Talk about a sympathetic hearing. You should listen to Sarah Montague’s 8.30am interview with Ali Soufan, “the FBI’s former chief interrogator in the Middle East” who has published what the BBC chooses to call “the fullest inside account to date of the US response to Al-Qaeda” In his book Black Banners, he alleges that the US government lied about how information was gained through torture and describes the tension between the FBI and the CIA. You can see why the BBC would be keen to have him on. Ali went on to point out that “enhanced interrogation” does not work (another BBC meme) and that those wicked Americans encouraged Al Queda by liberating Iraq. Classic one sided stuff from Today as they continue to wage war on the US for daring to wage war on Al Queda. Give the interview a listen if you can bear it.

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  1. cjhartnett says:

    Thanks for the offer David…but listening to Pippi Bluestocking trawling her tattered conscience round the Surestart facilities of NW1 whilst coining it in with our taxes is not going to reveal anything other than her entitlement and privilege are both unearned and temporary.
    Her day trip around the Bradford estate when Shannon Matthews was in the news showed Monty up as a psychic vampire and a moral tourist. She personifies all that Greer was intended to blow out of the jacuzzi…a guilt ridden low grade Social Worker getting paid way above her worth.
    Still…she`s not Libby Purvis!