Given how porous our borders are, you have to admire the bare-faced cheek of  fake Children’s Charity. They were on the BBC this morning to bitch about Government daring to stop and detain children at airports and ports. Spokesman Enver Solomon demonstrates a lamentable lack of wisdom although as ever it is only his point of view that we hear.

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  1. Craig says:

    By the sounds of it, even Sarah Montague couldn’t get her head round why Enver Solomon was making such a fuss about immigrant children being detained for “lengthy periods of time” at airports when it was never for more than 24 hours, and on average just ten hours.

    Solomon just kept repeating the magic word ‘vulnerable’ over and over again (seven times!) to tug at our heart-strings. He may have learned that sort of propagandist technique during the ten years when he was a BBC reporter (prior to working for the Children’s Society, the Prison Reform Trust, Barnardo’s and all the rest)!

    Reading the advert for the Children’s Society dressed up (not very convincingly) as a Wikipedia article inadvertently shows how the Children’s Society does indeed seem to have changed from a charity in the traditional sense of the word into a political campaign group over the last few decades, with its decision to emphasise ‘social justice’ in the 1990s, its campaign to decriminalise prostitution for under-18s, its OutCry! campaign with Bail for Immigration Detainees and its part in the End Child Poverty campaign. It’s perhaps no wonder they get accused of being a fake charity.


  2. LJ says:

    No question as to why people with no visa or means of supporting themselves arrive at the immigration counter with ‘vulnerable’ co-travellers, including children.


  3. Martin says:

    I think we all know why the left WANT lots of unacompanied children to be allowed into the UK. Operation Ore anyone?


  4. Craig says:

    Sarah Montague, 6.11am: “Hundreds of children are being detained at ports and airports by the UK Border Agency, according to documents seen by the BBC. Danny Shaw is our home affairs correspondent and, Danny, these are documents that have come from the Children’s Society and show what?”

    So the Children’s Society passes some documents to the BBC as part of its OutCry! campaign and the BBC duly obliges by making this one of its lead stories, with Danny Shaw coming onto ‘Today’ to tell listeners what the Children’s Society wants them to hear, which he duly did. 

    Does Migration Watch have any figures they’d like to send to Danny & Co.? Wonder which shredder the BBC would put them in?


  5. RGH says:

    Perhaps the BBC should read its own reports.

    According to figures obtained by BBC South East Today 65 children who arrived at Gatwick Airport in Sussex on their own since 2004 have disappeared.
    The figures released after a Freedom of Information request also show that 69 vanished from Kent and 27 from Surrey.
    Social workers say they are doing all they can but campaigners say they fear the children are being trafficked.
    They said more must be done to stop the missing youngsters being forced into domestic slavery and prostitution.”

    A secure setting would be in the interests of these children as clearly criminal elements are networking the movement of many of these ‘children’.


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Whose fault is it that these children are turning up on the wrong end of the law in the first place?  Why is there no blame for the parents who deliberately put their children at risk?


  7. cjhartnett says:

    I can confirm that 910,000 are , as we speak: being involuntarily detained against their will.
    In schools-or fictional terror centres as we at the FukdaFeds cheridee call them-up and down the land; vulnerable young people are learning nothing except how to contact a duty solicitor and whether condoms are best rolled inside out in order to hold the drugs.
    This denial of their right to torch a nearby mall is being compromised by this incarceration, and we here at the cheridee hope you`ll all get yor wristbands and join us all outside St Pauls Chillzone to tell the Beeboids assembled of our campaign to free the Missing Million Young Persons in need of validation!


  8. London Calling says:

    It’s not just “child trafficking” – apart from dumping kids on the UK “for a better life” (for them, not us, who will have to pay for their care)
    I have seen at first hand how kids are being brought to the UK for “Health Treatment”. I was passing through airport security behind what was self-evidently a “mule”. An African women with two young kids, each clearly with some sort of disability. There were passports but I doubt if those kids matched them. They breezed through immigration control without anyone looking closely at the children. They will turn up in a week or two in the care of “an aunt”,needing expensive NHS treatment.
    The World’s Favourite Health Service.


  9. Gerald says:

    I believe it was mentioned that many are unaccompanied!

    It is also a well known ruse to claim that you are under 18, as that changes the rules on how you are “handled”.

    A favourite trick too of our Roumanian street hustlers when they are apprehended with their hand in someones bag, but then its about 10 I think.