In the first of an occasional series dedicated to BBC-related Christmas gift ideas I would like to take this opportunity to draw our readers’ attention to the following items…

Further Xmas gift recommendations from Biased BBC readers are welcome.

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  1. Demon1001 says:

    The BBC and the Bullshitters Creed; not just for Christmas.  It will work all year round.


  2. Frederick Bloggs says:

    How about “Call of Nature: Horrorbin’s End'”

    I would buy that.


  3. matthew rowe says:



  4. The Beebinator says:


    Bullshitters Creed – climtegate II – The Return of the Moonbats

    outstanding job DB. this terrible duo must have some of the biggest carbon footprints on the face of the planet


  5. Frederick Bloggs says:

    How about “The Bureau” as a mini-series set in washington. Here is a pilot episode


  6. ian says:

    The BBC Political Correctness Kit contains –  
    1 fake history book showing that we invented slavery  

    1 set of patio heaters to try and prove that earth is warming up 
    1 peace-lover’s prayer mat  
    1 photomontage of Nordic blondes rioting in August

    1 blow-up feminist for new men (complete with spikes)  
    1 “European Unity” brand crowd control water cannon  


  7. John Anderson says:

    What saddens me about the BBC is how good it used to be :

    Some classic words by Alistair Cooke in that programme,  while discussing H L Mencken –

    “He taught me first and I have confirmed it many times on the road that there is no such thing as ideological truth.  To the extent that a reporter is a liberal reporter or a communist reporter,   a conservastive or a Republican reporter – he is no reporter at all.”


    • TheGeneral says:

      I think you would have to go back to the 60’s to find a reliable unbiased report on the BBC. Richard Dimbleby was a great presenter. You would never have a clue what his political orientation was. His sons however !!!!!!!
      The rot started in the early 70’s when some Wilson supporting Lefties got their feet in the door to do a demolishing job on Ted Heath and have increased their numbers and influence progressively ever since, hence the abomination we have today.


      • hippiepooter says:

        I suspect David Dimbleby is a Tory on the quiet.

        Jonathan?  A genocidal, Jew hating, Hamas supporting leftie – blatantly.


      • John Anderson says:

        I followed Alistair Cooke for over 40 years – on the BBC and for a long time at the old Manchester Guardian.   I still don’t know his political slant.  He kept the flame burning till 2004,  luckily he was mostly in the US so did not see from this side of the pond how trashy and biased the BBC had become.


    • Umbongo says:

      If you read the first volume of Michael Wharton’s autobiograpy – The Missing Will – he tells how, even in the late 40s/early 50s, voicing any opinion contrary to the then lefty orthodoxy at the BBC  (eg that soviet communism was just as disgusting and murderous as nazism) was met with howls of disbelief followed by a not so subtle “freezing out” of the heretic by the powers that be.


  8. Cassandra King says:

    Look at this from WUWT, its about the birth of the heavily censored blog real climate and the people behind it.

    The genesis of appears in the Climategate emails, and surprise, the BBC’s Roger Harrabin seems connected Posted on November 30, 2011 by

    <img src=”″ title=”real_climate_L[1]”/>
    This email in December 2003 shows what appears to be the genesis of the idea of setting up the website.
    There a BBC (impartiality – ho ho) connection. Roger Harrabin at this meeting at Tyndall (why was he there in the first place?) of the BBC apparently “…wanted something more pro-active.” according to the email.
    Bishop Hill writes:
    #2974 is an email from Prof John Shepherd, a Tyndall advisory board member, to RealClimate’s Stefan Rahmstorf. Dated December 2003, it is a response to an email in which Rahmstorf has suggested setting up a website to counter sceptic arguments (perhaps the germ of the idea for RealClimate itself?). That’s not the point though. The point will be clear when you read Shepherd’s report of a meeting of Tyndall’s advisory board.
    Many thanks for your very helpful comments. Essentially I agree on all counts, and indeed the “sceptics ask, scientists answer” web-page that you have set up is exactly the sort of thing I had in mind as a possible minimal response that we (Tyndall et al, and even maybe the Royal Society if it wants to get involved) might undrertake. Wherever possible this could/should refer to other reputable sites (incl IPCC, Hadley Centre, the ones you mention, etc etc) rather than duplicating the material. I would envisage that such a site could be maintained by a consortium of the willing, in this case involving (say) Tyndall, Hadley & PIK. We could then asked the RS (et al) to mention it and link to it on some sort of “sound science” page on their own web-site(s) (Rachel, do you think that this might fly ?).
    We had an interesting debate on this at the Tyndall Advisory Board last week, and the consensus was very much in line with your views, except for the journalist present (Roger Horobin), who wanted something more pro-active. I am more sympathetic to his view than most of you, I think, but the question is what more would be useful, effective, and not too burdensome ? So far I don’t think I have identified anything, but I do think that the sort of web-page mentioned above would be a start, and so I am copying this to Asher Minns, for him to consider and discuss with John & Mike at Tyndall Central.
    The date of this email is Wed, 03 Dec 2003
    Academia moves slowly in most things. They had to build consensus and then search for money to do it, perhaps money that couldn’t be from NASA or other publicly funded research due to the conflicts of interest that would have created with such an outreach. They found money in the form of Fenton Communications, now Environmental Media Services.
    According to whois was registered as a domain almost a year later  19-Nov-2004 16:39:03 UTC

    The BBC was in at the start, Harrabin was a player, a non scientist himself he was an important ingredient none the less, his job was to peddle the lies and propaganda coming from real climate, the CAGW propaganda had an outlet which could be used as a resource from which the BBC could get its trash mumbo jumbo fabricated to look like science.


    • Umbongo says:


      All you say is true and the emails (whose veracity has never been challenged) are pretty conclusive evidence of Harrabin’s and Black’s complicity in the CAGW fraud.  However, as expected, the BBC has fallen silent on Climategate 2 (after the 5 minute tissue of untruths spewed on Newsnight).  The Murdochs remain onside:  the greenie propaganda magazine – Eureka – delivered with the Times this morning has an extended interview (or, more accurately, a verbal blowjob) for Sir David’s “scientific” opinions on climate change.  Apart from the odd article in the Mail on Sunday and the Sunday Telegraph the paper press has clammed up on this.


    • Louis Robinson says:

      Excellent post, Cassandra. Very useful.


    • John Anderson says:

      RealClimate is of course the rabid attack-dog website for the Warmists – Mann etc.    Backed by Fenton Communications – who have a direct link with arch-leftie George Soros.


  9. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    Is Bullshitter’s Creed: Climategate 2 available on Xbawx? I don’t own a Gaystation.


  10. DJ says:

    Don’t forget the classic board game ‘Near Monopoly’ where one player starts owning half the board and gets to collect rent from all the other players even if they never land on any of their properties.


  11. Natsman says:

    You know, in juxtaposition, that image of the two of them looks eerily evil.  I wonder what positions they would hold in the new EcoGreenieClimatePolice Schutzstaffel establishment to be introduced at Durban?

    Oberstgruppenführer Ernst Black, and Herr Doktor Hans Harrabin.

    Ve heff vays of making you believe, und ve can be ferrry persuasive…


  12. As I See It says:

    I hear that the top BBC playstation games this Christmas are:

    Red ‘Ed’ Redemption

    Little Big (warming) Planet

    Gran Turismo (or we’re all on expenses)

    Grand Theft (licence fee)

    and….wait for it…..

    Assassins (of no known Creed)


  13. fred bloggs says:

    BBC cuts debate – now in the commons, lots of labour MPs sucking up saying how good it is ……………………..blah, blah,blah.  The opposition summing up done by the biggest lying hypocrite of them all Harman.


  14. John Anderson says:

    This week’s Spectator’s cover story is “The Sea Level Scam” – pointing out that IPCC,  Ban Ki Moon, politicians in the Maldives, Bangladesh, Tavuli etc are telling lies about rising sea levels.   To grab cash from us.

    If their con trick happened in the street,  or in a pub – Old Bill could run them in,  obtaining money by false pretences.   They KNOW they are using false arguments – so the principle of mens rea applies.

    Much of the Green policy rubbish by Labour and Con-Lib Governments is also an outright con.   A dishonest scam.   Ministers have been taking our money on false pretences.   They should be sued for it.


  15. John Anderson says:

    Over at Jo Nova there is an article speculating that the ClimateGate 2 emails so far released contain nothing between the scientists and politicians – maybe that is the big one being kept in reserve ?


  16. Roy Stirred-Oyster says:

    The Black/Harrabin relationship is perfectly encapsulated by this classic example of domination:


  17. Cassandra King says:

    Here we are, another day and another story te corrupt BBC aint covering.

    Good news! Sea levels aren’t rising dangerously

    James Delingpole 4:37pm
    <img src=””/>This week’s Spectator cover star Nils-Axel Mörner brings some good news to a world otherwise mired in misery: sea levels are not rising dangerously – and haven’t been for at least 300 years. To many readers this may come as a surprise. After all, are not rising sea levels – caused, we are given to understand, by melting glaciers and shrinking polar ice – one of the main planks of the IPCC’s argument that we need to act now to ‘combat climate change’?
    But where the IPCC’s sea level figures are based on computer ‘projections’, questionable measurements and arbitrary adjustments, Mörner’s are based on extensive field observations. His most recent trip to Goa in India last month – just like his previous expeditions to Bangladesh and the Maldives – has only served to confirm his long-held view that reports of the world’s imminent inundation have been greatly exaggerated for ends that have more to do with political activism than science.
    Mörner’s views have not endeared him to environmental campaigners or the IPCC establishment. A few years ago, when I mentioned his name in a public debate with George Monbiot, I vividly remember an audible hissing from sections of the audience as if I’d invoked the equivalent of Lord Voldemort.
    The problem for Mörner’s detractors is that, eccentric and outspoken Danish count though he no doubt is, he also happens to be the world’s pre-eminent expert on sea levels. Besides being responsible for dozens of peer-reviewed papers on the subject, he was also chairman of INQUA Commission on Sea Level Changes and Coastal Evolution. This means that his findings can not easily be dismissed as those of a raving ‘climate change denier’.
    I have heard Mörner speak many times and his position is not nearly as controversial as it is sometimes made out to be by his detractors. His view is simple: ‘If sea levels really are rising and islands like Tuvalu and the Maldives are in imminent danger of drowning, where is the physical evidence to support it?’ So far there is none. It is those who claim otherwise who are the true ‘deniers’.
    You can read Nils-Axel Mörner’s full cover story in this week’s Spectator, on sale today

    Now the CAGW fruad needs sea level rises, it is a basic pillar of the CAGW myth, it shows the masses that they will feel direct effects from CAGW. This is how the CAGW fraud is pimped you see, the fraudsters need to scare ordinary people with biblical floods, its easy to photoshop cities being drowned. Needless to say the facts prove otherwise, I dont suppose David Grgory will respond much less buy a copy of the speccy.


  18. LJ says:

    Sorry to spoil the fun, but the cost of the first offering is NOT £145, it is £700 PLUS PER FAMILY PER YEAR, EVERY YEAR, FOREVER.


  19. London Calling says:

    Trivial Pursuit, Climate Edition.
    Who tried to hide the decline? was it

    A. P. Jones
    B. Phil Jones
    C. Professor Phil Jones

    For how many years has there been no significant global warming? Is it

    A. Ten Years
    B. More or less Ten Years
    C. More than nine but less than eleven years

    How would you drescribe Richard Black, BBC Environmental Correspondent?

    A. A lying bastard
    B. A crooked lying bastard
    C. A complete and utter total crooked lying bastard.


  20. George R says:

    “The IPCC exposed: political to its core . “

    “A new book demolishes the neutral, scientific façade of the UN’s climate change body and reveals its real, debate-ending purpose.”  
    by Rob Lyons  



    • John Anderson says:

      Donna Laframboised is another diligent “amateur” who is helping demolish the IPCC fraud.  Her work is a full expose. 

      She also happens to be a telegenic and lively interviewee.  So no chance the BBC will use her.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Just bought the book. Don’t usually read about the politics of Climate, but looking for more information about the Judithgate scandal and the suppression of Astronomy such as Cosmic Rays and Cloud Albedo, for the people at the Mensa Space group.


  21. My Site (click to edit) says:

    It’s Friday so, for balance…

    joabbess jo abbess@@loubgray Brangelina & brood in Durban ? That will REALLY break the climate treaty deadlock.

    I have to concede that is a very good line!


  22. Natsman says:

    A couple of links elsewheree, whcih are good, especially this one by Marc Marano: (and the BBC get slated)


    And this from Bishop Hill: