Douglas Carswell also gets the hectoring treatment this morning when he has the temerity to suggest that the British people must get to have a say on future EU treaty arrangements. Contrast the interruptions that characterise the Carswell interview with the studied silence that accompanies the evasive waffle from the foaming at the mouth Europhile Simon Hughes. That said, Carswell does his best although if you notice, Hughes actually gets to have the last word.

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  1. Ben says:

    I’m glad to say that Simon Hughes came across as using weasel words like the weasel he is on this issue.

    It was difficult for the Today Programme to slant the call for greater democratic intervention in the decision to re-negotiate our position in the EU as being bad and in my opinion, despite the hectoring, Carswell came across as the only reasonable voice to be heard against the EU shills in the form of the Toady Programme and Hughes.


  2. fred bloggs says:

    personnel opion on the subject:  I am prepared to give cameron and the coalition a lot of tolerance, due to the destruction of the U.K. under Labour.   However, I will not ever forgive another broken pledge about the E.U.  If the U.K. has to sign any treaty amendment, then I insist on a referendum.  


  3. Martin says:

    We won’t get a referendum, anyone who campaigns for one will be destoryed by the BBC/Guardian/ Liebore/Unions alliance.


  4. Martin says:

    We won’t get a referendum, anyone who campaigns for one will be destoryed by the BBC/Guardian/ Liebore/Unions alliance.


    • Idiotboy says:

      Not sure The Boy Cameron would get away with that one – it would likely bring the whole ConDem project back to Earth with a painful bump, at the same time as lighting the UKIP blue touch paper.

      Even DC must recognise that possibility, and the chance that a split Conservative vote might deliver victory (of sorts) into the hands of  the cretin Milliband.


      • Cassandra King says:

        “Not sure The Boy Cameron would get away with that one”

        Its what the libdem ‘partners’ are for. Oooh sorry says Cameron, we would love to have a referendum but the libdems wont stand for it.

        Of course we will not get a referendum under any circumstances, the euroslime could rip up the old treaty and replace it with, the euroslime could demand that everyone in the UK should get down on their knees everytime a euroslime kommissar walks past and we would not get a referendum. In short there is no in hell that Quisling central would give us a referendum UNLESS it was as meaningless as ‘do you want to live in a wonderful paradise known as the EU OR would you prefer simply to live in the EU’.


  5. grangebank says:

    Usual talk from EU luvvie Simon Hughes about the UK being on the “sidelines” .

    I not only feel better if we were on the “sidelines” , I want to leave the f*($!^£ stadium .


  6. Johnny Norfolk says:

    He never interupted Hughes once and interupted Carswell all the time. I never listen to Today anymore its just so bisaed with its own agenda.


  7. dave s says:

    WE will not get a referendum ever. The EU collapses if we quit. That is the reality that scares the shit out of the pygmies leading this country and the Eu.
    I challenged my ( CINO) MP to take a walk with me in my town and ask the first 100 people whether they want out or in. 
    Surprise surprise he declined waffling on about the “right time ” .
    Trust the people? Not in this or any other country in Europe.
    Our best and only hope is a complete economic meltdown that maybe impoverishes us all but leads to our freedom.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Careful what you wish for.  I reckon Richard North has it about right.  There’s no guarantee of winning a referendum, particularly when the BBC scares the public about leaving the benevolence of Big Brother in such uncertain times.  Better at this stage to let them be seen to be refusing a referendum and wait for the Euro and EU to collapse under their own contradictions.


      • cjhartnett says:

        I agree Roland.
        I`d love a referendum, but won`t lose sleep over it all.
        Whether Belgium splits into civil war before the Euro goes down the Swannee is not my issue…both will happen before too long.
        Yet as long as Britain doesn`t take full advantage to shaft Sarko and Merckel, the worse Cameron and chums look. Spineless toadies and weasels on behalf of the Godawful Liberals.
        I do wonder where the red-blooded right are…if they don`t see the chance to consign the whole Euro project to the butter mountain of history, then they may well find Brittain, Patten, Mandelson and Kinnock sent in to replace them soon.
        The anti-democratic elite of Europe seem used to the taste of blood, and won`t be content with a few Med basket cases and the Irish.


  8. Cassandra King says:

    The only referendum question that matters is:

    Do you wish to remain a part of the EU

    Do you wish to leave the EU

    In or out, it is as simple as that. There can be no renegotitation, never could be and there is no modifying the relationship or loosening ties(chains) its called ever closer union and it is what the EU is all about. You cannot redifine the relationship with your left arm, you either have or you dont. Now the Quisling regime will lie and deceive and seek to frighten the public, its what they do, have always done with the EU.

    The lies and misinformation about the EU are deliberate, the confusion is very deliberate. For instance we are told that to leave would take years of treaty negotiations with hundreds of treaties to be renegotiated, its a bare faced lie. All parliament has to do is simply vote to rip up all previous treaties and agreements, it can be done in a week and at almost no cost. Treaties are only valid for exactly as long as the parties wish to be bound by them, it is for parliament to rip up any and all agreements should they so vote for that measure.

    The liblabcon will never allow the UK to decide on EU enslavement, it has been decided years ago on our behalf that the UK will be enslaved and occupied and become a mere subject region of the EU state. Cameron works for the EU, total loyalty to the project, the only thing you can rely on is that Cameron will betray us, its in his nature. The libabcon are the puppets, they dance to the tune of those who have never stood for office and never will, the regime is itself legally obliged to put the interests of the EU above those of the UK.


  9. Will says:

    Every time BBC Political Corresspondent Norman Smith is asked to comment on the Euro agonies he can only view the problem in terms of how much discomfort it is causing Cameron.


  10. Louis Robinson says:

    I have never heard an interviewer – as opposed to a participant – say the words “But can you not see…?” (2’09”)


    • David Mosque says:

      But that’s the thing – they only believe in the existence of their own agenda, anything that does not fit in with that is alien and must be challenged, however biased it is. Hughes is there to support the BBC-NUJ agenda, Carswell is there as the loonatic aunt Sally there to be ridiculed. 

      How dare we have different opinions. 


  11. RCE says:

    The whole hour between 7:10 and 8:10 was an unrelenting stream of Labour/left propaganda.  Utterly shameless.

    As on the other post, we had Evan Davies incredulous that anyone could even think that a Labour-sponsored inquiry may be biased, there was the newspaper review that dwelt on the anti-Cameron cartoon, of all things, a piece about a lobby group gaining access to Cameron, and the utter contrast between how those of the ‘right’ were treated by so-called interviewers vis-a-vis those of the ‘left’.

    There was even a reference to the current “depression” at one stage! Obviously they read my post on the last OT and are now not happy with talking about the ‘current recession’ and decided to elevate it a couple of notches.

    Jeremy Hunt should be made to listen to this Gramscian bilge and justify why hard working families are obliged by law to fund it.


  12. Ben says:

    What never fails to piss me off is to hear the second rate leftie comedians that haunt Radio 4 continually proclaiming their communist propoganda about Britain “waiting in the car”, “listening at the door” etc. etc. when the reality is that Britain is in an incredibly powerful position with respect to Europe and just needs politicians with guts to make it clear to those Euro-commies that this is indeed so – especially the little runt Sarkozy!


    • grangebank says:

      Marcus Prigstocke and luvvie freinds might like to wait in cars and listen at other peoples doors , but what lonely people they must be ,
      ordinary folk dont want to keep “influence events ” be at the centre “play an active role ” or generally buy freinds with taxpayers money and interfere with others lives.
      Why dont they try not being nosey about others affairs and liking their fellow compatriots ?


  13. Anonymous says:

    Funny enough, I dreamt about the Lib Dems last night. And I thought…well…let’s say Cameron wasn’t really a gastropod and actually had a backbone, he might, just might, decide to actually clear the air on this issue and put it to the people. Do you want to remain in the EU?

    And those Lib Dems threw their toys out of the pram and stomped off to their real mates in the Communist party opposite and forced a General Election.

    Would that be the first case of political suicide in the 21st century and how would Simon Hughes like appearing on the Sky News Press Preview at 11.40 every night?


  14. Jane Tracy says:

    I don’t see the problem as Stephanie floundering Flanders at the BBC told us that the bail out of Greece was going well as recently as the spring of this year and she has praised European politicians for their speedy response.

    Oh and the 6 billion Euros we contributed to the bail out of Portugal is “virtually nothing ” according to floundering flanders….

    So it’s all going well isnt it?


    • grangebank says:

      Why its only a little more than the annual BBC telly tax .

      What heaven it is to play with other peoples money .