Biased BBC contributor Alan observes…

“Interesting to hear Nicky Campbell on 5Live this morning keep telling us that Capitalism is in crisis.

Is it? Capitalism is thriving…..China, India, Brazil, Poland, Canada, Mexico…..all seemingly booming.

Capitalism is working because it follows the profit…when the West made itself too expensive for manufacturers they went looking for cheaper labour forces and less red tape.

What is in crisis is Socialism.READ MORE

“It is Socialism that demanded ever higher wages, better work conditions, endless maternity leave and now paternity leave, health and safety requirements that prevent anything being done, and massive welfare for non-workers which drained the capital to provide further investment to create more jobs.

Socialism destroyed the Western economies, Capitalism just moved on to greener pastures.

It was Socialism that bailed out the banks, capitalism would have let them fail.

It was Socialism that borrowed massive amounts of money and employed millions in the Public Sector without a plan to pay them and left generations of British workers a massive debt legacy that will crush the economy for decades.

Socialism means that children in school now will be paying for their parents wages (now paid by borrowed money) and their pensions.

The shallow and rabble rousing comments from Campbell illustrate perfectly all that is wrong with the BBC.

The BBC has a malign influence on Race, Politics and Religion….it is sowing the seeds of social and political unrest…creating anger, discontent and fear in order to ferment trouble for the Coalition government that will allow in the BBC’s favoured political party….Labour.”

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10 Responses to CRISIS, WHAT CRISIS?

  1. john says:

    Yes indeed !
    And is it just me that feels Campbell and Bollocks should be one word ?


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This reminds me of the ludicrous behavior of Mark Mardell, back when he was the BBC’s man in Europe. On the eve of the last EU elections, when it was clear that a number of non-Left, even Right-wing MEPs were getting elected, Mardell openly expressed his astonishment that all those European voters were not stampeding towards Socialism, as it was clear that Capitalism had failed.  I wish I could find a video clip of it.


  3. Span Ows says:

    Excellent DV, perfectly correct but of course you don’t have a multi billion pound broadcast network to tell everyone this truth. 


  4. Martin says:

    It’s not capitalism that is in crisis but socialism and the ‘free money for the idle’.

    Look at the Countries in Europe who are failing, most of then socialist and heavily reliant on the welfare state and public sector jobs.

    China might have a communist regime, but it has a capitalist economy.

    Dame Nicola totally fails to grasp that.


    • Span Ows says:

      Most of them reliant on ludicrous pensions for public sector workers: work a week for the government and get a pension for life.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Same goes for the US states which are broke: California and Rhode Island, for example.  A key element for states which have fixed or are on their way to fixing their budgets – like Wisconsin and South Carolina – is reforming public sector pensions and pay.

        The public sector workers are angry at the nasty Republicans and Tea Party for taking money away from them, but who was it that promised a rose garden which didn’t exist, and for which there was no money to pay?  BBC uninterested.


  5. cjhartnett says:

    Socialism died in 1989, and-apart from a few third way types like Saddam, Gaddhafi, Chavez and Blair is a dead dogma.
    Still-everyday is Hallowe`en at the BBC and The Guardian.
    It employs Toynbees and Maguires to set the mirrors and blow their smoke rings in the hope that we`ll still think it a reality as they say they do!
    Then you see where they live, and where their kids go to school…and you know that they don`t believe it either.
    Still, the likes of Steve Earle and Billy Bragg get a pressed checked shirt out of the whole charade…and are well paid to produce the fatuous soundtracks to lives they`d not know of any more…just like their BBC handlers and minders upstairs!


  6. Grant says:

    “Saddam, Gaddhafi,Chavez and Blair “.  I love that, seemingly, natural grouping !


  7. john says:

    I’m extemely lazy.
    If I was ordered to check out allegations of BBC-bias reporting on the financial success story that is Greece, is it possible that I would not  be alone in thinking that nowhere has the State Broadcaster bothered to even mention that the fiasco was overseen by a Socialist Government ?
    As I say, I’m too bone idle to check it out and the World’s greatest apologist has already made it clear that it has something to do with some Toffs who went to Eaton and can spell Prince Phillip when asked.


  8. Geyza says:

    Capitalism is not in crisis. We have almost no capitalism left in the UK to be in crisis.  The only crisis is what has been created by naked corporatism.  When Thatcher privatised the Telecoms,We all had an opportunity to buy into it, the government (tax payer) stopped paying for it and it was left to the customers to pay up.  Now we have a vibrant working private telecoms industry which works really well.

    When Labour privatised stuff, they sold the functions of government to their cronies far too cheap, and kept the taxpayer funding them.  Often at vastly increased prices.  That is not proper privatisation.  That is corporatisation, the merger of corporation and state to privatise profit and socialise losses.

    Capitalism works,  We should try it some more.