I’ll be honest and state my own prejudice. I am pleased that Gilad Shalit is being freed today but I TOTALLY oppose the swap on the simple principle that rewarding terrorism usually ensures you get more of it. But it’s a big day for Israel and also for Hamastan.

I was surprised to hear the BBC refer to Shalit’s five year incarceration as “detention” this morning. Detention, eh? Even after all these years they just cannot bring themselves to admit that Shalit was kidnapped and then held hostage by Hamastan. Nor do they mention that two of Shalit’s colleagues were murdered by the same loathsome Hamas killers.

The BBC also seems a bit coy about the nature of those Palestinian “fighters” being released, almost as if their convictions for terrorism against Israel has no meaning. Similarly, the comment “Those released will return to armed struggle. It is a great national achievement.” by Khaled Mashal, Chairman, Hamas Political Bureau, Damascus, Syria, seems to have been missed by the world class BBC.

The BBC will record the jubilation amongst Palestinians as they celebrate their hatred of Israel and yet I suggest it will do everything possible to sanitise the blood lust on display, I will leave it to you to determine why.

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  1. Martin says:

    Al Bowen was on fine form this morning, I wonder if he’s got a Paul Mason style boner on? All those Muslim men he must be in heaven.

    I did notice though that interviewing some Pali twat he admitted that the people he was coming to see released WERE guilty of assisting suicide bombers.

    Wonder how that computed at the BBC>


    • hippiepooter says:

      I heard him on R5L with his usual subtly skewed ‘impartiality’.

      According to him, Shalit was only partly the reason for Israel going into Gaza in 2008, according to Bowen, the main reason was the ‘wider war between Israel and Hamas’.  No it wasn’t you Jew hating fink, it was because Hamas had been raining thousands upon thousands of rockets upon Israel ever since they handed the Palestinians back Gaza.  It was hoped that finding Shalit would be a by product of this defensive action.  Unfortunately for the civilised world, and fortunately for Bowen and his terrorist friends, he wasn’t.


      • noggin says:

        One very clear observation,
        the very, frail, almost skeletal vision of Mr Shalit emerging, blinking
        with dark sunken eyes.
        Compare that with the unremorseful released murderers from Hamas on tv today.

        says everything……where have we seen jewish people treated like this before?

        gut reaction, i would scud that bus, as soon as it was off the prison grounds


        • noggin says:

          this interview is the one he was made to give before, being
          released from egypt.
          his condition evident, emotionally/mentally stressed, as a hamas operative with uniform is right next to him.

          this is from egypt tv, just read the comments below the clip
          and be very concerned


          • Teddy Bear says:

            Yeah, after you’ve watched that  one, compare it to this one shown by the BBC in which they mute both the interviewer and Gilad so you cannot hear the aggressive tones of the former, and the stress and anxiety of Gilad, who is especially aware fo the Hamas guard directly behind him, but not visible on the screen.

            You can also hear how the BBC interpreter purposefully distorts the real reply from Gilad as indicated by Melanie Phillips.


  2. deegee says:

    Soon-to-be-released prisoners who shpuld not be released
    Who are thge Palestinian prisoners set to be released in Shalit deal?
    If the BBC won’t publish their crimes we should.

    More ‘suffering’ in Gaza. When the BBC celebrate with Hamas will anyone ask about the shortage of building material?
    Hamas manages to find building material when it wants to


  3. John Anderson says:

    The Today programme was on top form this morning – PRETENDING to be an informative news programme.  Right through the 3 hours they gave breathless reports of the latest location of Gilad Shalit and of the released Palestinians.  Who was going where,  every few minutes.

    But not once did we hear the circumstances of how Galid Shalit was kidnapped/snatched,  what else happened in the original incident.  Not once did we hear any detail whatsoever of the enormity of some of the crimes committed by so many of the released prisoners.   Yes,  we did hear that there is a lot of debate in Israel about the scale of the releases – but not WHY so many Israelis are so concerned.

    So – even in many many minutes of coverage,  nowhere did the BBC give the real context,  the indisputable context.



  4. john in cheshire says:

    At least, now that all those arab prisoners are freed, the IDF has an opportunity to exact the punishment they actually deserve, should they get any of them in their cross-hairs.


  5. George R says:

    Daniel Greenfield is concerned about the effects of the ‘swap’, in a way in which INBBC isn’t:

    Revolving Door Terrorism


  6. cjhartnett says:

    Do any of us think that Kevin Connolly (or any other Beeboid hand-picked to “cover the Middle East”) could talk in tones other than “a great celebration”…”like a Rolling Stones gig”…this IS the level of BBC reporting that we get these days…and is exactly the dumbed down woolly relativism that is nectar to Hamas.
    The report after 8am on Toady today was just as you`d expect the Band Aid Generation to cover the loathsome deal which re-unites an Israeli conscript with his family-but allows a thousand triumphant terrorists to go home for a change of suicide underpants.
    As for context or the ” voluntary protection” of the soldier …forget it!
    I`m hoping for a few more Alan Johnsons up until the time that the BBC start to learn that Hamas don`t DO “wedding celebrations.
    AS for the comment of Connollys that he`s unsure where all those plastic chairs came from for the “party” to come…I often wondered myself how the IRA managed to get good tabs at the taxi ranks!
    Fools-all of them!…and dangerous ones at that!


  7. Philip says:

    Like David, I’m pleased for Gilad Shalit, his father Noam and their family today. But populist appeasement doesn’t make things right.  
    Hands up anyone who thinks that the creme-de-la-creme of Islamic terror operatives and Jew-killers will, once home, suddenly undergo contemporaneous Damascne conversions, disavowing Islamofascism and settling down to a quiet life?  
    Or that Hamas will not be pushing to select their most able lieutenants, bomb-makers, strategists and killers for the next tranche of releases?  
    I have further ruminations in the foolishness of this capitulation in a two year old blog post here.


  8. Umbongo says:

    The BBC cannot – will not – separate “news” from “opinion”.  The Radio 4 News at 8:00 gave us the news alright but then Bowen was given a slot – in the news bulletin – to give his opinion concerning the whys and wherefores and how this will affect Hamas and Abbas etc etc. The news at 8:00 this morning was that this swap was in progress and that was it.  Bowen gave his usual partial comment – but comment isn’t news.  I would have been just as appalled (and more than a little surprised, I must admit) had a BBC correspondent come on and given a pro-Israeli opinion.


    • Umbongo says:

      BTW, my opinion on all this is that this swap is an appalling blunder by Israel.  Paying blackmail never works in the long run.  When – and it is when not if – one of the released criminals is implicated in the murder of an Israeli what will Netanyahu say or do then?

      I remember Reginald Maudling setting free Leila Khaled.  This info on the BBC website – especially the final two paragraphs – illustrates how foolish it is to pander to these scum.  As a matter of interest I hadn’t realised that the fair Leila was a recent honoured guest in that haven of democracy, Sweden,7340,L-4078246,00.html .  Mind you, in light of Sweden’s record of collaboration with Germany in WW2, perhaps we shouldn’t be that surprised that Swedish taxpayers are happy to continue their generous support of anti-semitism.  As Pat Condell says, people don’t hate Jews because of Israel, they hate Israel because they hate Jews.


  9. Cassandra King says:

    And the BBC of course just had to equate the lawful trial and imprisonment of hundreds of terrorist killers with an innocent kidnap victim.

    To the perverts at the BBC they are both one and the same thing, both sets according to the BBC having undegone the same kind of stress and ordeal.

    But whereas those hundreds of terrorist convicts were treated to all the Geneva conventions a 1st world state can provide Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by some of the worlds most brutal terrorists.

    The terrorists were tried and convicted, it means that they are convicted criminals, a term the BBC never once used. Guilty of some of the worst kinds of murder imagineable, convicted of murdering innocents and the BBC fails to mention this, prefering to treat them as equals to Gilad.


    • John Anderson says:

      Yes,  moral equivocation at its very worst.

      But I doubt whether those BBC folk know what “moral” means.  Or “evil murderers”


  10. hippiepooter says:

    Whatever the Hitlerian evil of Hamas, let us not delude ourselves, Hamas killed two Israeli soldiers and captured Gilad Shalit in a brilliantly executed military operation.

    The operation would not have been executed if the Arabs do not know very well what a humane people the Jews are who would be prepared to reach the deal it has done to secure the release of Shalit.  Hamas believes that their inhumanity is stronger than the humanity of Israel and will ultimately prevail.  None of the 1,000 Arab monsters being released were ever paraded before 1,000’s of baying Jews to be mocked and humiliated.  If they had of been, the only thing the Jews would have been baying about is how appalling it is that Israel treats a prisoner like this.  It is inconceivable that they would.  Par for the course with the Arabs.

    However ill-advised the decision the Jews have made is, it is a testament to their humanity and another reason why every civilised person needs to stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel in the defence of humanity.


    • noggin says:

      Bowen…”Abbas is a man who does not believe in violence”???

      mind you he doesn t believe in the holocaust either if his dissertation is anything to go by.
      so obviously if its violence against jews, he denies all existence of it

      i.e. total dehumanisation

      pretty similar to a certain adolf you could mention


  11. hippiepooter says:

    Listening to Bowen on R5L now.. “Abbas is a man who does not believe in violence, he has been negotiating with Israel and asking for the release of prisoners, but none have been released.  Hamas has acheived what Abbas hasn’t”.

    Yeah, Abbas does not believe in violence.  He just names squares and streets after suicide bombers, calls for the eradication of Israel and indoctrinates Palestinian schoolchildren with anti-Semitic hate.  Did you write those lines yourself Bowen, or did some Arab terrorist dictate them down the line to you?


    • Umbongo says:

      The argument, I think, Bowen is making – and he’s consistent in this – is that there’s no point in negotiating with Israel (even in bad faith like Abbas) as if Israel were a legitimate state.  To Bowen – and in the BBC narrative – the only thing Israel recognises is the realpolitik (if that’s what it is) of an eye for an eye – or in this case an eye for 1,000 eyes. 

      However, unfortunately for Israel, (although Bowen wouldn’t admit this) in this realpolitik Hamas are past masters and likely winners since they are devoid of any morality whatsoever.  Israel’s civilised position (that it is willing – wrongly in my view in this case – to sacrifice a principle in the name of humanity) gets no plaudits from Bowen or any BBC commentator.  Indeed, we can expect the usual avalanche of pro-Hamas propaganda from Bowen when Israel responds to Hamas’s next atrocity.


      • Demon1001 says:

        I think what Bowen is saying is pureply and simply that it’s not worth talking to Israel, and he is therefore encouraging his friends to commit more crimes of violence against Israeli citizens.


  12. pounce_uk says:

    So here i am having a look at the bbCs coverage of the released Pal Prisioners and Jon Donnison speaks to Ahmed Abdulkarim Ali Abu Taha who Donnnison claims has served 10 years for being a member of Hamas. Really?

    A quick check reveals only 3 men from Gaza in the first tranche orn in 1980 (the man is 31 years of age) and prisoner number 13 was arrested (not charged) on the 4th  of Feb 2002. Which in my book makes it 9.8 months and not 10 years. So really he has served 9 years and not 10. But I’ll give the bbC the benefit of the doubt here. However the man was doing a stretch of 27 years, now seeing as quite a few were doing a lot less, I wonder if he really was in nick for being a member of Hamas or was he jailed for something else???


    Then Donnison plays the bBC anti-Semitic card by asking his new friend if he had any sympathy for  Gilad Shalit who only did 5 years locked away as opposed to his 10 years. (Lets see: education, visits, communication, medical treatment, rights to redress and the fact that those inside Israeli prisons are there not for being Muslim, but rather for been criminals, terrorists and the like. Yet the bBC feels it can compare the two, 


    The guys answer is most illuminating, in that he says he won’t be happy until Israel has released all its prisoners be it by Peace or by..Action. Action, I take it he means terrorism and the bBC tries to pass this man off as a victim. 


  13. hippiepooter says:

    A good interview with a mother of one of the children murdered in the Pizza Parlour bombing on the release of the organiser of this atrocity (01:06:45):-    
    There should have been a good deal more of this type of interview.    
    I salute this mother for expressing happiness for the release of Shalit while strongly opposing how it was brought about.  The last thing anyone would want is any sense that blame is being put upon him, but the Israeli Govt – for all the best reasons – has made a colossal mistake.  It’s like taking the stake out of the hearts of a thousand vampires to gorge on Jewish blood once more.    
    One of the huge tragedies of this release in reporting terms on the BBC – and the impeccable Shelagh Fogarty has fallen prey to this as well – is saying “Gilad Shalit has been released in exchange for a thousand Palestinians”.    
    No he has not.    
    He has been released in exchange for the release of a thousand terrorists dripping with the innocent blood of women and children.  If the BBC wished to circumvent spurious ‘impartiality concerns’ by using the objective term ‘convicted terrorists’, all it had to do was say “in exchange for the release of a thousand Palestinians convicted for [terrorists] offences in Israel including suicide bombings”.  That would have conveyed something of the severe gravity and import of what was taking place.  Instead the BBC reporting is just making it look like Shalit is being exchanged for innocent Palestinian picnickers nabbed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  As obscene reporting travesties go, it’s well up there.  
    Well done to Victoria Derbyshire for giving the release of these monsters some of the treatment it deserves.


  14. ltwf1964 says:

    as i posted earlier

    one jew is equivalent to 1000 pally muslims


  15. Teddy Bear says:

    According to this AP article, while Gilad was still in Egypt before being returned to Israel, and still surrounded by Hamas militants, a television interviewer asked him the following questions:  

    Armed Hamas militants were in the area during the interview. One of them stood behind Schalit’s chair, wearing a a black face mask, a green headband of the Qassam brigades — Hamas’ military wing — and a video camera in his hand.  
    “You have known what it is like to be in captivity,” the interviewer Shahira Amin said to Schalit. “There are more than 5,000 Palestinians in Israeli jails. Will you help campaign for their release?” she asked.  
    “What has the experience brought you? Has it made you stronger?” she asked at another point. And, brushing aside the fact Hamas had barred anyone from visiting Schalit, she asked him why he only gave one interview while held captive.

    Naturally this crass and insensitive interview has shocked and angered Israelis, and though I’m still waiting to read anything from the BBC about the Egyptian state media instigating the violence against the Copts over the weekend,  let’s see how the BBC reports this:

    In his first interview, Sgt Shalit told Egyptian TV he missed his friends and family. Looking drawn and pale, he said he hoped the exchange would help bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians.  
    Sgt Shalit was then transferred to the Kerem Shalom crossing between Egypt and Israel. 



  16. George R says:

    Will Hamas-supporting Islam  Not BBC (INBBC) report this predictable threat?:-

    Gilad Shalit is free, but gaunt, malnourished; freed Hamas prisoner calls for more kidnappings


    • ltwf1964 says:

      well next time and IDF soldier or anyone else for that matter is kidnapped,10 would be suicide bombers should be lined up in Israeli jails and shot every day until they are released

      put the idea of kidnapping Israelis right out of their heads

      you get no thanks for trying to be reasonable with this scum


  17. Deborah says:

    My definition of the difference between the Israelis and the Palestinians can be defined thus:

    In times of trouble the Israelis will put their children as far away from the firing line as possible.  To Israelis children are their most precious things.  That goes for their soldiers too as they are somebody’s children and the Israeli army does not forget this.

    To Palestinians, their children are cannon fodder, to be used in cars to protect Hamas leaders (they know that Israelis try to avoid taking Palestinian leaders if children are in danger; but also children are used on the frontline because they make good headlines for the BBC to use.


    • Teddy Bear says:

      I think Golda Meir put it best when she said
      “We may forgive you for killing our children – but we may never forgive you for making us kill yours”


  18. Roland Deschain says:

    Autonomous Mind on Gilad Shalit, Hamas and the BBC-Guardian axis of bias.


  19. ian says:

    Hey, Israel – why not apply for extradition orders against Bowen and all the other al-beeb scumbags for incitement to murder and incitement to violence? Israeli law is largely modelled on English law (after the mandate), and I’m sure that these common-law criminal offences, or something like them, are still on the Knesset statute book. At the very least such an action would show that Britain isn’t just the world’s asylum for international terorists – it breeds its own and even trains some of them to be broadcasters, too.


  20. kevin martin says:

    Journalism? No, cruelty and propaganda..yes


  21. kevin martin says:

    Journalism? No, cruelty and propaganda..yes

    One reason Shalit looked so ill at ease in his interview
    It appears that before Egypt passed Gilad Shalit over to the Israelis today, it subjected him to ten minutes of cruel and inhuman treatment of its own. Further details have emerged of the interview with Shalit carried out by Egyptian TV interviewer Shahira Amin. Many have commented on how ill at ease Shalit appeared during that interview. Now it turns out that standing behind Shalit’s chair as he answered the questions was a man in fatigues and wearing a black face mask and the green headband of the Qassam brigades – Hamas’s military wing – and with a video camera in his hand.


  22. Biodegradable says:

    The BBC celebrating with the Palestinians the freeing of hundreds of terrorists on the front page:
    Mid-East joy at prisoner exchange

    The title of the piece, “Israeli-Palestinian joy at Gilad Shalit prisoner swap”, must be what the editors believe is balance.

    Reporting on Gilad’s father Noam’s press conference we’re told “He said he could not give too many details of his son’s captivity, saying only that in the early years he had been subjected to “harsh treatment” which had softened over time.

    To further diminish the suffering and inhumane treatment that boy must have suffered in almost six years Richard Galpin writes, Sgt Shalit himself does appear to be in better health than many had expected. Although pale and weak, after being locked inside for more than five years, his father said he did feel all right.”

    I didn’t expect Gilad to appear in worse health but I was shocked to see how weak and ill he actually looked. He should have been returned in similar condition to those hundreds of Palestinians who looked fat, tanned and full of energy.

    It’s been reported that he fainted on the helicopter flight out of Egypt and there was even doubt he may need medical attention before being flown on to his home.

    The BBC haven’t reported either that the shrapnel wounds he suffered in the attack that made him prisoner have remained untreated all these years.

    The BBC have rejoiced alongside the terrorists and made light of the differences between both the reasons for their imprisonment and the differences in their treatment.


  23. Biodegradable says:

    The pledge that released prisoners signed
    Although they actually signed a piece of paper I had to laugh. It reminded me of a quote from Samuel Goldwyn:
    “A verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.”
    Released prisoners pledge to continue resistance


  24. Teddy Bear says:

    The BBC now have an article on the interview following Israeli criticism of it. It does tell us that ‘Militants from Hamas, one of them wearing a black face mask, were in the area as the interview was set up’. So why didn’t the BBC make the public aware of that at the time?

    They also quote the interviewer as saying;
    Shahira Amin said she had not forced the interview on Sgt Shalit, and that it was important to let people see him.
    “I did not take advantage of Gilad Shalit as Israeli media is reporting,” she wrote.
    “Had he said he wouldn’t do it, I WOULD NOT have pressed him. I have all the compassion for him and wish him the BEST.”

    So you have somebody who has been kept in fear and solitary for the last 5 years, and probably imagined each day was his last. Knowing that his captors are still armed and in the room, she questions him about things he probably has no idea about, and is clearly uncomfortable answering. Anxious to get back home to safety and see his family and friends, and she tries to make political gain by it. This is her idea of compassion, and this is what the BBC would have preferred to keep quiet about until it became a major issue.

    They still haven’t acknowledged the question put about freeing the Palestinian prisoners to which Gilad replied with the provision that they never tried to attack Israel again. I cannot imagine if it would have been Israel treating a Palestinian prisoner with the same ‘compassion’, that the BBC wouldn’t have been on their case – BIG TIME.
    This is exactly what we’ve come to expect from the BBC, only the tales change, but the bias remains constant.