Well just as the Occupy jamboree outside St Paul’s is disappearing off radar, up pops the BBC to tell us about the Occupy Leeds “camp.” Evan Davies takes a remarkably relaxed view of the “aims” of the rabble in Leeds doing his best to portray their support for Big Government, their hatred of the free market, their envy of those who actually work for a living and are successful, as “reasoned”.  He then gets a response from market town of Skipton to evaluate what support the protesters have from those who are not protesting,as the BBC carefully puts it. But since the anarcho-communist rabble have only the most convoluted of “ideas”, surely Davies is acting as more of a cheerleader for their alleged objectives.

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4 Responses to OCCUPY THE BBC

  1. james1070 says:

    Nice idea, bring the mountain to Muhammad, so to speak. Occupy Television Center, Occupy Media City. Plenty of the 1%ers work there, starting with Mark Thompson. The BBC uses licence fee payers money to set up tax avoidence schemes for their biggest stars and managers.


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    As Occupy LA is being dismantled by the police, the BBC gives a glowing report on the heroism of their darlings.  Whichever News Online sub-editor who said the LA Times reports that some Occupiers are sitting in trees to avoid the police continues the BBC policy of censoring all negative news about the Occupiers.  In particular, they left out this other LA Times report about their darling Occupiers:

    Occupy L.A.: Serious crimes have doubled in area, police say


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I don’t remember any Beeboid being so friendly and cheery when talking to Tea Party protesters.

    Funny how the Occupiers Evan spoke to didn’t mention bankers’ bonuses, yet that’s what he told the Skipton Conservatives it was all about.  Once again the BBC defines the Occupiers’ motives for you, carrying their water, doing their publicity for them.  Clever.


  4. Will says:

    Even though Evan has decamped to Leeds he is still up to speed on the Labour line when interviewing Beeker about boosting infrastructure spending on “Today”

    He opens by saying “when the economy is FLAT-LINING” (as it is radio we just have to imagine the Ballesque gesture)

    Later questioning how the government can identify additional funds for infrastructure during “the biggest & most severe austerity drive in living memory” he rattles off this quick salvo of missiles

    “you are running out of border control staff – that’s a big mess
    you have abolished educational maintenance allowances – that’s a lot of youngsters having a very tough time
    you are sacking soldiers who have been injured in combat
    you are not locking up in jail people you want to lock up”

    All free hits of course as Beeker wants to pre-announce the spending plans, not challenge Davies’s skewed view of government activity.