1. Martin says:

    If only the poster said “… and scrapped the licence fee”

    Then ‘awesome’ would have been appropriate.


  2. Jeremy Clarke says:

    Well, governments have been hiving off large swathes of the NHS to the private sector for years now and Academy schools were introduced by Tony Blair. The Coalition haven’t closed any libraries, either.

    I expect Matthew knows that already and is just marvelling at the awesomeness of the poster. 

    Yes, that’s right.


    • London Calling says:

      I wouldn’t normally take issue, but “hiving off the NHS” to the “private sector” is Labour propaganda (unless the reference is ironic)
      GP’s have always been mostly “independent contractors” aka private sector, not NHS employees. The drugs that the NHS buys are made by – you got it – the “private sector” (thank god). PFI is just a mortgage, borrowing from the private sector like we all do. What “hiving off” did you have in mind? Its still £100bn public funded, not “private” at all.


      • Jeremy Clarke says:

        LC, a clarification. There is an undertone of irony in my previous posting.

        I use  ‘privatise’ in the looser, political sense of the word: that is, bringing in the private sector to run – or in this case fund and run – public services.

        When the Tory government introduced PFIs in the early 90s, they were accused of back-door privatisation by the likes of Patsy Hewitt and Gordon Brown. Noooo, we were told: private companies shouldn’t gain from sick people and children.

        When Labour massively expanded PFIs, we were told that private-public partnerships were an efficient way of building and running capital projects; and now the Tories are back in power, we’re back in ‘privatisation’ territory.

        I just sense a double standard here, that’s all.


  3. cjhartnett says:

    Isn`t that the Archbishop of Wensleydale?
    Surely another case of grooming in the Catholic Church…who`s going to tell Dawkins and Robertson/Mansfield then?


  4. The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

    Ah yes the NHS an organisation that kills 16,000 people per year through incompetance.  Well worth the tax.

    Still if you are over 70 at least they’ll euthanase you so your kids can get your house.


  5. Buggy says:

    Very curious since (potentially) the chap in the original poster is what Beeboids like to fantasise they’d have been ‘brave’ enough to be in the Great War, i.e. a conchie.


  6. Buggy says:

    Unfortunately, the concept of selling the NHS (“The Envy Of The World”) puts me in mind of an ancient Two Ronnies joke:

    “Barnsley has been flattened by a nuclear explosion. Total damage is estimated at 48 and a half pence.”

    Couldn’t we be generous and donate the whole creaking edifice to the Palestinians ? Given the NHS’s worthy claim to be the most efficient killing machine since the Wehrmacht were last on the prowl, it only requires the Israelis to string things along for a few years re: the Pally Paradise and there won’t be anybody on the other side of the border to lob rockets.