Some interesting thoughts from a Biased BBC reader North of the border;

“You may be interested to note that BBC Scotland has virtually shut down on all comment facilities on their ‘news’ threads. 

Blether with Brian has pulled its comment section because the punters were not buying the pro-Labour spin being generated by the Tangerine Jelly as he is known to us Scots. 

BBC Scotland in conjunction with Ian Gray (aka Elmer Fudd) ran a number of stories about how the Scottish Government was going to close down Abertay University in fact both the Tangerine Jell and Elmer had bits of paper to prove this was the case – one month later it is clear that was never the case – in fact the very opposite. 

Then there was Joanne Lamont’s (Labour MSP aka Stairheid Rammy) tale of terrible doing by the Scottish Justice Minister over a rape case she had ‘just become aware of’ according to the BBC. Turns out the rape, the case and its outcome all happened prior to 2007 when Labour’s Cathy Jamieson was Justice Secretary. The Glasgow Evening Times also ran the story and were forced by the girl’s family’s lawyer to print a retraction as yet nothing from the BBC or the Labour Party. 

You may also take a look at the BBC Scotland’s tampering of an interview with Ally McCoist, the Ranger’s manager, to make McCoist appear sectarian. Another is a clip purporting to show John Swinney shaking his head at a statement put forward by Alex Salmond when the actual Holyrood TV section shows that Swinney was shaking his head at a load of tosh being spouted by Ian Gray of Labour.”

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6 Responses to NORTH OF THE BORDER

  1. stevefb says:

    quite a lively debate about this over on the bbc messageboards


  2. My Site (click to edit) says:


    Folk not too keen on pure propaganda in favour of one niche view they don’t happen to hold.

    They use the few means to express this, including correcting inaccuracy as well, on the interactive online pages of the entity they are compelled to fund engaged in this.

    And the solution is… shut it down.

    Now, where in history does one recall something similar happening?

    And not ending well.

    Why do sense that soon, on top of Uni fees and NHS charges, to resolve this I will soon be having to chip in to make this issue quiet down?


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I know what’s happened.  Due to nasty Tory Cuts (freezing of the license fee), the BBC has had to cut staff and/or funding for third-party moderators in order to save cash so they can pay for Limmy’s next series.


  4. LJ says:

    Yes, I heard today that the BBC has had to face fee cuts of 20%, and were wondering where to cut next…. And there was I, outraged that they were not actually facing any cuts at all!! They should be fined a percentage of their fee for telling lies about it!!


  5. cjhartnett says:

    Good suggestion LJ!
    Howsabout an old oil drum to serve as a swear jar outside the BBC, everytime they use appalling language…and a matching one for all those porkies(have we a hadith on whether we can use that?) that they tell us?
    Maybe we can get Ross and Brand back to stick in their couple of grand to set the ball rolling.


  6. Joe K says:

    While I seem to drift ever more to the right as I grow older, in line with Francois Guizot’s maxim, I still don’t have much in common with the average poster here, I think. Nevertheless, I feel that being a fairly loyal defender of the BBC licence fee previously gives me an even greatr insight into how it just isn’t justified anymore. I’m all for one designated month of not paying, and seeing just how the BBC/government would respond? The way I see it, if they recycle about a fifth of their programmes, we should be allowed to recycle a fifth of what we pay them…