Spot the difference. Richard Black of the BBC leads the way in “sock-puppet journalism”. Jo Nova has a superb post showing how a select band of climate change eco-fanatics round the world have deployed 10 excuses to tell us that the Climategate emails should be ignored, for example, they are old, they were nicked, the timing is suspicious, or, the science is nevertheless valid. Surprise, surprise, Mr Black was the world leader off the blocks within a matter of hours, and deployed an impressive seven out of the ten sock-puppet excuses. I sense a Royal Television Society gong is in the offing for such impressive services to propaganda…

Meanwhile, from his boondoggle climate change guerilla post in sunny Durban, Mr Black continues the incessant campaign to send us back to the stone age. Here, he pushes a report on the evils of coal from Banktrack, an eco-fascist concern bankrolled by the usual suspects – Greenpeace and its ilk.

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21 Responses to SOCK-PUPPET BLACK

  1. Mailman says:

    I believe the powers that be in the media, climate science and the government have far too much to loose by coming clean…hence why we will never see anyone owning up to doing anything wrong.

    We have a compliant media who will never investigate this because to do so will unravel the fraud that passes for climate science and if they do that then they also destroy their own credibility…and as we all know, that will never happen.

    The government will never look in to this seriously because they are addicts and they are addicted to the worse drug known to man…taxation! To acknowledge that the science that passes for climate science is shit is to acknowledge that all the green taxes they have hoisted on us are are crap! And to do that would incur the roth of the ignorant public!

    So all in all, we are f9cked.



  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Nice catch, Robin.  I’d say it’s just down to lazy churnalism, but we know he fervently believes this stuff and rushed to proselytize.


  3. Natsman says:

    He has that kind of face which requires a hard slap with a wet haddock…


  4. Cassandra King says:

    A bought and paid for sock puppet? =-O

    The BBC is full of them, some cost actual money and some are useful idiots who sell out for free and some are just the usual cowards keeping their heads low and their thoughts to themselves. 

    Richard Black sock puppet, it could be the perfect epitaph for a scumbag such as him.


  5. RGH says:

    Yes, the Urgewald woman wheeled on for her ‘opinion’ is an associate of the BankTrack outfit as identified through the Banktrack website.

    Another bunch linked as ‘member’ is a group who seem to have absolutely nothing to do with ‘climate’ at all.

    Follow the link and you will see a self-styled Palestinian Civil Society set-up who with the usual rabid anti-Israel politics also, to be noted, express their solidarity with the public ‘service’ strikers in the UK.

    It is all so predictable. Birds of a feather.


  6. Dogstar060763 says:

    I thought the Jo Nova piece was excellent – funny and scathing in equal measure. Poor old Mr Black. We should be kind to him; like so many of his peers he finds himself backed into an impossible corner over his rabid support for the lunacy of the Church of AGW, bleary-eyed and somehow unable to comprehend the slow demolition of this once-glorious edifice to political greed, scientific fraud and naked self-interest. It must have seemed so perfect, so unassailable, peering down from those lofty heights of IPCC-endorsed self-righteousness.

    Important safety tip: Empires fall. Even the mightiest of them.


    • John Anderson says:

      Sorry,  I don’t feel kind towards Black.  I think he should be sacked for shoddy “reporting” – it is mostly churnalism,  very biased.   He has shown eg over the “hide the decline” business that he does not understand the debate properly.

      Worse – he is proseletysing policies that are killing people in Britain through fuel poverty.


  7. Richard Pinder says:

    Well everyone I know now realises that the Scientific consensus was manufactured by the BBC. And as for the Political consensus, that has now ended in both the main parties now.
    Labour MP Graham Stringer last night said he would be writing this week to BBC director-general Mark Thompson to demand an investigation into the Corporation’s relationship with UEA. ‘The new leaked emails show that the UEA scientists at the Tyndall Centre and the CRU acted more like campaigners than academics, and that they succeeded in an attempt to influence the output of the BBC,’ Mr Stringer said.

    Conservative MP David Davis said: ‘Using research money to evangelise one point of view and suppress another defies everything I ever learnt about the scientific method. These emails go to the heart of the BBC’s professed impartiality… its actions must be investigated.’


  8. Will says:

    “This week’s Spectator cover star Nils-Axel Mörner brings some good news to a world otherwise mired in misery: sea levels are not rising dangerously – and haven’t been for at least 300 years. To many readers this may come as a surprise. After all, are not rising sea levels – caused, we are given to understand, by melting glaciers and shrinking polar ice – one of the main planks of the IPCC’s argument that we need to act now to ‘combat climate change’?” James Delingpole


    • Natsman says:

      I sincerely hope that someone remembers to to inform the Clown Prince of Wales of that fact, so that he may reflect and change his stance.  Not much chance of that, he’s just a useful idiot, like the nice Mr. Attenborough.


  9. Martin says:

    Come on guys what do beeboids REALLY want for Christmas?



  10. Richard Pinder says:

    White Xmas? I would bet on that. I think Piers Corbyn says North England will be covered in snow from the 15th to 28th December.


  11. London Calling says:

    More scare from the BBC. Yes its our old friend (non-existant) global warming. 
    “But the biggest threat to Iceland’s icecaps is seen as climate change, not the volcanoes that sometimes melt the icecaps.  
    They have begun to thin and retreat dramatically over the last few decades, contributing to the rise in sea levels that no eruption of Katla, however big, is likely to match.”  
    Shame there has been no warming for over ten years. Must be down to something else, unknown natural forces?  Not to the BBC AGW steamroller. Cue Monty Python “He has given us a sign!”


    • John Anderson says:

      …and no raising of sea levels either ?

      What a fatuous article.  I looked up the author’s name – she – like so many of the “reporters” our money is wasted on,  started off in BBC local radio.   Latterly she had been one of the US crew – this link shows her recent output.   She appears to provide a fatuous article every few days,  a handful a month  – no sweat,  but at huge cost counting overheads.


      I stumbled over this world map of BBC correspondents around the world.   Dozens and dozens of them.  That’s on top of the UK-based reporters they can send out to cover big news stories.   All of them contributing piddling stories every few days.   At huge overall cost.

      In the air travel / Internet / teleconferencing age – and with access to PA and Reuters – I reckon we could do fine without three-quarters of them.   Are they really providing us with a clear picture of what is going on in Australia,  New Zealand,  Canada for example ?   Why do we need someone in Dubai ?   Why 2 correspondents in Mexico City ?

      Do we really need a correspondent in Lisbon,  for example ?   Here is her meagre output – we could probably have survived without most of her articles.  Or ALL of them.   

      I would love to see a headcount of the BBC journalists set against a headcount for Sky,  Channel 4 News,  ITN.


      • John Anderson says:

        apparently there are some 200 correspondents in 100 locations.   Plus back-up staff ?


  12. Phil Ford says:

    Black at it again, failing to mention the HUGE amounts of ‘wealth transferance’ the poorer nations of the world are really after from wealither nations (all in the name of saving the planet, of course) at Durban. Disgraceful – if predictable –  under-reporting from the foremost High Priest of proAGW propagandizing.


  13. London Calling says:

    Ben Ayliffe of Greenpeace spends his day pushing helpful little tweets to Louise Gray, Telegraph Chief Eco-Liar. Endless stream of propaganda, which he would appear to be paid to produce.