Wake up Call

“Now for a party political broadcast on behalf of Islam.”
Not heard in so many words on the BBC, but the strategy of bringing Muslims and Islam into our lives with a series of “they’re just like us” programming has been hammering away at the audience with the intensity of one of Saatchi’s finest ad campaigns.

As well as programmes about Islam itself, programmes about Muslim family life, programmes about Islamic culture, dramas with Muslim heroes, plots where all things Islamic are depicted as virtuous, often contrasted with some indigenous British scroungers, scoundrels and amoral good-for-nothings just in case we haven’t already got the message that Islam is thoroughly and benignly British, there is the increasing role Islamic preachers are playing in mainstream religious broadcasting.

This would be all very well if they were willing and able to openly mention and examine the negative characteristics associated with Islam and Islamist practices, as honestly and readily as they obviously expect us to accept all the rest of it.
When such things inevitably feature in the news, overtly politically correct attempts to distance them from the ‘religion of peace’ prevents the connection from being openly and realistically acknowledged. Not only terrorism, but honour killings and forced marriages. When we hear scary tales about these, it’s made very clear that they’re not exclusively Muslim, but Asian. Similarly, there are ‘unmentionable’ aspects of the sexual grooming phenomenon that are worth mentioning. Apparently statistics say the perpetrators of sex crimes are predominantly white, but the figures don’t show whether there are behaviour patterns and attitudes within this broad grouping that are specific to Asian gangs. There is also the unasked and unanswered question of whether Muslims’ alleged moral superiority makes it all the more incongruous that any of them indulge in this crime in the first place. Or does repressed sexuality and a contemptuous attitude towards non Muslims constitute an explosive combination?
Additionally, there’s the question of whether the number of sex crimes, or criminality in general by Muslim offenders is relative and proportionate to the population as a whole.
Must we assume that the high number of Muslims in the prison population is because of Islamophobia in the justice system, or unfair targeting of Muslims by the institutionally racist police? Or is it for some other mysterious reason.
All over the papers yesterday, but, at the time of writing, absent from the BBC, was the incident involving a Christian worker at Heathrow airport who allegedly lost her job after being bullied by Muslim colleagues. Most concerning to many of the online commenters was the predominance of overtly Muslim employees at the UK’s largest and busiest airport. The gateway to the UK gives new arrivals the impression that they’ve landed in an Islamic state. Several people alluded to foxes guarding the henhouse.

This morning’s Start the Week discussed the Arab Spring, and various speakers assured us the new Islamist ideologies are moderate and tolerant. Someone told Andrew Marr that Erdogan is so popular with the Turkish people “because of his attitude towards Israel and Syria.” This went unchallenged. Not unusual, because Andrew Marr habitually lets this sort of thing pass without a murmur. Criticism of Israel, the assumption that it’s evil, lumping it together with Syria, etc. is an everyday occurrence on that programme.

But just moments earlier, Today put out a lengthy promotional piece about Alan Yentob’s upcoming radio 4 programme on the dwindling number of Jews in Iraq. The trail even featured the remarkable Canon Andrew White ‘the vicar of Baghdad’, who told us that the recent Wikileaks exposure of their names and addresses put the lives of the seven remaining Jews still living there in grave danger.

During this feature John Humphrys sounded sympathetic to their plight and that of the thousands of Jews who had been hounded out of Iraq. No doubt, had he been involved in that conversation, Andrew Marr too would have responded sympathetically, and gone ‘mmmm,’ as he is wont to do. But the cognitive dissonance displayed here, by which I mean the disconnect between the BBC’s sympathy with persecuted Jews, alongside their own simultaneous compliance with and participation in Israel’s vilification is staggering.

Yet Alan Yentob’s programme information has this.
“Nazism, Arab-nationalism and anti-Zionist feeling created a wave of anti-Semitism“
In black and white, the BBC has allowed a writer to link Nazism with Arab-nationalism. They’ve even gone so far as to connect the terms ‘created’ and ‘a wave of antisemitism’. Normally, antisemitism is regarded by them as something that just exists, out of nowhere, and persecution of Jews arises from nothing, and is not created by Nazism and Arab Nationalism, nor fueled by the antismitism inherent in Islam.

A recent From Our Own Correspondent featured one of the few Jews remaining in Macedonia, an 89 year-old holocaust survivor who remembers the deportation of Macedonia’s Jews. In the same section of From Our Own Correspondent, the reporter himself, Mark Lowen, recounted a moving tale about his own grandmother, a concert pianist who had been sent, with her sister, to the concentration camp that was immortalised in the film “Schindler’s List.” Furthermore these items were briefly featured and linked to on a main BBC news webpage, under the heading ‘Features and Analysis’ before being relegated to another section.

Is this a sea change somewhere in the bowels of the BBC, or is it just part of the same ‘old one step forward, two steps back’ progress we’re more used to. The BBC is still some way off from connecting the current waves of antisemitism with events in the present day Arab world. They seem uncannily eager to impress upon us that every newly, or about-to-be, democratically elected Islamist party is moderate. The Muslim Brotherhood, Ennahda, the moderate Islamist party that recently won the elections in Morocco, and last but not least our moderate friend Mahmoud Abbas. But it seems these moderates swiftly impose restrictions on the population as soon as they get the chance. Veils in universities, modest dress, polygamy and hatred of Jews, Israel and the West may seem moderate to some people, but surely not here in ‘Great’ Britain.

Programmes and items about the holocaust are not unusual. The BBC and the film industry have always been interested in depicting the holocaust. The pathos can sometimes appear self indulgent and gratuitous, but when people refer to “the holocaust industry” they don’t mean that. What they actually mean is that in their opinion the holocaust is being cynically and exploitatively used by Jews to shut down debate and act as a smokescreen to obscure the wrongdoings of Israel. This accusation works just the same in reverse, shutting down debate from the other side and unconvincingly masking the antisemitism that lies behind the accusation. Remembering the holocaust does more than beg for the universal sympathy vote. It reminds us how far things can escalate before they’re acknowledged, properly recognised and seen for what they really are. Hindsight shows how easily people can abandon reason, and should warn us to be vigilant lest history repeats. Be vigilant, BBC, and wake up.

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19 Responses to Wake up Call

  1. Louis Robinson says:

    “England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality. In left-wing circles it is always felt that there is something slightly disgraceful in being an Englishman and that it is a duty to snigger at every English institution, from horse racing to suet puddings. It is a strange fact, but it is unquestionably true that almost any English intellectual would feel more ashamed of standing to attention during ‘God save the King’ than of stealing from a poor box”. – George Orwell


    • noggin says:

      el beeb, where to start, i keep thinking this islam loving, islam excusing
      shameful excuse for broadcaster cannot get any worse…everytime it does.
      whether its deliberate ignorance of hard facts, or drivelling insidious “protection” of the plethora of abhorrent aspects of this  ideology, for instance muslim child rape gangs, or deliberate pushing of the lie of R.O.Peace or the “crock” of islamo-faux-bia.
      i don t think their  bar can get any lower, i wait to be dismayed again.


  2. George R says:

    Yes, e.g. MARR wants, and campaigns for the European Union to become rapidly more Islamic through the entry of 80 million Muslim Turks.

    Marr ignores the Islamising Erdogan; and Marr ignores the problems and conflicts involving Turkish immigrants in Germany.

    The whole E.U./ European political elite (inc INBBC) project of Islamising the E.U. is based on some dangerously unreal, utopian hope, and unfounded guess of Islam being reformable, away from jihad and sharia imperatives.

    And to ‘prove’ this travesty of the truth, expect INBBC to push more of their Islamic propagandists at us, such as Rageh Omaar (ex-INBBC, now of Islamic Al Jazeera) and Tariq Ramadan (descendent of Muslim Broherhood founder); and expect critics of Islam and of Turkey’s Islamising to remain censored out.


  3. noggin says:

    The political class, are late, wrong, 70 yrs too late, thinking that if they don t make a big noise, over miniscule drugged up alcoholic dress designers, we (the majority of uk public) are all immediately going to slip on the jackboots???
    how insulting
    Talk about picking the easy option, when there is a significant number threatening to cause & reign over the next holocaust….and mean it
    right here right now.
    which brings me to their deluded premis of moral equivalency, instituting it where there is none?
    it is not the majority of the UK public, who immediately turn to threat and violence, over the slightest delusion of insult…well is it,.

    yet it is they under PC madness. it is we who are to be reprimanded at every opportunity???..again the easy target, 70 yrs too late and the wrong people.

    It is the height of political cowardice, Brown was weak on this, Cameron in his short time is worse, and this cowardice is the cause for groups such as the EDL
    ,the grass roots won t put up with this happening all around them, when muslim groups, with a dangerous/poisonous ideology are protected, they simply will not.
    Actually that cowardice, only aids someone like the BNP! too.

    Islam is a dangerous ideology, it is not just another religion, its primary aspect is political power, it is a totalitarian supremacist ideology dressed in a religious gown. It is essentially just like fascism/communism, the religion part, well,

    that s the get out of jail free card, that is why it needs such a vociferous propaganda arm.

    Simply ask yourself, why do you think this er! “religion”has  infiltrated the highest levels of government, why all these protectionist & dubious so called muslim“rights” groups. have been set up

    …by accident?

    why if it gets questioned, or ridiculed the results are nearly always threat,(including political), violence or both in the determination to silence

    …by accident?


    why again and again mosques, preachers push the Qurans genocidal imperative, to threaten, to murder, to silence… er non believers,

    by accident,

    why the children get, closed mind indoctrination, sooner than education

    …by accident


    NO…..its primary purpose IS political power & control.

    oh & moderate muslims, thank goodness, so many are just get along guys
    but that is inspite of the ideology, not because of it, AND as the community gets larger as is always proved the less moderate they get.
    Although that moderacy is espoused, they are the first to take advantage of
    any gains made by those who are not, usually through political cowardice.


  4. jarwill101 says:

      For years the BBC has had a very serious addiction problem – its habitual consumption of the multiculturalism opiate. Or has it? Perhaps the beeboids like watching other people swallow dangerous, nation-threatening drugs. Get a buzz of it. Their problem is that a lot of us ‘unenlightened’ people are saying ‘No!’ to lethal narcotics. So, they must try even harder. Hence their strange behaviour, their increasing aversion to the truth.
      At first glance, you would think the beeboids have gone mad, & blind. They see things that aren’t there: giant Benetton adverts stretching across the UK, coming to harmonious life; conversely, they, apparently, can’t see monstrous acts of criminality, terrorism & totalitarianism committed by muslims, 24/7. Or the relentless rise of black violence in this country. That’s definitely a no-go zone. Then they show us the airbrushed sunshine pictures; tell us the new people are all OK, as if we were dumb little children.             Because, like drug dealers who never actually consume their product, who live far from the wreckage, they want to turn everybody on, by force, if necessary – whatever the cost. Because, truly, they’re misanthropes, dressed as ‘progressives’. And there’s a good living to be had out of loathing the country whose teats you greedily suck. That’s why they’re always talking about the wonders of ‘enrichment’, ‘diversity’, the brilliance of every culture other than British – even cultures that are barbaric, backward, fascist basket-cases. Extra specially good. Can’t wait to get them over here. As long as I can stay in my big house in Barnes, & don’t have to live in Tower Hamlets. That’s the deal, & I’ll carry on dissembling, & bigotising the difficult ones.
      Beeboids like Andrew Marr are smart enough to know it’s all delusion. Islam is as enriching as a diet of smashed glass. But they just can’t help themselves. For some buried reason, they want to see nation states, & their principally white inhabitants, obliterated. Even though they’re ‘horribly white’ themselves. Islam, in the BBC’s cyclopian eye, is, for the moment, their weapon of choice, their velvet battering-ram. Except when it detonates on public transport. Outside of Beeboid-Guardianista, though, us bigots are playing hard to get. All that lobbying by Allah’s little pimps just keeps making us spew.


  5. sue says:

    More on Wikileaks releasing the names of the seven Jewish individuals still trying to live in Iraq. Democratic Iraq!


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    On Nov. 5, Katty Kay guest-hosted the far-Left Diane Reihm show on the far-Left white people’s network, NPR.  Guests all Left-leaning, naturally.  During a discussion about the firebombing of that French satirical mag by Mohammedans, she supported the notion that people shouldn’t make fun of them, despite any free speech rights, and despite the constant stream of edgy comedians on the BBC making fun of everyone else.  I bet she has no problem with Richard Bacon pointing his audience to that Doug Stanhope clip about Sarah Palin and her son.  
    It’s in their DNA.  Katty often guest hosts on this show, trading on her status as a BBC anchor and Washington correspondent, enriching herself and appropriating more wealth, further contributing to income inequality.


    • George R says:

      Yes, INBBC’s Ms KAY: a self-styled ‘feminist’ who ignores subservience of women in Islam, and who opposes the right to criticise Islam. 

      Hypocrisy indeed.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        She did wake up the other day when she found out that someone she knew personally was sexually assaulted and injured amidst that carnival atmosphere in Tahrir Square.  If she was similarly concerned about Laura Logan, I missed it.


  7. George R says:

    INBBC: pro-Pakistan, anti-NATO.

    While INBBC reports on the political behalf of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan daily, and it also reports against NATO, using the opinions of Muslim Pakistan staff based in Islamabad.

    So it is necessary to turn away from INBBC for a more understanding view of NATO’s role:


    “Chaos in Pakistan ” (2 page report).



    “Taliban, artillery, and lies in Mohmand Agency”



  8. ian says:

    Funny, the beeb never mentioned that the Guardian’s David Leigh was the bloke who actually published the password for decrypting the cables about endangered Jews in Iraq – thus endangering their lives.


  9. Teddy Bear says:

    I love the way the Religion of Peace website defines Islamophobia

    Islamophobe (is-slahm-o-fohb) – A non-Muslim who knows more than they are supposed to know about Islam.


    • sue says:

      Ha! If it’s a fear of losing life or liberty to Islamic rule etc, whay are we so ashamed of ‘suffering from it?’ Or are we allowed to say loud and proud “We are all Islamophobes now?” 🙂

      Is that ridiculous website anything to do with Anjem Choudary’s lot?
      Firefox didn’t like the link.


      • sue says:

        Or, it’s just  a spoof.


        • sue says:

          P.S. It’s so hard to tell with extreme Islam as the parody is so like the real thing. However we may as well treat it as certain people treat The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
          As fact. 🙁


      • Teddy Bear says:

        I would have made a bet you would have already been aware of this website Sue. It’s like Jihad Watch, and Choudary is more likely to be a subject of it than a willing participant. http://www.thereligionofpeace.com

        They do a very good webpage add on that shows exactly how many deadly Islamic terror attacks there have been since 9/11, which at the moment stands over 18,000. Religion of Peace as the website name is cynical – but for the BBC…. 😉

        As you say about Islamophobia, when the BBC accuses any body or group of this , the intelligent response should be HOW COME YOU’RE NOT?