A Biased BBC reader notes;

“A new article on the BBC website headlined CO2 climate sensitivity ‘overestimated’ By Jennifer Carpenter, starts off hopefully with the statement; “Global temperatures could be less sensitive to changing atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels than previously thought, a study suggests.”
Then we immediately get in the next paragraph; “The researchers said people should still expect to see “drastic changes” in climate worldwide, but that the risk was a little less imminent.” And as we near the end we get; “The results of this paper are the result of the analysis of [a] cold climate during the glacial maximum (the most recent ice age),” he told BBC News. “There is evidence the relationship between CO2 and surface temperatures is likely to be different [during] very cold periods than warmer.” Scientists, he said, would therefore prefer to analyse periods of the Earth’s history that are much warmer than now when making their projections about future temperatures.”

This comes across to me as a blatant admission that they won’t look at data that won’t support their point of view.

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