Three interviews on Today this morning to contrast. First, EC President Barroso is allowed to waffle by John Humphyrs here with little interruption and a clear element of sympathy. The UK Chancellor Osborne is constantly interrupted by Sarah Montague at 7.50am here. Finally, Barclay’s Bank Chief Bob Diamond is assailed by John Humphyrs here. I’m sure the Occupy rabble will be happy with Humphyrs misrepresentation of Banking. How much does John Humphyrs earn in a year?

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  1. Grant says:

    Well to be fair, Barroso and Humphrys have so much in common, they are both buffoons.
    But, isn’t it wonderful to watch the EU “leaders” and their parasite lickspittles, like Humphrys and his fellow Beeboids, in a complete panic when they can’t understand why it is all going wrong.
    I am having a great week, enjoying every minute of it  !


    • dave s says:

      Real conservatives have a bit of a dilemma here. No sympathy with Greece for it’s profligracy with money it did not possess or
      enjoyment at the total discomfiture of the EU ?
      On balance the EU disaster trumps the Greek stupidity so Greece gets my support.
      Mrs Merkel ,unfortunately for her . seems to have  a bullying personality so once again in human affairs it will be the people not the policies which decide matters. I doubt the Greeks are going to do what is expected of them.


  2. cjhartnett says:

    I needn`t even listen, but thanks for the offer Mr Vance!
    All I needed to know was who was interviewing whom…and my mind does the rest.
    Their psychobabbling chums down the corridor (used to be Raj Persauds studio, until he did a Hari!) would call it archetypal behaviour…how else would Sarah and John react to the cartoon caricatures they are presented with?
    How else do they get those soundbites for the rest of the day? 
    Tompkins can drive them both back to Nannys to pick up the Surestart shirking kids of them both, before luxuriating somewhere nice in the Chilterns as I write.
    I note only one of the above was ever voted by anybody…and , no surprise that HE will get the venom of the autocratic dirigiste sponges and drains.
    If the EU despises you…you`ll be proved right and get a statue before too long if I have anything to do with it.
    George P is only following in the heroic footsteps of Buttiglioni and Marta Andreasen…that the BBC mince along behind EU types like Mandelson, Kinnock and(of course) Patten and Coyle only shows us all who will turn out to be tomorrows heroes.
    Until then…thanks for posting…but we alll know what we`ll be hearing from this lot.
    Only the Beeb could get me to like Silvio and Osborne!


  3. Roland Deschain says:

    At least Osborne eventually had enough and said “If you’d stop interrupting me Sarah, I could explain..”


  4. mark says:

    I was willing Bob to ask the smug Humphries how much he earned (or should I say is paid).


  5. Demon1001 says:

    “How much does John Humphyrs earn in a year?”  A

    nswer: a hell of a lot less than he gets paid.


  6. Umbongo says:

    Blimey!  Even Diamond doesn’t know what’s going on (or, rather, he knows but won’t let on).  OTOH do you think he’d be let near the Today Business Lecture if he was going to tell the unvarnished truth?  Sure the banks have a major share in the responsibility for the financial melt-down but the lion’s share of responsibility is down to all those politicians and regulators who sat there and didn’t just let it happen but positively enabled it.  Diamond says not a word about that but glories in work done by the banks in Mozambique and Barclays throwing money down the “renewable” energy toilet here at home.

    Accordingly, Diamond was pathetic on the radio this morning and, more to the point, his lecture was a lesson in “let’s admit whatever it takes and get it over with” justification.  The truth is that the taxpayer had no need to rescue the banks and, to its credit, Barclays did not go to the taxpayer to bolster itself.  The truth also is that Barclays and the other major banks are (now more than ever) an oligopoly protected by law so, of course, their “services” to their customers are junk.  Did Humphrys make this point?  Actually, would Humphrys – good socialist that he is – know enough to make such a point? Certainly Diamond didn’t (and nor would I in his position).

    The consumers’ “champion” Paul Lewis also opined on Today that somehow banks paying compensation to customers out of profits was wicked beyond belief.  The BBC narrative is  (as far as I can follow the meanderings of idiots) that the banks must never make profits, they must lend to anyone coming in the door shouting “small business”, they must pay compensation to consumers (but not from profits), they must recapitalise (not using taxpayers’ money) while coughing up untold millions to support the euro.  Nonsense and it would have been nice to hear Diamond say so.  If he thinks by playing the BBC/politicians game the banks in general and Barclays in particular will be let off the slow-motion crucifixion hook he’s in for a rude shock.