When I open the Biased BBC mailbox each morning, there are always really good emails. And then there are the droolings of the moonbats who send me the likes of this;

Elders of Zion

Message*: I realise that British people who are not traitors long ago gave up bothering to read the inane rubbish on your pathetic “Voice of Tel Aviv” website,but is it not time we asked what would have happened if a group of westernised Arabs had “returned” to the ME after a few thousand years and kicked a settled community of Jewish people of their land with the assistance of the sort of Wall Street vermin who have wrecked the global economy twice (1929 and 2008)?
Would the loyal and diminishing band of ignoramic Zionist imbeciles who post on your “Loyalist” (loyal to whom?) grovel to the power of global organised crime be gibbering about their “right to exist”? 

I assume that this series of lunatic mails have been prompted by the fact that this site rightly and persistently flags up BBC imbalance of the coverage of Middle East affairs. So, i just wanted to say to the individual concerned that we shall continue to hold the BBC responsible for how it treats stories from the Middle East and we thank you for your interest.
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  1. james1070 says:

    Nice to read that Jeremy Bowen is a reader and contributor to this site 😛


  2. Pirran says:

    Let’s see…”Jewish Bankers”, “International Jewish Conspirarcy”, “Ignoramic Zionist Imbeciles” and, oh of course, “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.

    I get it now, it’s the Tower Hamlets Book Club.


  3. sue says:

    (See also the first comment on the thread below.)

    “is it not time we asked what would have happened if a group of westernised Arabs had “returned” to the ME after a few thousand years and kicked a settled community of Jewish people of their land…”

    This doesn’t work as an analogy because groups of Arabs, Westernised or otherwise, do kick settled Jewish communities out of their countries.

    So we already know what “would have happened”.   The ignorant/moronic attitude this commenter represents shows exactly why a specifically Jewish state is necessary.


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    And here’s me thinking that being anti-Israel never equates with being anti-Jewish.  Dualty loyalty for thee, but not for me.  The BBC told me that it’s wrong to associate all members of an ethnic group with the acts of a minority subset.  I guess this writer doesn’t listen to the BBC either.  Or maybe he does, seeing as how this attitude jibes with so much of their output.


  5. cjhartnett says:

    I`m only hoping that this characters influence on anybody else does not go far beyond George Galloways postcode(any of them).


  6. Demon1001 says:

    Brilliant.   It shows this site is getting to all those vile creatures who think the BBC are great and that there is a world-wide Jewish/*insert as appropriate conspiracy.   We ought to have a daily competition for most ridiculously stupid letter or post of the day.  This one even makes Dezzie and Scotty appear slightly intelligent. 

    *Bolshevik, Capitalist, Bankers or any other conspiracy of your choice.


  7. Millie Tant says:

    Ignoramic is nothing. We had appeasal the other day. Also villain of the peace  instead of villain of the piece. Mind you, that’s one of those errors that inadvertently give us a potentially useful new phrase.  Not so those who write though instead of thought and you instead of your, e.g. Shut you face!


  8. matthew rowe says:

    Er is anyone able to make any useful insight into this inane horse dangles rant by a true colossus of a moronic berk ? the kind of subnet halfwitted malice filled ‘hater of haters’??lol  who sits out side the spar shop sifting the bins for evidence of the ‘great Jewish conspiracy ‘ please if there is a responsible adult anywhere near this poor soul they should have them looked at by a vet !


  9. Margo Ryor says:

    Anti-Semitism or reflexive anti-Westernism? The reference to ‘westernized’ Arabs makes me wonder.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Nobody who is anti-Western would be freaking out over the dual-loyalty thing. This is an indigenous white English person writing, hence the unhappy “Loyal to whom?” fear. He probably also thinks the BBC is run by Zionists, even though they make the same dual-loyalty accusation, while abjuring the public not to make that charge against Muslims.

      The “westernized” characterization is sort of a fair analogy, though, seeing as how even Jews spent the the last 2000 years stating (in prayer, especially on Passover and the High Holidays) that we’re foreigners waiting to return to a homeland.


      • Margo Ryor says:

          The inclusion of the Roman Catholic Church among the conspirators does tend to confirm that we are dealing with an unfortunately confused person on the right who doesn’t know who the real enemy is.


  10. Barry says:

    “…what would have happened if a group of westernised Arabs had “returned” to the ME after a few thousand years…”  
    Well, for a start, they wouldn’t need to kick “a settled community of Jewish people” out of anywhere because they would have plenty of places to choose from.

    The irony of course is that if they were westernised, they would probably feel more at home in Israel than many of the Arab alternatives.


  11. DJ says:

    Of coruse the real question is this: how come defenders of our genetically-impartial national broadcaster never turn out to be folks who think this website’s position is just too darn harsh on the Jews? How come DV never gets incoherent e-mails accussing him of being just like Hitler? Wouldn’t a truly neutral broadcaster attract kooks from across the spectrum instead of always from the Pink-Red end?


  12. London Calling says:

    When first I started following blogs, I remember reading this piece of wisdom:

    If you are an idiot, it is better to keep silent and at least get the benefit of the doubt, than to rush into print and let everybody know you are.


    • sue says:

      Yes, it’s the best way of advertising your own stupidity. Like tattoos. 🙂


      • Reed says:

        “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.”

        “better to be thought the fool than to speak and remove all doubt”


  13. Reed says:

    Perhaps there should be a weekly Poe’s Law contest. Our host puts up two contributions : one is a real comment from a deranged nutcase, the other a false one composed by one of this site’s regulars. We all have to vote – which is the REAL batshitbonkers one?

    Call it ‘Poe’s Corner’.


  14. John Horne Tooke says: