. Martin says:

    The BBC ignored the scandals around Obama, be it the terrorist links, the dodgy land deals and his links to ACORN who of course were part of the lefty alliance that promoted the home loans to the poor that in turn ended up helping to cause the mess the US economy is now in.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      And Gunwalker and Solyndra, and now LightSquared.  All of it either not His fault or simply non-existent.  But the geniuses at the BBC do think it’s important to do a story on how some sadsacks have moved to a cell-phone free area near a government radio telescope because they’re “sensitive” and suffer terribly from radio waves when they’re wearing a tinfoil hat.  I only made up the part about the  tinfoil hat.  The rest is a real BBC story, your license fee hard at work.


      • John Anderson says:

        Solyndra is a major story,  has been running well over a week getting worse and worse,  but still no mention by the BBC.  (Googling Solyndra gets two-and-a-half million hits)

        Snapshot of Solyndra = Bush administration refuses to gove $550,000,000 (half a BILLION!) loan guarantee to an obscure firm making solar panels,  the Obama administration then approves the deal even though it was clear that the firm’s business model was very fraught,  Obama pays a high-profile visit to the California site,  later on the loan arrangements are altered in an unusual manner so that when the company collapses (and the FBI are sent in) the public stays on the hook for the loan guarantee whereas other investors are promoted to first in the queue for anything left after the debacle.   One of those investors is a firm run by a major Obama fundraiser – who visited the White House at least 4 times.   The disaster was not just an internal matter for the Dept of Energy – the White House was monitoring (pushing?) things all along the line.

        If that doesn’t have the whiff of major scandal – what does ?   Hearings in Congress have already started.

        Oh – and the case has revealed that Obama’s crazy make-work policy for “green industries” is costing about $300,000 per job created.

        Big financial scandal,  direct links to the White House and Obama himself,  including his campaign funding,  clear case surely of “crony capitalism” or Chicago-style “Pay-to-Play”,  also shows stupidity of much of the other green-industry support.

        So of course the BBC is steeering clear of it !   Or maybe Mark Mardell and Richard Black are squabbling over who gets the first bite?


        (The business model for Solyndra,  a fairly low-tech firm, was to make panels for $6 and sell them for $3.   In competition with the Chinese.  Their underlying problems were being mentioned in the press for at least 2 years.)


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          The BBC did mention Solyndra a couple times, but censored the President’s close connection to the main investor, as well as censoring news of the fact that the White House fixed it so that the investors (remember when He didn’t like investors and called them “speculators”?) would get any money back first, and to hell with the taxpayers who had over $500 million redistributed to the company.

          The BBC has also censored the news that apparently the people behind the project knew that the Chinese had come up with a cheaper way to manufacture the panels – while they were still building the plant.

          Other news censored by the BBC:  The Solyndra folks previously approached the Bush Administration for the money, and were turned down because Bush’s people smelled a boondoggle.  The Obamessiah’s crack team, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to shovel taxpayer money over to them, even though the President knew that this was a sham.

          And we’re going to hear more of the same about LightSquared.  Only not from the BBC, as they’ve been censoring that news as well.  Meanwhile, they spend your tax money (in the form of government funding for the World Service, at least) to send very, very young Beeboids around the US, creating gigantic carbon footprints, to do cute human interest stories and features on trendy topics

          There is basically no reason to view the BBC as a serious news organization when it comes to the US.


  4. Margo Ryor says:

      As we can see from the fate of Hilary’s candidature the Left doesn’t really like ‘strong women’ – even when they’re on their side!