Two protesters from Occupy Birmingham – Chico and Thomas – were the studio guests on this morning’s BBC West Midlands 9am phone-in show with stand-in presenter Adrian Goldberg. Towards the end of the programme someone called in to offer advice to the guy claiming to be an ex-serviceman. Something about Chico’s response didn’t quite ring true. Luckily for him Goldberg was not interested in pressing the matter. Quite the opposite in fact. (Hat tip David Hanson)


Now Chico may just be suffering from memory problems, but shouldn’t Goldberg have made a bit of an effort to find out more? He does, after all, present a show called 5 Live Investigates.

(Royal Green Jackets wiki.)


Here’s another clip from earlier in the programme in which Chico tells Goldberg he left his military service six months ago. In the above clip he says he was in the Royal Green Jackets, but they disbanded in February 2007.


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  1. Abandon Ship! says:

    We’ve no reason to follow that one up as Chico is clearly lying, but he no doubt represents a wider truth…etc etc etc


  2. John Anderson says:

    Was he saying 42nd Battalion ?

    British Army regiments don’t have nore than a few battalions.

    The guy sounds to be lying


    • RCE says:

      John – Some regiments have a higher number than the total in existence now as they were around when we still had an Army.  Same goes for RAF squadrons, eg 617 Sqn (The Dam Busters).


      • RCE says:

        Sorry – forgot to say that the guy is definitely lying.


      • John Anderson says:

        I very much doubt if the regular Royal Green Jackets never had so many battalions,  even in wartime.


        • RCE says:

          Maybe not – but the RGJ themselves had been amalgamated with other regiments in the past.

          Remember there were thirteen UK Divisions at the Somme alone.


  3. George R says:

    Charles Moore, ‘Telegraph’:  
    …”now that Dr Fraser, the BBC’s favourite preacher, has conjured it up, the idea of confrontation has entered a lot of hot and empty heads.  
    “Jumping into a taxi, I made off. My driver was not full of Christian patience. ‘That lot don’t like washing,’ he told me, ‘Why not put some fairy liquid in the water-cannon and start firing? Then they’d run a mile.’  
    From article – 
    “The protesters and the clergy at St Paul’s Cathedral have both got it wrong.Our sympathy should be saved for the City of London workers who pick their way around the tents of the anti-capitalist protesters.”  


  4. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ would have no reason to doubt this, if it reported it:

    “‘Protesting is a luxury for the rich,’ says millionaire’s ‘anarchist’ son camped out at Occupy LSX protest camp”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2054105/Occupy-London-St-Pauls-canon-quits-backing-protesters-cathedral-threatens-sue-activists.html#ixzz1c7HdPFuS


  5. cjhartnett says:

    I note that alot of the questions are rather hoping that the protest goes on for the long term, despite the authorities implying that it might end soon.
    The BBC want it to continue and-if possible- get a few pictures of conflict.
    The interviews continue to plant the notion that we should all plan for a long term occupation…and it`s clear that thisis what the BBC want.
    That Cameron said he wanted a speedy resolution would seem to be the reason why the Beeb keep on their current tack.
    Yet again…the BBC want to cheerlead the rebellion that they themselves are too fey to get involved with.


    • john in cheshire says:

      It’s a pity there isn’t an ‘Occupy the bbc’ movement, then we’d see how tolerant and supportive of protestors they really are.


  6. Martin says:

    The BBC have no reason to doubt anyone who has their view of the world. 

    The BBC themselves lie, they put up BBC employees as phone in callers prentending to be members of the public, the BBC fake and distort others views and opinions they don’t agree with.

    The BBC is basically a vile cesspit of left wing tossery.


  7. pounce_uk says:

    To anybody who listened to the show, what so called problems did Walter chico say the army caused.
    The only green jackets based in London were the TA . A 52 nd and a 43rd but no 42nd.


    • D B says:

      Pounce – I’ve tried emailing ARRSE but I don’t think their contact form is working properly (I get an odd message when I click send). Do you know anyone over there – perhaps from the old Royal Green Jackets or one of the new Rifles battalions – who might like to offer a comment about this?


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Tim Willcox of the BBC News Channel is ex-military. He won’t be pleased with this crap if he finds out.


    • D B says:

      If there’s one thing I’ve learned from milblogs it’s that service personnel really hate fakes.


  9. Louis Robinson says:

    “We have no reason to doubt…” Um. Actually, you do, Adrian old boy. Did anyone do any research about this guy?
    Here in the US there is a man who looks into the background of every “vet” who appears on TV and radio. In his book “Stolen Valor” he lists HUNDREDS of fake servicemen. BBC Radio WM should check the veracity of their guests before a broadcast. But that would be too much like hard work, I guess.


  10. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Golly. As I work though the overnight reviews of the BBC’s ‘news’ output, it seems like there should be an accuracy warning on the national broadcaster’s efforts in this regard like any Hollywood ‘B’ movies:

    ‘This is loosely based on real events, and represents our interpretation of what may have happened. Some characters and events have been introduced for dramatic effect’.

    No reason to doubt? They didn’t check veracity beforehand, and seem disinterested when ‘questions are asked’ as a consequence when there are, indeed, ‘doubts’

    To be fair  😉 , it can work the other way. I recall the Newsnight where a ‘mum’ was deployed to speak for all the ladees who lunch in decrcying the government, without mentioning she was part of Graun aristocracy and hence may have a bit of baggage worth knowing about. Baggage she was specifically invited on to espouse, without the viewer being made aware.

    Too unique. Too often. 

    And the excitement around Camp Monbiot, with his ‘proof’ hurtling around the ether, is whose thermal cameras are more accurate… when the protest ‘leaders’ admitted initially the 9.9% was more of a relay system as folk needed to go home for commitments.


  11. cjhartnett says:

    “We have no reason to doubt Chico”.
    So trusting in the good nature of humanity…yet all I hear from the BBCs Current Affaits lot ,is sheer cynicism and harrassment of any kind of “authority” that finds itself summoned to the Beebs Inquisitions or show trials.
    Meanwhile any “victim”…as defined by the BBC itself…gets a free pass.
    The cow eyes, the empathy…and all manner of Guardian mumsnet or quango types get to be the voice of the victims. Usually on generous maternity leave as they act up as “ordinary voters”.
    If the Beeb can fake the Queen being cross, it certainly thinks the bigger truths can be conjured up as they like.
    Way too big for their sandals…time to get this monkey off our backs.Attenborough won`t know!


  12. Beeboidal says:

    There was a Chico involved with Occupylsx.

    GA Minutes – 17/10/2011 7pm
    Posted on October 20, 2011 by occupylsx
    General Assembly Minutes: 17/10/2011
    Minute-taker: Tina
    Facilitator: Chico
    Called to order: 19:00

    Of course, this could be an entirely different Chico from the one in Birmingham. On the other hand, Chico’s true regiment could be the 42nd battalion St Pauls Mobile Crusties. Birmingham Chico can be seen getting ‘married’ in this video. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a photo of London Chico.


  13. The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

    There’s a 42nd Regiment a 42nd Division and a 42 Commando but the only 42nd Batallion I can find is the 42nd Jewish Battalion and surely they can’t mean them?  the crusty would be very old if he fought with them!

    The worst thing about the BBC is not its determination to only put over left wing views but its mission to create evidence to back up its lies without the slightest moral qualm.

    I suppose it is an unavoidable consequence of working within a structure where rigging competions, false peril and ‘there is no drama without conflict’ is the norm.  Perhaps if the government is too weak to dismantle the BBC it should, at least, divorce its news entities from its fiction.

    I’ve had enough of the BBC faction.


  14. As I See It says:

    It would be good to pin the BBC down on this. It was not just some casual street voxpop – it was a studio based debate format giving the protesters a privileged platform.

    Views are views, but if contributors are misrepresenting themselves then there is a real issue. The supposed military background of this guy gives additional weight to his views – as opposed to him being some run of the mill unemployed crustie.

    Where could this end? Some bloke rolls in to Newsnight claiming to be a former MP and when Paxman interviews him it somehow doesn’t matter if the bloke is lying?

    How can we publicise this and take it further?


  15. George R says:

    BIRMINGHAM today: check contrasting attitudes of: BBC-NUJ, Christian church, Islam interests, and police towards –
    a.) ‘Occupy’ ; 
    b.) English Defence League . 


  16. cjhartnett says:

    Just heard a bit of the Godawful “Any Answers”…obviously not!
    Dimbleby Minor tells us that a Jane Bradley tweeted in to tell us all that the protestors were great…shame on Cameron and the Cathedral etc…
    Now in the light of Chico…could this possibly be THE Jane Bradley who has popped up on the Biased BBC radar of late?
    “I have no reason to doubt that it is NOT the selfsame one”…if the BBC can use their own weird logic, then so can I!
    Noted too that the DimblyTwins have concocted some scheme where they get schoolkids to do their shows for them sometime in the future.
    Let`s hope that they have permission from parents, CRB checks, that it does not impinge on the curriculum offered, that the life chances of all involved are not in any way affected…and that monies earned by these two tubby lairds of tosh go to the young persons involved.
    Better be socially inclusive too…none of that Wendover Grammar stuff so beloved of pushy parents and the like!
    I also want any votes and competition to be open and transparent…none of that Queen doctoring, Ant n Dec/Liz Kershaw fiddling for another f***`in generation of Dimbleby to get camera practice at the license fee payers expense!

    No matter what they tell me…what I believe is true!… so there!


    • Grant says:

      Oh God, I don’t think I can stand a third generation of Dimblebores. What does the BBC think it is ? North Korea ?


  17. George R says:

    “It’s 100% certain that they don’t represent 99%”



  18. pounce_uk says:

    DB wrote:
    “Pounce – I’ve tried emailing ARRSE but I don’t think their contact form is working properly (I get an odd message when I click send). Do you know anyone over there – perhaps from the old Royal Green Jackets or one of the new Rifles battalions – who might like to offer a comment about this?”

    Don’t have to. I was in Omagh and Dhekelia at the same time as 1 RGJ. After my posting to Cyprus I did a 2 year stint in london. That was from Jan 1995- May 17th 1997.  I know for the a fact that the res batt in London was not the RGJ . When some wanker  teels me he served and doesn’t want to talk about it, I know that he is talking shite. When that wanker claimes to have served in London in 1997 in the infantry. (Err no Green Jacket would say infantry, RGJ, Green Jacket yes, Infantry…no.)

    Oh for the info the reg 2 Batts of the RJG in 1997 were based:
    1RGJ in Bulford (1996-1999)
    2RGJ in Paderborn (1997-2001)

    But here’s a snippet Chicho (and the bbC  don’t mention)
    1 February 2007 
    Formation of The Rifles
    1 and 2 RGJ redesignated 2 and 4 RIFLES

    If anybody from the bbC is reading this, I am more than happy to meet with Chicho on radio and call him a lying cunt on air.


  19. William Battersby says:

    I have done a websearch on ‘Chico’ and ‘Occupy LSX’ – try it.  Someone called ‘Chico’ has been quite active there, participating in meetings and so on.  

    Perhaps this ‘Chico’ is our intrepid infantryman?  

    Unfortunately I’m not in London this weekend otherrwise I’d go down and talk to their press people and see if they could introduce me to him so I caould clear this up.

    Of course, anyone from the BBC who fancied doing a little investigation could always scoop me?  Alternatively perhaps a blogger could scoop them?

    Note to ‘Chico’: I’m posting this in my own name.  ‘Nothing to fear, nothing to hide’.  Would you mind letting us know your full name?


    • Grant says:

      I can picture the BBC headline now  
       ” LEFT WING SCUMBAG LIES ”   ! 


  20. William Battersby says:

    OK well this should be escalated.  This guy ‘Chico’ is a fake.


  21. david hanson says:

    Blimey! When I first posted about this broadcast yesterday, I never thought for one minute that I was opening a can of worms. Then again, I suppose none of us should be surprised with what lurks beneath the surface of the BBC when you start to dig a little.


  22. John Anderson says:

    So,  we have an evident fake squaddie being given easy treatment by the BBC,  when even a few seconds sounded phony. 

    And then – maybe – a BBC staffer of known leftie views thinks it’s OK to phone in to Any Answers – which is meant to represent the views of listeners – to present the “protestors” as a cuddly bunch.

    We have had Parliament Square polluted by leftie nutters for a decade.   Now,  unless someone gets a grip,  we’ll have the Wren portico of the national church polluted by leftie nutters indefinitely – and the national broadcaster gives it all a pass,  gives it spurious credence.

    Time the BBC was abolished – it has been appeasing extreme philosophies since the 1930s,  that’s enough surely.


  23. William Battersby says:

    There is a ‘Chico Weir” – or should we say Private Weir? – who was active in the Occupy Birmingham Facebook page and who now lists St. Paul’s Cathedran as one of his ‘activities and interests’.  


  24. William Battersby says:

    Just spoke to one of the Press Relations people at ‘Occupy LSX’.  

    They have no comment to make except that they say that if it is true that people from ‘Occupy London’ (and Chico Weir does say St. Paul’s is one of his interests – of course he could just be a chorister) are pretending to be ex-servicemen, then this is ‘very serious’. They ask if anyone with information about this apparent fakery can email them at press@occupylsx.org and they will investigate.


  25. William Battersby says:

    I have also passed my correspondence on to 5 Live.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Why does one anticipate that, having tried to lose it in the mail, or Helen Boaden’s dead end creek PC, they will eventually decide they ‘got it about right’.

      ‘It’ being the evident zero-check platform being given to yet another person keen to avail themsleves of the nation’s airwaves courtesy of an either complicit or incompetent broadcaster.

      Taxi driving ‘experts’, Israeli tabloid howlers, back-bedroom market analysts, and now Bombastier Chico of the 9th Bengal Lancers… all happily trotted out to inform and educate on the basis that whatever the BBC beams out must be true as they are the most trusted national treasure in the world.

      No reason to doubt? If the BBC tells me it’s black on anything, I check my urban dictionary first.


      • William Battersby says:

        Why don;t you contact ‘Occupy’ as well as the BBC.  Unlike the BBC, Occupy LSX think impersonating an ex-serviceman is a very serious matter.  Or at least, that’s what they told me.


  26. William Battersby says:

    Still not heard from ‘Occupy’, nor from the BBC.  However, I am sure ‘Occupy’ are working very hard to get to the bottom of ‘Private Chico Weir’ whose Facebook page has gone down.  Coincidence? 


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      No point contacting ‘Occupy’ on anything, as they are a shambolic mix of trainee PC-supoervisor amateurs who wouldn’t know what is going on if it came in a meo printed on Fairtrade recycled paper, and activist pros that know that the best thing to do when caught dead to rights is say nothing and hoep it blows past. Like the BBC did for them.

      The BBC however has to log complaints even if they do nothing about them (what was the stat… 130 in 20k?).

      I have simply asked for an explanation of the vetting process that has lead to this, and why the host felt ‘no reason to doubt’ was the best way to sweep this under the carpet during a live interview.


  27. AndyUk06 says:

    Top posting!  And very funny bit of audio to boot. 

    I remember a similar situation outside a pub in Cardiff listening to some guy bragging about his army exploits in a previous life.  He came a cropper when some ex-squaddies sat with us asked the same question as the phone-in guy (“what regiment?”), though the Walter Mitty in our midst had no sympathetic BBC intervewer to come to the rescue.

    The beeb would do well to realize that real soldiers have an extremely fine-tuned sixth sense for this kind of bullshit.


  28. cjhartnett says:

    I sense that Chico and his BBC handlers will be quoting the Father Ted defence….“today I think that we are who we want to be”
    I blame Mr Benn for this…both the kiddies cartoon AND the serial fantasist who has his spawn all doing very nicely in the political and media worlds!