Asher and Yonatan Palmer
A 25 year old Palestinian Dad is driving home with his baby son in the car when both are cruelly murdered by Jews throwing a large rock into their car. Can you imagine the publicity the BBC would afford such a story? It never happened, of course, but THIS did. Was this savagery, to borrow a term used by Galloway towards me the other day, another example of Palestinian outreach? Why the lack of any BBC coverage? Don’t the lives of these human beings count? Don’t they merit our attention – or would doing so spoil the Palestinians as most oppressed people ever narrative. You tell me.
Hat-tip to Martin.

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23 Responses to WHAT ANTI-ISRAEL BIAS?

  1. john in cheshire says:

    David, judging by the report, even the Israeli government tried to cover up what actually happened. What on earth is affecting our ruling elite; they all seem to have been afflicted with the same, love a muslim, disease?


  2. David vance says:


    I fear so – the effortless dhimmification.


    • Pirran says:

      Shhhh dhimmi…..Just take your virtual beheading and clean the sewers like a good boy. Otherwise our Great Beebs Mullah’s will punish us….Ahh, yes, may I grovel in subservience to your wise contempt for our very being, oh Mufti Marr…..


  3. Philip says:

    And even, assuming they might cover it – they would no doubt dismiss it as a one off.


    Which it isn’t – they did it again yesterday – luckily, the child involved this time only had his face smashed in.


  4. Philip says:

    ..and John in Cheshire – you’re correct, police did try to cover it up because they didn’t want a riot while Bibi was in NY.  
    Another interesting angle on this is the fact that when the attempts go wrong and the attackers are bested by the car passengers or their vehicles – the Pallywood machine swings into action, berating those evil Joooz and their car attacks.  
    A line which al-Beeb falls for every time –  as can be seen in an example of the only time you’ll ever see them reporting on car stoning in Judea and Samaria: Note the headline in the lower half of the article.


  5. London Calling says:

    Jeremy Hardy managed this joke on Saturday’s “Leftwing Comics at Lunchtime” Radio 4 show. Explaining why London Borough of Southwark had cancelled Guy Fawkes Night – a precaution against “firing off a few rockets and then finding themselves being bombed flat by the Israeli Airforce in retaliation”

    Sort of a “David and Goliath” joke, only roles reversed


    • ltwf1964 says:

      unbridled hilarity……

      or something


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      a precaution against “firing off a few rockets and then finding themselves being bombed flat by the Israeli Airforce in retaliation”  

      All for a a bit oe edgy humour, but don’t the ‘rockets’ that get used in the ME have a bit more in the warhead than some sparklers and plastic whizzers?

      Can’t wait to see how his next gig in Hiroshima goes down given his unique intepretations and sensitivities. 

      Or would that be… different?


      • My Site (click to edit) says:

        Also noting that a Beeboid seems to be admitting that there are folk firing off offensive weaponry, against which the reaction is to prevent repetition by the only practical means possible.

        What… is wrong with that?

        Or in the BBC mindset is ‘proportionality’ allowing yourself to be attacked without any reaction?


  6. sue says:

    I do think we should see as many images of those stone-throwing youths as possible, but I don’t hold with using emotive pictures of injured children in the propaganda war, and I’d much prefer them to  stop using the Pallywood ones altogether, than start using images of injured Israeli children such as this, in a sort of tit for tat competition for sympathy.
    The picture of baby Hadas Fogel is another unbearable image.
    However, we are where we are.
    Slightly OT, but related, I avoided Peter Oborne’s anti-Blair episode of Dispatches on C4 last night concerning the alleged conflict of interest between Mr. Blair’s role as the Quartet’s Middle East peace envoy and his private business. However I accidentally caught the part that entailed a jaunt to ‘Palestine’ in which Oborne pointed out some bad things about Jewish settlements, and spoke to a Maris Piper in a headscarf about a conveniently timed arson attack on her olive trees (no goats in sight) while wearing a fashionable sleeveless gilet that cleverly minimised his beer gut.

    Something happens to Oborne when it comes to Israel and Jews. Like a werewolf baying at the moon, his whole being is suffused with a supernatural aura. His tiny eyes glitter and his face looms nearer and nearer to the camera, as, jowls trembling, as he barks himself into an apoplectic frenzy.
    Because of that, I can’t remember what he was saying.
    All I do know is that persuading the world that Tony Blair is an agent for Israel or whatever Oborne was trying to do, will hardly advance the peace process.


    • Biodegradable says:

      “… in which Oborne pointed out some bad things about Jewish settlements, and spoke to a Maris Piper in a headscarf about a conveniently timed arson attack on her olive trees…”

      Ah yes, it’s the season for the perennial olive tree libel:

      The annual “settlers uproot olive trees” libel


      • noggin says:

        goodness that Oborne prog…….was probably 50% Blair 50% anti Jewish lobby, same old tired B/S.  
        REALLY laying it on thick Gaul-loway, would have been proud.  
        he didn t actually say those pesky Zionists rule the world….but not far off.


    • Umbongo says:


      Mrs U and I went to a party down the road last Saturday.  Before we went Mrs U pleaded with me – OK told me in no uncertain terms – not to get involved in a discussion about Israel.  You see, unfortunately, the Oborne tendency is even present here in Muswell Hill.  People of (IMHO) sound political and economic opinions suddenly turn into Julius Streicher when the subject comes up.  Lefty Jews, all LibDems and a few old-line conservatives (many quoting BBC reportage) berate me for defending Israel’s right to exist, let alone its right to a hearing.  Luckily the little “serious” conversation concerned the best way of getting the council to dispose of household rubbish.  Mrs U was very relieved at my good conduct and rewarded me with a generous glass of Glenfiddich when we returned home.


      • sue says:

        I tend to keep my head down, due to instructions much like those you describe. But on holiday I was forced out of isolation into a perilous close encounter with strangers.
        After interminable small talk, the conversation at the table we were sharing turned to something that sounded a bit more interesting.

        The couple (British) had spent considerable time working in Saudi Arabia; the wife had set up a school there, no less, and the hubby was an engineer. They  confided their shock and dismay at the stifling restrictions of the lifestyle, and their fears for their daughter who’d visited them, unwisely togged out in Western dress. Several other religion-based unpleasantnesses were recounted with head shaking and tutting, and they both expressed grave concerns about the regime. Suddenly, the man leaned forward and said conspiratorially, “You know what the problem is.”  We waited expectantly. “Israel. Israel is the problem.”

        How could this be? Was he just another someone whose logical thought process had been amputated by the BBC?
        (We got up and left, quietly. We’d more or less finished eating)

         On another open thread, Pounce described a conversation concerning Israel he’d had with a clerk who had evidently swallowed the whole BBC package, lock, stock and poison. After 30 years with the RAF he should really have known better.
        No matter who you are, or what your lying eyes tell you, there’s still that certain something that overrides logic. The BBC suffers from it, and  perpetuates it in equal measure. IMHO.


      • NotaSheep says:

        You show more restraint than I do. I have been known to explain the truth to people at nearby tables in restaurants!


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The baby was clearly a Mossad agent.  Just look at that smile.  If the Beeboids even knew about this, they probably think he deserved it anyway.  Just like the Fogel family didn’t deserve coverage, right, BBC?  
    The BBC’s editorial policy on Israel is…yada, yada, yada….although the BBC disputes this.


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Not exactly OT, but relevant to the BBC’s attitude towards Israel: Here’s another “Viewpoint” piece which the BBC sourced from one side of the argument.  No prizes for guessing which side.

    Still waiting for a defender of the indefensible to show us one of these on any issue where the BBC got someone from the non-Left/BBC Agenda side.


  9. cjhartnett says:

    Depressing that Israel did not want this story out while Netenyahu was saying his( admittedly fine) piece in New York.
    Another shocker…but being a democratic country, it will come out in the wash.
    Meanwhile Saudi hopes to flog some woman who had the temerity to drive…and the BBC say nothing of any note.
    Hardy makes no jokes about women not getting the vote until 2015 in a limited form…now the likes of him could show how brave and balanced they really were in the service of comedy!
    Safer to have a pop at Israel though…unthinking bigots that leech off the rest of us!


    • NotaSheep says:

      Hardy seems to be a deeply unpleasant person. I am afraid that I will be boycotting any programme he appears on from now on.


      • Reed says:

        I already do. Can’t bear the man. I switch off as soon as I see him or hear his name. Nasty piece of work indeed.


  10. NotaSheep says:

    No coverage of this story on the BBC but the news of new ‘settlements’ in (East) Jerusalem makes the two minute Radio 4 News bulletin. Go figure, as they say!


  11. RGH says:

    East Jerusalem.

    Israel approves 1,100 settler homes in Gilo, Jerusalem


    What the BBC tells us:

    “Gilo lies across a narrow valley from the Palestinian village of Beit Jala. It became a target for militants during the second Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation in 2000.”

    Let’s just look a bit more closely into this ‘Palestinian’ village.

    Is it Muslim?

    No. It is Christian. And look who has been creating great difficulties for the inhabitants.

    “There have been incidents of tension between Christians and Muslims in Beit Jala since the Palestinian Authority took over in 1995. Many Muslim families from Hebron  and other parts of the West Bank moved to Beit Jala and illegally seized privately-owned Christian Arab lands. Christian residents who tried to prevent Tanzim gunmen in Beit Jala from firing at the  Israeli Settlement  of Gilo  were beaten by the gunmen who were also accused of raping and murdering two sisters. There have been reports by Christian women in Beit Jala of being harassed by Muslim men  from the Hebron area.”

    Detail that just shakes the narrative.

    More info:



  12. George R says:

    And the ‘Guardian’:

    How the Guardian Covers Up Antisemitism