The Unbearable Whiteness of Occupying

Here’s one for you:

Internal Survey Confirms #Occupywallstreet Is Overwhelmingly White, Janeane Garofalo Unavailable For Comment

Fast Company conducted an internal survey of the #OWS crowd and found it to be as white as the line-up at MSNBC.

Specifically 81.2% white and 1.6% black.

The funniest part? The survey results were made into an infographic which was being distributed by some #OWS members until other #OWS members looked at the results of the survey and freaked out causing arguments and fights.

This wasn’t an outside party saying it, either. The guy behind the study is a data analyst for an advertising company.  And he is one of the Occupiers.

Full graphic of the study is below the fold.
Harrison Schultz claims to have been with the Occupier movement from Day One at Zuccotti Park.  In the piece I’ve linked to, he constantly refers to his “comrades”.  He also claims that this isn’t political like the Tea Party, but is in fact a “post-political” movement.  Anyone even slightly paying attention will have noticed that what these people actually want is good old-fashioned anarchy.  Problem is, they’re so deluded, so caught up in the emotion, that they think they really can achieve a new kind of society where there are national organizations, no corporations, and no national democratic system, but there will still be MacBooks, a well-managed and maintained national infrastructure, high quality backpacks and free wifi.  My own discussions with his comrades have shown that.

Now about that graphic. This was published by Fast Company, a hard-Left magazine which promotes innovation and technology.

The Occupiers are hideously white. And this was published in a magazine which only recently was cherry-picking photos to create the impression that it wasn’t the case. So where is the BBC on this?  Nowhere.

Let’s recall just how much they tried to tell you that the Tea Party movement was overwhelmingly white, which in itself was supposed to be proof of perfidy, and tried to create a strong association with racism.  Mark Mardell, the BBC’s top man in the US, still believes that the Tea Party is driven by crypto-racism.

Some of us noticed when this all started a few weeks ago (and the BBC rushed to tell you about how important it was, and what they believed it to be) that the Occupiers were mostly white.  Even the BBC’s first vox pops segment featured only white people. Mardell had to go out of his way to find a person of color. Yet this has remained unremarked by the same people who were sure that a lacuna of black people at a handful of events in the Midwest gave them the right to slander millions of people.  If there was a significant percentage of non-whites, the Beeboids would be going out of their way to remind you how superior they are to the Tea Party movement.

So I’m calling out the BBC right now.  Mark Mardell, Katty Kay, Laura Trevalyan, Daniel Nasaw, Matt Danzico, Jonny Dymond, Simon Wilson (behind the scenes), Franz Strasser, Caroline Hepke, Michelle Fleury, Andy Gallacher, and all the anonymous Beeboids furiously churning out content for BBC News Online, and even the various Washington-based Beeboids:  Where the hell are you on this?  Furthermore, why aren’t you comparing the clashes with police, the illegal encampments, vandalism, and calls for violence from the Occupiers with the genteel, law-abiding, civic-minded behavior of the Tea Party movement.  Where are your suggestions of guiding hands, or admissions that people from mainstream US media are enabling and coaching them?

BBC reporting on the US is a disgrace.

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20 Responses to The Unbearable Whiteness of Occupying

  1. john in cheshire says:

    I think us white people need our own anthem, a la Tom Robinson.
    Sing if you’re glad to be white
    Or refer to ourselves as WAY; white as you? I’m white and I’m proud? I’m white English, a whitey, a honkey and so on. Drown the racists by embracing their own form of abuse to nullify its effectiveness. I thank God every day for allowing me to be born white.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      john, you’re missing the point.  I’m saying that the BBC – along with their Left-wing media comrades – decided that the racial makeup of the Tea Party movement was an indication of the quality and integrity of our intentions.  They had no problem slandering millions of people over and over again on that score.

      Yet the Occupiers seem to be only barely more diverse, and the BBC hasn’t said a goddman thing the entire time.

      Come to think of it, with the exception of the two African Americans I spoke to at Zuccotti Park, it seems that every other Occupier of color is an anti-Semite.  BBC: ZZZzzzzzzz


  2. deegee says:

    They are not white. The Capitalists have blocked the sky with MMGW pollution and stopped the UV light activating the latent melanine in their skins.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I know it’s hard to tell their skin color underneath all the dirt and grime on these non-bathers.  But they identified themselves as such here.


  3. cjhartnett says:

    You`ve got them banged to rights here!
    These socialist plonkers have failed to ensure the required diversity that is mandatory in equal opportunities quotas…and at least the banks have addressed much of this burning issue, unlike these RAYCYSTS that are preventing black people and others of colour from participating in this national celebration of…well, we`ll find out one day!
    Bloody KKK in tents this lot. Think I`ll create a counter-demo against their inability to ensure positive discrimination in the…er…”workplace”!


  4. Will says:

    Perhaps it is because it is Nov5, but perhaps  BBC2 has another motive to show the movie ” V for Vendetta “at 22:45 tonight


  5. Evil Tory says:

    1.5% other in the gender category…


  6. Phil says:

    When the BBC approves of something we get credulous reporting.

    When the BBC disapproves of something we get the famous ‘analysis’.


  7. George R says:

    Glenn BECK’s ‘The Blaze’:

    “Hundreds of Occupy D.C. Protesters Block Conservatives From Leaving Summit”


  8. NRG says:


  9. George R says:

    And note BBC-Democrat reporting against  Republican Herman Cain, compared with its cosy reporting of Democrat Bill Clinton on a certain subject.

    First, the ‘Telegraph’ (inc video clip):

    “American Way: A funny thing happened on the way to the Herman Cain lynching ”



    “Herman Cain accuser decides not to speak”


  10. My Site (click to edit) says:

    The BBC must be desperatley trying to figure out hwo to reverse that filter they applied to ‘report’ on the Tottenham rio… protest movement, where somehow, despite less editted footage to the contrary, the majority of loot… protesters suddenly got whitewashed in post-coverage.

    In this case, twitter must be alive with irony-free calls from producers to only get in touch ‘cos you is black’.


  11. George R says:

    -from ‘Looking at the Left’:-

    “Evil Clowns and Radical Ringmasters of the Anti-Capitalist Revolution in Denver”  


    • John Anderson says:

      George R

      That really is an amazing photo-montage – full of info about many of the scum professional “protestors” – a mix of anarchists and extreme socialists,  all wanting trouble to occur.

      One line caught my attention – something like -“We anarchists (nutters?) are too few in number,  so what we need to do is act as reasonable citizens who are concerned about XYZ.  When we attract enough other people,  we then have the critical mass to really cause trouble in the streets – it is amazing what mob mentality can lead to”.

      Isn’t that exactly what the Occupy people at St Paul’s are aiming for ?

      And by constantly aiding and abetting them,  the BBC deliberately avoids pointing out how many nasties there are among them,  people who just love causing mayhem.   The BBC is effectively fomenting riots in the streets by failing to report clearly on the makeup and real intentions of the layabouts and troublemakers.


  12. D B says:

    As DP says we’ve been pointing out that the Occupy movement is overwhelmingly for some time now. I even said it to Daniel Nasaw on Twitter three weeks ago, but as far as the BBC is concerned such facts are only worth mentioning when they can be used to slur the Right. Exhibit A: Katie Connolly’s characterisation of the Tea Party in September 2010:

    Demographically, several polls show that the Tea Party is overwhelmingly white and older than 45, and more likely to be male.

    The group has been accused of racism and xenophobia, allegations most members vehemently deny.

    Still, many do not believe President Obama is an American, and Tea Party protesters were accused of hurling ugly epithets at black and gay members of Congress before last year’s vote on healthcare reform.

    One group erected a billboard in Iowa comparing Mr Obama to Hitler and Stalin.

    See how it works? A paragraph stating the Tea Party is mainly white, followed quickly by claims of racism – “has been accused”, “protesters were accused” – with no actual proof offered in support. Andrew Breitbart put up a $100,000 reward for any evidence supporting the accusation that the word “nigger” was directed at any black member of Congress before the healthcare reform vote. It remains unclaimed. Never mind any of that though – all that mattered to Connolly and her BBC colleagues was making the association between the Tea Party and racism.  It was a slur and was intended as such. Propaganda, pure and simple.

    In stark contrast to this there are many videos showing OWS members making vile anti-semitic comments, but the BBC has censored any mention of this. It is as protective of the Occupy movement as it was antagonistic towards the Tea Party.

    And as for Connolly’s comment about the billboard – compare that with the BBC’s ability to look the other way when Occupy protesters are seen with placards saying things such as “Jews Control Wall Street”,”Kill Cops” and “Burn This City”.


    • D B says:

      Missing word in my opening sentence above – “we’ve been pointing out that the Occupy movement is overwhelmingly white for some time now“.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Good grief, this bit just registered in my brain:

      allegations most members vehemently deny.

      Most?  So there are some who fess up to their racism and xenophobia?  How many, and where is the evidence Katie Connolly has to make such a libellous statement? 

      Good thing she left to become a Democrat strategist for a Left-wing group.  She’s untouchable now, as is the BBC.  And they get away with it over and over again, and defenders of the indefensible remain silent as usual, pretending this doesn’t exist.


  13. cjhartnett says:

    Monday mornings at the BBC croissant requisitioning coordinating cabinet will have been a bit less crowded now that Humprys is in Athens and Marr is in Australia(second week running…does he know something that we don`t?).
    No doubt we`lll be getting global warming and the Magaluf Monsters hauled out for wasting airmiles as soon as they have deigned to return home for Children in Needs “newsreaders aren`t just shit shovellers and ciphers for the ruling elite that they profess to despise…they are talentless as well!” showcase of their failed wannabe Gang Shows.
    Tory cuts have depleted my punctuation stocks I`m afraid…and so I hope relatives will include them on my behalf before the winter comes!