There’s a report on the BBC News website from reporter Naomi Grimley. As it stands there is only a little bit of bias:

“This party conference must almost feel like a vacation for David Cameron after the last few months of frantic activity which saw not just one but two of his summer holidays interrupted by events. He’d been enjoying the Italian sunshine when rioting broke out in London, Birmingham and Manchester…Just a couple of weeks later Mr Cameron was breaking off a holiday again, this time to deal with the fall of Tripoli.”

Note that she neglects to say where he went for his second holiday. Cornwall wouldn’t make him quite sound so ‘out of touch’, would it Naomi?

This, however, isn’t the original version of the report shown on the News Channel on 5th October. It’s a doctored version, with a new bit on Libya and a much longer bit from the PM’s riot speech. That original report appeared at 8.37am on Wednesday and then vanished, never to be seen again.

The reason, I think, is that she went on, “Critics say David Cameron’s own priveleged upbringing makes him look out of touch with those households currently feeling the pinch.

This was followed by her ‘talking head’, Jonathan Freedland of the ‘Guardian’, saying “his class have governed Britain for centuries.”

“Nevertheless,” Naomi concluded, “when he speaks to the conference goers later the prime minister is bound to repeat the mantra that he feels the pain of ordinary voters.”

Not too subtle, that one! No wonder they removed it sharpish. Did someone complain? Or did a BBC editor panic after watching it being broadcast? Sadly, but for obvious reasons, there’s no link for the original report!

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  1. hippiepooter says:

    The BBC must tremble when you’re back to posting Craig!  
    (Then they remind themselves that the Conservative Party is far too supine to act on your stirling monitoring and they relax again and go back to bias as normal.  The Conservative Party would have demanded the dismissal of this patently biased journalist if it was a party that could be taken seriously still).


  2. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ targets Tory FOX, not Lib Dem HUHNE  –
    “Talking to the BBC’s Jon Sopel, Chris Huhne admits briefing against Theresa May… but has he told the whole truth?”  


  3. cjhartnett says:

    I do enjoy these second names we`re seeing on the BBC.
    Grimley…I saw a Wraith discussing the economy the other day and a Panting talking about water shortages to come way back!
    And David Willey worrying about the Pope not condoning contraceptives in Italy.
    That said, Liam Fox is toast after his interview in Libya yesterday…we`re very unlucky to have such a useless bunch of skybloo Toriz.
    Wonder if Norman Tebbit might wish to save the nation.
    The Beeb must pray to their Dawkins every day and give thanx for the incompetence and spinelessness of this crop of clots!