Sheikh Ali Gomaa. Who is he? Well, he’s the kind of guy the BBC likes to champion as a “moderate”- one of those voices in the Islamic world that cries out for peace love and harmony. Unless you are a Christian in which case, I am afraid, he declares you are “an infidel”.
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  1. John Anderson says:

    The wretched Ed Stourton introduced part of his St Paul’s coverage at 1pm on Radio 4 today with the alien wailing of some Muslim – apparentl;y blessing the talk between the layabouts and the St Paul’s dignitaries.

    It struck me this was wrong on several counts.  1  Not in any way relevant to the report   2   Offensive therefore to have unnecessary Islamic wailing on a Sunday   3  It sounded bloody awful – and went on far too long.  4  It is not just the BBC behaving in a bizarre manner. 

    It is the BBC pushing Islam at every turn.


    • freddo41 says:

      I heard that too and found it quite inexplicable. Live from St Pauls to set the scene for a story about the Church of England in crisis: Islamic wailing!


  2. cjhartnett says:

    Suppose these peaceful protesters wouldn`t be welcome at Regents Park Mosque would they?…I believe that Friday might be their best bet to get maximum publicity!
    “Ask and you shall receive” sayeth the Lord…not sure what the Muslim equivalent might be, but I would like to see the OLSX entities gripe on about the  Saudi oil barons and their part in the economic catastrophe!
    Let`s see how brave these tribuneers really are…and those BBC camp followers of theirs( camp?…putting it mildly!)


  3. George R says:

    Top Muslim Institution Declares All Christians Enemies”    


    • George R says:

      Why doesn’t INBBC investigate GOMAA, as Raymond IBRAHIM does here (and as indicated by David V  with the link at top)?


    • ian says:

      And Sheikh Ali Gomaa, pictured above being grovelled to by the archdhimmi of Caterbury, is on that same institution’s (Al-Azhar) Council for Islamic Research, as well as being Grand Mufti of Egypt.  
      No doubt he is well aware that the useful bearded idiot on the left, like his spiritual colleagues at the BBC, has even less respect for Christ than he has.

      Britain, he is thinking, will be a walkover.


  4. Invicta 100 says:

    On Saturday local Midlands BBC News ran a story about the troublesome EDL who were holding a march or rather ‘stand around’ with lots of police to keep them in order in Birmingham. They were as usual protesting about ‘No more mosques’ and other Islamic issues.
    Next we saw an interview with the UAF and various Muslim and Christian ministers condemning the EDL and claiming that Birmingham was a wonderful example of successful multiculturalism and peaceful toleration of religions.
    That would have surprised many parishioners in what used to be Christian areas of |Birmingham, who suffer insults and physical threats as they go to church through what are now Muslim areas. Indeed churches have been damaged and there are reports of clergy and their wives who are relieved to escape the intimidation when posted elsewhere.
    Strange that the BBC reporter, who must surely have known of this, failed to put the duplicitous clergy on the spot and challenge them about specific churches and congregations.


  5. Yasmin says:

    Ali Gomaa is the author which claimed that Prophet Mohammed’s companions used to drink his urine, considering it a blessed act, as reported by Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper. I wish we could get him some since this guy thinks Muhammad’s urine is like nectar!


  6. Yasmin says:

    Wait, let me try to justify Muhammad making his followers drink his urine/camel urine… Urine was like Pepsi at that time and it has medicinal properties. Lol.