Here’s a wonderful example of some BBC dissembling. Remember those deplorable summer riots? Guess who is “to blame”? That’s right – the Police!

A lack of confidence in the police response to the initial riots in London in August led to further disturbances across England, a report has concluded. The Riots, Communities and Victims Panel found it had “encouraged people to test reactions in other areas”. The panel found there was no single cause of the riots but said it was shocked at the “collective pessimism” among the young people it spoke to.It warned that such riots would happen again unless action was taken.

Right then, so people were forced to “test reactions” in other areas of the UK because the Met held back? I see. Not only that but with all this pessimism about, how on Earth could anyone be expected to hold back from looting and arson? The Panel that has produced this nonsense is allowed to pontificate with NO voice of response on the BBC report.

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  1. London Calling says:

    Nick “We wanna be like Oxfam” Clegg  introducing the lead of the panel Darra Singh  –  “Having worked with young people, and on housing and violence issues in a range of cities around the country, including London, Darra will be able to lead the panel and delve into this gloomy chapter of Britain’s history”.  
    A gloomy chapter indeed, but not everyone will agree with Nick what was  gloomy about it. For some of us it will be remembered for the dilatory and politically-correct  response of our cowed Police Force, bristling with Sociology graduates, frightened by Health and Safety ( let the buildings burn because Gold Command could not guarantee the safety of firemen to do their job” , frightened of being accused by lefty journalists of  “heavy handed over-reaction”, frightened to collar black youths thanks to the McPherson legacy, and the spectacle of the utterly useless Theresa  (“we don’t do water cannon”) May contradicting herself hourly to avoid any responsibility;  
    Apparently not. The Chief Executive of Job Centre Plus – a classic Labour creation which employs thousands of people who don’t do very much and don’t do it very well. Just the person to put his finger on the REAL causes of the riots.

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    • Julia Brenen says:

      Yet again the ‘riots’ and police being commented on.  No mention of Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old black man, who was shot BY POLICE on 4 August 2011 by police attempting to arrest him in Tottenham, London, England.  Funny that isn’t it, everyone conveniently forgotten, along with all the other murders by police.


      • Barry says:

        How can we forget it?

        Such a loss.


      • Rusty Shackleford says:

        Mark Duggan, a drug-dealing gun toting gangster, is lionized by useful idiots like Julia, whilst a woman with the wrong opinions on a tram is hounded into jail by the Thought Police. Her crime of racism is considered more abhorrent than violence, theft, drug dealing and rioting.


      • jarwill101 says:

        Julia Brenen – ‘Voice of the Estates’. I’ll bet.


      • London Calling says:

        Being shot by the police might depend on what you are doing at the time Julia. “Murder” is a criminal offence when found guilty of same by the courts following a trial. Can you see any difference, or is it all the same in the wool between your ears?  
        Are you suggesting it is police policy to “murder” people, or are you just “talkin’ bollocks”? No, don’t answer that – it’s a loaded question. Like the gun found near Duggan’s body, no doubt.


  2. George R says:

    The MET was applying ‘political correctness’ in its role towards the rioters, i.e., non-policing.  
    BBC-NUJ’s implied political line at the time:  
    – ‘don’t touch our lovely multicultural rioters’.


  3. john says:

    I’ve watched :
    Pie in the Sky – Touch of Frost – etc
    I go to football matches with my copper friends.
    The feeling which prevails is that senior policeman in fiction and fact are indeed related, ie :
    they don’t know what their doing.
    Or :
    they do know what their doing, but just not police work.
    So easy pickings for the BBC, unless of course they made the mistake of asking an Inspector / Sergeant / Constable what they would have done during the riots should all senior officers have been unavailable due to Seyshelles conference syndrome and it became clear that a real decision was needed.
    The BBC just wouldn’t want to hear the answer.


  4. ian says:

    With the “independent” panel representing the Labour Party, the media left, refugee interests and “alternative” education, of course the BBC parrots its views verbatim.

    I’m only surprised that climate change nutters aren’t on the panel too, blaming police fascism on AGW.


  5. George R says:

    “Riots, opportunism and the simple truth”  
    -‘Daily Mail’ comment –  
    “In a display of grotesque political opportunism, Left-wingers rushed to blame last summer’s riots on the policies of a callous government.  
    “Egged on by the BBC, Harriet Harman put the violence down to the rise in tuition fees, Jobcentre closures and the end of the Education Maintenance Allowance.  
    “For former London mayor Ken Livingstone, predictably, the rampage of lawlessness was attributable to cuts in local authority grants and the ‘economic stagnation’ imposed by the Tories.  
    “This paper, along with countless other witnesses to those frightening five days, took a less forgiving view of the rioters.  
    “As we commented at the time: ‘To blame the cuts is immoral and cynical. This is criminality, pure and simple, by yobs who have nothing but contempt for decent, law-abiding people.’  
    “Now the independent inquiry set up by Nick Clegg confirms our judgment.”  
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2067399/England-summer-riots-inquiry-Opportunism-simple-truth.html#ixzz1f55ojfVi


  6. Umbongo says:


    Given that the majority on the inquiry panel are Labour drones carefully selected from the nomenklatura, the interim conclusions to the inquiry (not, I hasten to add, the BBC gloss) although littered with “social justice” confetti was not as right-on as I would have expected.

    Frankly, the police have to bear some of the blame.  It would have been common sense not to have left the crim’s family standing outside Tottenham Police Station for hours.  The police did fail to control the riots until 48 hours after they had begun.

    The solutions to the problems highlighted by the rioting lie deep in the malaise created by lack of self-discipline (or any discipline except that imposed on the taxpaying law-abiding classes) in society generally.  This is work for another two or three generations.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t even begun yet. The present government – continuing the work of the last adminiostration – is moving us further and further from a (largely peaceful and civilised) solution.  I should add that the solution does not comprise, in whole or in part, bunging more taxpayers’ money at areas like Tottenham.


  7. London Calling says:

    The riots were participated in by less then 1% of youth, so no “social” solutions are required. Merely “bang up” the participants.    
    A dousing of “smart water” at the time and they could all be behind bars right now, instead of the farce of the legal and judicial system trousering far more money than the rioters ever did.    
    If you want a win win social intervention, train all the rioters as lawyers. That way they can represent themselves and save us all a fortune on our learned friends.


  8. Avril Tyrell says:

    Just wanted to add this link.  It’s a piece written by Lindsay John around the time of the riots. This is also in response to silly little Julia Brenen’s post.

    “Apologists for these thugs should hang their heads in shame: A stinging rebuke from an inner-city youth worker”