17 Responses to ET TU, KEVIN?

  1. Craig says:

    Now that is funny. The BBC has moved to the Left of Kevin Maguire. Who will they outflank next? Polly Toynbee?


    • D B says:

      “Who will they outflank next? Polly Toynbee?”

      Isn’t she lined up to do A Point Of View after Mary Beard? Or is it Eric Hobsbawn first? (“That Stalin chap had the right idea. I’m 94 you know…)


  2. Martin says:

    On the BBC news their religious corespondent (Piggott) stated that it might be uncomfortable if violence has to be used to remove the protesters.

    So he’s basically stating that the Police will use violence? but the unwashed scum living there won’t?

    Seems to me if the Police order you to move on and you refuse and then you resist arrest it’s YOU using the violence!!

    Clearly not in the world of the beeboid


  3. Craig says:

    Talking of Twitter, and very much in the spirit of DB, here are some tweets from a certain John Mervin, “Englishman in New York, Brooklyn to be exact. Work for a major news organisation.” In fairness to him, he doesn’t exactly say who he works for, but I bet you can guess.  

    On David Cameron’s ‘credit card gaffe’ at the Tory Party Conference:  

    They call it a “gaffe?” Is “gaffe” shorthand for revealing you have no f*cking clue what you’re doing, even in theory? #payoffcreditcards 5 Oct  

    How economically illiterate must a Prime Minister be before the media will report that he’s talking (sorry, redrafting) nonsense? #Cameron 5 Oct    

    John Mervin is the New York Business Editor at BBC News.  

    David P’s challenge clearly still stands, for anyone to find a BBC tweeter who tweets ‘from the Right’.


    • D B says:

      Yet another BBC Krugman fan too, I see.


    • Jeremy Clarke says:

      DB, don’t forget Jeff Randall used to work for the BBC and he is really really right-wing as is Jeremy Clarkson and Andrew Neil and Nick Robinson used to be a Tory and they had three right-wingers on QT last week and Jeremy Paxman is probably a Tory and Chris Patten is too and Jim Davidson hosted the Generation Game and he’s right-wing and Melanie Phillips appears on the Moral Maze so basically the BBC is not biased because it says so in The Guardian.

      Twitter: the gift that keeps on giving. 


      • The Cattle Prod of Destiny says:

        Nick Robinson?  Now, didn’t he repudiate his connection to the Tories.  Does any one have a link?  Always nice to puncture a left wing blogger with a contrary link 🙂


        • Jeremy Clarke says:

          Now, didn’t he repudiate his connection to the Tories.

          Ah, but the mere fact that Robbo was once a Tory confirms that he is and will always be a right-wing, baby-eating fascist. He could be engaging in Tory taqiyya, just like that pretendy leftie, Jeremy Hardy.  Hardy is a true blue.

          Tories don’t change their spots. Once a Tory, always a Tory. You can take the man out of the Tories, but you can’t take the Tory out of the man. A Tory is for life, not for Christmas. Don’t throw the Tory out with the bath-water.


    • cjhartnett says:

      The BBC have mentioned the fact that Cameron says that armed guards can accompany boats as they sail round the Somali coast.
      This was said at 8am today…and it must have been mentioned throughout the day because it`s just been said on the 8pm news.

      Surely to God the BBC have found SOMEONE to say that this gives the wrong message..that it will only attract terrorists/pirates/BBC camerapersons…I expected Shami, Clive, Gareth or Yvette…and all I saw was tumbleweed( Kinnocks toupee?).
      I just can`t bear the BBC giving me a news item as laid out by the Tories that does NOT have the automatic gainsaying by our betters there at the Guardian or the BBC.
      For Gods sake…Polly can`t have been unavailable ALL day can she?


  4. As I See It says:

    Our Kevin misses the point. The Labour Party is in electorial repose so it is up to the unofficial opposition to keep up pressure on the coalition. The Beeboids can’t be out there with their own placards – but what they can do is to big up the crusties.


  5. Martin says:

    To be honest you won’t find many right wingers at the BBC, I think you won’t find many right wingers in the media full stop. Just as Hollywood attracts mostly homosexuals, the media attracts leftists, just as most who work in the city are probably right wingers.

    Of course the difference with the BBC is it’s state funded and is supposed to be impartial, which it clearly isn’t.

    The whole problem could easily be solved by getting rid of the TV tax and letting the BBC fund itself.


  6. Grant says:

    By the way, does anyone know how many protesters there are ?  I realise they probably work in shifts. But,  at any one time ,  100 ,  1000   ???


    • Grant says:

      Sorry, I used the word “work” in a very general sense.


    • john says:

      Well there’s cerainly a zero in it somewhere.


    • John Anderson says:

      I saw a report that there are 220 tents.  Many or most will be single-person,  and many not occupied all the time.

      I’d say there are a couple of hundred present at any one time,  maybe rising to a few hundred if there is a set-piece lined up eg the “debate” with the clergy.

      Let’s be generous.  Call it 1000 – from a catchment area with 20 million people.  That is 0.00005% ?

      Obviously a gathering as representative as that is well worth 24/7 headlines from the BBC


  7. Craig says:

    That really was quite an edition of ‘The World This Weekend‘.

    Except for a brief interview with the Swedish finance minister, which was a very thinly disguised attempt by Ed Stourton to get the Swede to attack British eurosceptics (which he duly did), the entire programme was given over to the ‘protests’ and some attempt to link them to the Big Bang brought in by “the Thatcher government” (as Ed put it) – i.e. ‘Blame Thatcher!’  

    There was an interview with Kalle Lasn of Adbusters, one of the people behind OWS. This was followed by an interview with Naomi Colvin (auerfeld) of #OccupyLSX and the ultimate Guardianista bishop, Alan Wilson, who had spent much of the week with the protesters, told his colleagues in St. Paul’s to “Fear not!” and compared the questioning by the crusties to the questioning that went on at the outset of Christianity itself.   

    There was then going to be a report on the Big Bang by writer Philip Augar, a critic of the Big Bang, globalisation and the banks, but the report broke down!  

    At the end it was back to Ms. Colvin and Bishop Wilson to discuss the Big Bang, but they were joined for a five-way discussion with Ed by some people from outside this left-wing consensus, former RBS boss Sir George Mathewson, and BBC regular Peter Hahn of the Cass Business School. They didn’t get long to speak and failed to compensate for the very heavy weighting of the programme in favour of the protesters’ and their point of view, yet again, – a metaphor for which can be seen in these tweets from the programme’s producer, which names the names of those on the Left but, rather dismissively, not the two from outside the Left:  

    suttonnick Nick Sutton  
    We’ll discuss with #occupyLSX protestor @auerfeld, Bishop of Buckingham @alantlwilson, fmr bank boss & City man #bbctw2 bbc.in/uHjC6e  
    7 hours ago   

    Plus Kalle Lasn from @adbusters – one of founders of the worldwide #occupy movement. #bbctw2 @BBCRadio4http://bbc.in/uHjC6e  
    7 hours ago  

    Plus there was the surprisingly long Islamic blessing (which John A. and Freddo41 refer to on the ‘A Little Light’ thread‘). Bizarre.


  8. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ: still politically pro-‘Occupy’ (and it goes without it saying – anti-English Defence League) – in a vague sort of BBC-NUJ way.

    BBC-NUJ: STILL embedded, as is Ms SPENCER, and trying to make a main event out of her side-show. The enthusiastically vague Ms Spencer seems to have found her political level.

    “Daily View: Does it matter if Occupy protesters’ demands aren’t clear?”