1. sue says:

    I’ve posted on this above too. I’d started writing it before I saw this, sorry.


  2. Biodegradable says:

    More on those evil Jews, just in case we haven’t got the message that they’re BAD.

    Bedouin oppose Israeli plans to relocate communities


  3. noggin says:

    press tv – bbc, virtually no difference
    thats how bad it is

    goodness just remembered
    g.galloways started turning up again too
    maybe aquil can get him a permenant spot
    on a phone in, just has to be totally biased
    in favour of Islam.

    oh yeah…..S.M.Live


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    “Teabagger” Connolly will never ask the Palestinians if they will stop trying to kill Israelis if they get their own State.  That would harm the Narrative.


  5. Teddy Bear says:

    Sue did a great job breaking down this clip into its various components to achieve full biased effect. How better to balance the evil settler than follow them with a left wing Israeli POV?

    For any Beeboids who really want to try and understand what is wrong with their narrative here it is explained in a way that even they might understand 


    On a similar theme to the Today clip is this one shown last Sunday (and available to listen again) called The State of Israel. Just a few lines from the explanatory blurb on it:-
    The Arab Spring has meant it has lost Egypt, a key ally. So does this mean the ‘democratic’ Arabs have come to their senses or lost it? No mention of the Copts who also appear to have lost a key ally.

    Turmoil in Syria threatens the stability of an enemy who was at least a known quantity. I thought the BBC considered that ‘Turmoil’ part of the Arab Spring. Maybe not enough ‘oil’ in ‘turmoil’ to justify international assistance there though.

    Inept handling has destroyed the friendship with Turkey. So Israel has the legal right to stop any vessels from breaching its blockade, and because it later refused to apologise to Turkey from illegally trying to breach this blockade – Israel is inept.

    Now the Palestinians are nominally united and rivalling Israel in international diplomacy with their quest for statehood. You’ld have to be pretty thick and sick to think so, or just part of the BBC mindset.


    • Grant says:

      The bit about Turkey is incredible.
      The fascist anti-semite Erdogan deliberately undermined the alliance with Israel.
      Turkey and Israel were close allies before the current Islamic government in Turkey.
      The Israeli Air Force regulary used to train in Turkey ( more air space ). I watched them many times in Konya-Karaman.
      For the BBC to blame Israel for “destroying the friendship” is a massive  LIE   !


      • Teddy Bear says:

        Not to mention Israel recently sending Turkey aid in the form of wooden shelters to house the earthquake victims.


        • Grant says:

          I was living in Turkey at the time of the last big earthquake and the Israelis sent a lot of aid then.
          The tragedy is that, especially during the Ottoman Empire, there was very little anti-semitism. It was the Ottomans who sheltered the Sephardic Jews, many of them who still live in Turkey. I could weep when I think of what the current government are doing, supported by useless, ignorant, politicians in the West , including Cameron. It will end in tears !


    • sue says:

      Tim Franks also made the “mistake” many others often make. He alluded to “The (1948) war that ‘led to’ the establishment of the State of Israel”. Of course that should have been “the establishment of the State of Israel that led to the (1948) war.”


  6. George R says:

    Meanwhile, over with INBBC’s ‘Guardian’ chums:  
    “The Guardian Wants To Make Sure Its Writers Know How To Be Less Obviously Antisemitic”