On Monday David Preiser contrasted the way the BBC reported the Tea Party movement (“a bit strong for our tastes” as R5L’s Peter Allen put it) with the sanitised PR effort it is producing on behalf of Occupy Wall Street. David headlined his piece: “The BBC Loves Left Wing Protest“. No kidding – check out Paul Mason’s tweets of encouragement to the New Statesman’s lefty activist Laurie Penny:

Here are the sort of characters from the Wall Street protest you won’t see on the BBC’s coverage.

The anti-Semitic college graduate. “Why are you fighting with us? Because you got the money, Jewish man… You can’t even speak English. Are you Israeli? Go back to Israel.”

The Jews Control Wall Street Guy versus The White Anglo-Saxon Protestants Own Wall Street Guy.

The angry anti-white know-it-all hippie. “Maybe if we don’t use currency any more, like, that’d be really awesome. Maybe if there’s no currency a lot of products that don’t need to exist wouldn’t exist.”

Imagine the reaction the BBC would have had to such dickheads spouting equivalent bile and idiocy at a Tea Party rally. There would have been a determined effort to portray them as representative of the whole movement. But as we all know, lefty protest movements get rose-tinted BBC coverage.

UPDATE. More video of angry anti-white know-it-all hippie. “Are you a white man? If you’re a white man then shut the fuck up about race because you don’t know shit other than how to rape and kill.”

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26 Responses to OCCUPY WALL STREET

  1. Demon1001 says:

    At least knowing that if you oppose these low-life scum and racist vermin then you must be on the side of decency and honesty.  I too feel that some of these huge corporations need to be looked at but not by ruining the lives of thousands of decent people. 


  2. Grant says:

    Just when you think scum like Paul Mason and the BBC can’t sink any lower , they surprise you yet again……………………


    • Jeremy Clarke says:

      Another Very Important Demonstration attracting all manner of weird and wonderful characters, mostly with differing and often conflicting aims.

      Why are they demonstrating? Well, we’re told that it’s time for ‘change’ and an ‘end to greed’. Huzzah!

      It’s all a little incoherent – a bit like a Tea Party without tea.
      All reported breathlessly by the Beeb and its cohorts, although the Sneer Levels are at lower levels than one might expect from a Tea Party rally.

      Sarah Palin could be really smart and give the demonstration her blessing – the backlash would be amusing.


  3. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Mr. Mason does seem to be taking quite an endearing and enduring interest in young Penny and her ‘reporting’.


    • 1327 says:

      You also just know that it won’t be long before Mr Mason is over there and engaging in his slightly unhealthy interest in those young people and their skinny jeans 🙂


      • D B says:

        Followed by a long weekend at Hotel Nacional in Havana with young Ms Penny, perhaps. “P.Mason and niece”.


        • Grant says:

          Steady on, chaps, what are you trying to imply here ………………..?


          • matthew rowe says:

            Dunno Grant  but that much red thought in one hotel room at one time could seriously damage the fabric of the universe or turn out to be to be  a sad sordid little tryst with all the joy and passion of a School holiday kiss with the creepy English teacher !!


            • Asuka Langley Soryu says:

              No it won’t. It’s going to take years of counselling and handfuls of pharmacopia to dislodge that one. Thanks a bunch.


  4. Jeremy Clarke says:

    “Up the workers! End corporate greed! Smash the rich! Down with the banks!” cried the privately-educated journalist working for the newspaper owned by the Russian billionaire oligarch.


  5. Louis Robinson says:

    The sympathy of BBC producers is with the protesters, hence the censorship of “unhelpful” views as illustrated by DB. It’s called manipulation. Here are some really stupid clever young people – actually nice middle-class mislead kids – expressing themselves. Watch them squirm when confronted with a counter argument.

    By the way, beware the comparing of the Wall Street protesters with Tea Party activists. It is an attempt to legitimize the protesters. The Tea Party lobbies, argues and convinces people using legal methods – rallies and town hall meetings – to move popular opinion. The result was the big swing resulting in the stunning Democratic defeat in the US elections in 2010. The Wall Street (rent-a-crowd) protesters rant – then go home. They are very different sorts of people.

    And finally would the BBC like to explore how the White House has laid the atmospherics for the anti-Wall Street protests? 


    • Geyza says:

      The occupy wall street people should maybe follow suit and organise town hall meetings and stand in elections.  Certainly that is what the Ron Paul supporters in those protests are hoping for.  I accept that there are a wide and strange divergant group and the likes of Fox news are selective on who they cover, as the BBC are selective on who they cover.

      None of the corporate mainstream media are covering those who oppose democrat and oppose republicans and call out the mainstream media as all being the bought and paid for prostitutes of the corporatists that now run Wall Street.


  6. D B says:

    The white-hating hippie “black guy from Brooklyn” reminded me of this scene in Seinfeld.


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Just last night I said that this was going to get violent.  Yesterday, the Unions joined in.  Today:

    ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests Turn Violent When Demonstrators Clash With Police

    The violence comes from the Left.  And the BBC loves it.

    Notice how these people want their demands met instantly, want to control, want to harm, want to destroy.  In contrast, the Tea Party movement didn’t demand anything instantly, didn’t demand access to anything, didn’t clash with police, didn’t occupy anything, and instead went out and engaged in actual democracy.  And with zero to minimal media coverage for months.

    Rather than childish screaming and the use of physical force, we affected local and state-wide elections. That’s what adults do. Yet the BBC treated us as vermin, and instead give these people sympathetic coverage, refusing to acknowledge the difference.

    This is only going to get worse.  I fear for my country.


  8. Sres says:

    The guy with the Nazi placard shouting the Jews own Wall Street, google Wall Street Jews made me laugh.  Google was created by a Jewish bloke (Russian).


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Okay Dez, Scott, Geoff Watts, or any other defenders of the indefensible: show us an example of Paul Mason – or any single BBC employee – tweeting encouragement to another journalist to get out and report on a Tea Party protest.


  10. cjhartnett says:

    Paul Mason hopefully will be off our screens for a while now that the NUJ will be wanting him to picket Mark Thompsons wine cellar in response to the unkindest cuts of all. Those to the BBC.
    Looking at the likes of Jo Brand, Chris Patten and our Mark; there may well be a bit of fat to trim round W11…yet already I can hear the squeals of outrage!
    Still…a bit of empathy in “feeling the pain” might introduce a little genuine outrage if Jocastas civil partners saviour sibling is short of a Bath Bun or two after Prep!
    Take a cleaver to all Current Affairs output.
    Give me the Test Card and Robinson Crusoe instead and I`ll rethink my paying a bit of the licence!


  11. hippiepooter says:

    I struggle to believe that these young people would make the world a better place.


  12. Reed says:

    I admire the elderly jewish man in the first clip for staying so calm and reasonable in the face of such abuse. What we are seeing here is the true face of this so-called demonstration : the spiteful, adolescent petulance of the entitlement brigade. It didn’t take much to reveal the inherently spoilt grievance culture at the root of this gathering. The media, with all of their preconceptions, were more than willing to scratch the surface of the Tea Party gatherings in order to confirm all of their prejudices about that movement. Why the lack of scrutiny regarding this group? There are clearly many prejudices on display here. They’re not even trying to conceal their anti-semitism. Where’s the ‘rage’ over this nastiness on open display?


  13. Andrew says:

    Yeah maybe it would be great if currency didn’t exist so that products that didn’t need to get made wouldn’t get made:

    Just wondering if that list would include Kaffiyeh for Bader Meinhoff wannabes and phones with videos for uploading movies of the little lord fauntelroys of the revolution.


  14. George R says:

    “The wannabe tyrants of Wall Street.
    Disdainful and conspiracy-minded, the protesters claiming to speak for all Americans are acting like teenage despots.”  
    (by Nathalie Rothschild )  


  15. George R says:

    Of course BBC-NUJ’s Comrade MASON is spouting his  Marxim on this at his political fiefdom of ‘Newsnight’, tonight: his usual Marxist diatribe – ‘financial capitalism’ -at the heart of America-impending collapse- an American ‘spring’ – sort of stuff.

    But Comrade Mason, Father of the NUJ chapel at ‘Newsnight’ will NOT mention his politically incriminating ‘tweets’.


  16. London Calling says:

    Gill Scott Heron sang “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”  
    It will be on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.  
    The New Economics of Banking ably demonstrated by Occupy Wall Street protestors here:  

    Do you think it might work?  
    If the BBC is so in love with the protestors perhaps they should operate the TV license on similar principles – a voluntary donation of whatever amount you think its worth, put the money in the plate. More fair than taxing the poor and threatening them with prison if they don’t pay. BBC don’t get the “new economics” do they?