A B-BBC reader notes..

“BBC News of the firebombing of the French satirical magazine ommited photographs of the offending article even though Le Monde covered them on its front page. BBC’s HYS moderated out attempt to publish links to le Monde. Here is the BBC photo with appropriate black line over the newspaper picture and a few words indicating that the perpetrators were not the good muslims.”

On, and here is the image the BBC are too scared to print..
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  1. Umbongo says:


    Oh yes, I can see how any Muslim nutter or BBC enabler would be upset by that.  But, of course, we’re not dealing with normal people here: neither in the world of Islam nor at the BBC.

    I expect the usual self-appointed representatives of the community of offended persons to get on your trail and, more to the point, get our supine police “service” to knock on your door asking – or rather demanding – to have a look round.  The BBC might even report that and – by slanting the report (or just plain lying) – make you out to be implicated in the bombing (eg by heading the report “DV home raided in bombing row”).

    Meanwhile, well done.  It’s odd that a blog operated off (I assume) the side of your desk can give us more information than a £800 million, publicly funded, statutorily “impartial” news organisation is prepared to do.


  2. SMA says:

    Perhaps compare with the lack of reporting about the peaceful protests by large numbers of French Catholics against a blasphemous play in Paris…

    The nature of the play being IMHO far worse than a picture of the peaceful prophet


  3. Martin says:

    On a similar subject they’ve just been talking about John Terry on Radio 5. Now I’m no fan of Terry, but is anyone else still totally confused by what he’s supposed to have said?

    As far as I’m aware a TV camera caught his saying something along the lines of “I didn’t call you that” to Anton Ferdinand. We now have the Police and football authorities investigating, yet I haven’t seen any actual proof that he said something.

    Yet again we get this trial by media from the BBC in particular who have been stoking this story about Terry up, funny that when Muslims burn poppies or call for people to be beheaded the BBC tries to play it down and likes to accuse the right wing press of ‘stoking it up’

    Perhaps the BBC should look at itself first.


  4. james1070 says:

    But, but, why isn’y the BBC showing this cartoon. It is ok for the Daily Mail, the Sun or the Guardian not to show the cartoon because those papers are biased. But the BBC is supposed to be impartial.

    And the BBC may claim that it may offend Muslims, but what about the offence to the 98% of the public who are not Muslims for not showing the cartoon.


  5. john in cheshire says:

    The bbc are not shy about offending Christians.

    I suppose that we just have to keep on saying the same things about the bbc until they internalise it themselves and either change or are flushed down the sewer of history, with all the other intolerant and dissembling miscreants.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Perhaps we should firebomb the BBC next time we’re offended.  I’m sure they’d be most understanding and realise they’d brought it on themselves.


      • james1070 says:

        Roland, don’t say that, not even in jest. Unless you want to wake one morning with your door smashed in a bedroom full of coppers and an alsatian barking in your face.

        Imagine the BBC headline: Exteme Rightwing Blog BBC Bias Threatens to Fire Bomb BBC, Blog has links to EDL, Anders Breivik and likes Top Gear.


        • Roland Deschain says:

          You know, that exact thought occurred to me as I was typing it.  You’d need an irony bypass to think I was issuing a threat and yet such is the state of “free speech” in this country that I hesitated before pressing “Post”.

          However, they’d need to know who I really was first and are so incompetent they’d probably Google the name and give Stephen King a bell.


  6. Scrappydoo says:

    The explanation is  that Islam now controls the BBC. 


  7. noggin says:

    i mentioned this on the other thread, France24 ran regular bulletins, showing the cartoon, the interviewer held it aloft, they also ran ran the danish motoons as a thread connector, without hesitation, the mag is running the same edition again i hear, la monde etc etc….

    hopefully l it will end with el-beeb publically exposed more than ever
    or its bias in favour of islam, i notice dame nikki & co on 5 live have steered well clear, R4today, ignored it on the morning in question, world service world today was just drivelling apologetics in its report.

    think this is one to keep for batting el beeb around the head with,
    should ever the opportunity arise that you can get through the el beeb inquisition.


  8. Martin says:

    I though it said “I like to f**k my 8 year old wife”


  9. George R says:

    For INBBC eyes and ears:

    Jamie Glazov and Michael Coren discuss the Leftist/Islamic supremacist assault on the West”  
    (inc video clip).


  10. Ben says:

    Steve Hughes on being offended

    (Comedian with a right-of-centre viewpoint on the BBC!  Funny how he hasn’t been asked back)