This is beginning to look like let’s get Richard Black, but he (and the BBC idiots who employ him) deserve it. There is a delicious irony in this story. Mr Black has come out all guns blaring in support of his old chums Greenpeace against a nasty nuclear energy company, EDF. Greenpeace, like Mr Black, want the UK energy supply industry to go back to the dark ages, so the fact that EDF have -in a very French way – looked after their own interests is an occasion for Mr Black to give them a very good (one-sided) kicking, and to remind us how nasty the French government was to the sainted zealots of Greenpeace in the past in helping to sink one of their boats.

But I wonder what the BBC chairman thinks of all this? My guess is that he’s choking over his cornflakes this morning. Or I certainly hope he is. Euromaniac Lord Patten is an ardent greenie, ready to flaunt his eco-fascist credentials to anyone who asks him. To that end, I’m sure he thought he was on a brilliant wicket when he decided (with the inducement, no doubt, of a nice, fat fee) to join the advisory board of a company boasting about its greenie policies and strategy. But I’m afraid all that glitters is not gold – that company just happens to be…EDF Energy. As I’ve noted before, he and his lefty deputy Diane Coyle both sit on the EDF advisory board – so what price their green credentials now? And I’d love to hear them justify how they will continue to serve on a company, which it has been found, is happy to break the law in pursuit of its goals.

This shows, yet again, that the BBC is rotten to the core. Its trustees are nakedly partisan on the subject of climate change, and have sanctioned deliberate misreporting of the whole debate. But at least two of them can’t resist – like so many public servants – the lure of fat consultancy fees… and this morning, they are shown up as venal hypocrites.

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10 Responses to ALL THAT GLITTERS…

  1. Geyza says:

    I have not seen Richard Black reporting on the latest temperature reconstruction of Greenland as yet.  The one which shows that Greenland has been significantly warmer than today at least 4 times in the last four thousand years.

    This research is also much more detailed and accurate than using a handful of Yamal Tree rings, so it should finaly destroy the zombie hockey stick!  Although I would not hold my breath, as the Hockey stick has been thouroughly and completely discredited and still is supported by the climate change religion.


    • ian says:

      That’s not the same “Greenland” that left the EU in 1985, is it? And which now has its fishing industry back after it was raped and ruined for so long? The EU that the BBC chairman is wedded to? The BBC that never mentions Greenland except when raving about climate change?


  2. My Site (click to edit) says:

    ‘Hypocrisy is 99 per cent certain to be caused by humans working for the BBC and those whose interests it serves’.

    I may have editted a smidge.


  3. Beeboidal says:

    So EDF hacked a Greenpeacer’s computer. That’s bad, but I’m unconvinced that this is the only hacking Greenpeace has ever done:

    Greenpeace hack Kent police helicopter surveillance video

    Could it be possible that an organisation which is prepared to hack the police would have qualms about hacking those evil corporations?


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Nice one, Robin.  This will, of course, be proof to defenders of the indefensible that the BBC is balanced.


  5. Martin says:

    I notice that Guido has reminded us that the one eyed retard from Fife’s brother works for EDF as a director.

    Not mentione din Black’s article, want to bet if it was David Cameron’s brother Black would have repeated it over and over.


  6. marc fanton says:

    Thought i would share this


  7. ian says:

    It would appear that Greenpeace is mad because it’s one of the few outfits not to benefit from taxpayers’ money. 

    Friends of the Earth and WWF get EU grant to push for more bird-mincers. The BBC still won’t reveal how much propaganda money it gets from Brussels, despite repeated FoI requests over the years.

    French government-owned EDF gets subsidies per giant, dioxin-spewing incinerator – and of course per bird-mincer – that it puts up, with a promise of more subsidies for any future nuclear plant (uranium being “sustainable”).

    Give Greenpeace our money too and they’ll calm down.


  8. My Site (click to edit) says:

    This is beginning to look like let’s get Richard Black’

    Not really, given the accuracy of his body of work which, too often, is hidden behind a broadcast only megaphone.

    If it is wrong, or biased, this needs to be highlighted.

    And if that happens a lot, then the BBC might better look at Mr. Black as a representative of their professional integrity in this key arena if they wish to be taken seriously and trusted by more than the Kool-aiders in N. London.