Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke
I see that the BBC has given Ken Clarke’s broadside to Cameron “not to seek to repatriate powers from the EU” great prominence this morning. They love Clarke, and Heseltine, and indeed all those other dripping wet C.I.N.O.’s who exist to perpetuate the gospel of the European Union uber alles.As the UK’s relationship with the EU is put under the microscope, the BBC seems determined to isolate the very notion that we take back some of the sovereignty drained away in recent times, and that is where Clarke and his ilk provide a very useful function.

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12 Responses to ALL HAIL THE EURO!

  1. cjhartnett says:

    Hasn`t Ronnie Scotts got an opening for our Ken?
    I sense he`s sold too many Gitanes to his jazz chums for us to expect sense from this old fool…if we tell him that the Manchester Ship Canal is the Seine, maybe he`ll decamp to Salford.
    The BBC will put down a crazy beat for him as he sits in the glass box awaiting requests for the opinion of the caring sharing Eurotory so beloved at the BBC…Patten in corduroys and a beret!


  2. Umbongo says:

    May I post the following which was originally in the old open thread this morning concerning the BBC’s devotion to churnalism:

    The BBC tells us – extracted from a press release no doubt – that the PM is going to “safeguard British interests” particularly those of the City in talks with other EU leaders.  However, if you read what the PM actually writes (behind the paywall at the Times), his operative words are:  
    “If we are changing the treaty that applies to all EU countries and allowing the eurozone countries to have new rules, it is also important that there are rules to keep the single market fair and open for key industries for Britain, including financial services.  
    Clearly, we will need to look at the right safeguards for Britain in the light of what is proposed. Our colleagues in the EU need to know that we will not agree to a treaty change that fails to protect our interests.”  
    Unexceptionable but actually just chin music: the concern in the real world  – although you’d not hear this from any analysis or comment from the BBC or its carefully selected interviewees – is not with the single market in and of itself, it’s the way the bolt-on rules of that market and all the other crapola contained in EU directives damages both our economy (particularly the City) and our ability to rule ourselves.  
    The reality is that Cameron (confirmed by Ken Clarke elsewhere) has no intention of seeking to return to Westminster any power already ceded to Brussels and is ready to accept anything which, on the face of it, does not damage British interests. This is a sufficiently vague objective to mean anything Cameron wants it to mean (ie nothing).  This lack of ambition (and the real danger it poses) should be the debating point, not a fatuous claim by Cameron that he will fight for British interests.  Again, by helping the EU fanatics in and out of government to frame the debate to exclude the red meat of the argument concerning the EU, BBC bias and signature lazy journalism damage both the free flow of information and the opportunity for genuine public debate.


  3. Sceptical Steve says:

    They are all weasel words. The best the UK can hope for in terms of repatriation of powers is that Brussels will generously allow us to administer more of their rules. There is not a cat in hell’s chance of the EU relinquishing any of its ludicrously titled “Competences”!


  4. George R says:

    “If not now, when?

    (by John Redwood)


  5. George R says:

    “A minister undermined — and the revolt over Europe”

    (by Melanie Phillips)


  6. grangebank says:

    If you ever do business in the EU you realise that Consevatives, the civil service and the BBC always talk with forked tongue about it .


  7. Martin says:

    The reason the Tories get in such a mess over Europe is they won’t do the one thing the whole nation wants. A referendum on in or out of the EU.


    • dave s says:

      And of course that it is not possible to be a true conservative and cede any of our parliament’s powers to a foreign body. This is at the heart of the matter . I just wish they would have the guts to admit it.


      • grangebank says:

        Loyalty to party first . Nation comes much later


        • Geyza says:

          I could accept that, but these buggers are loyal to foreign powers first, “third way” traitors second, party third and country last!


  8. George R says:

    Like Merkozy, the undemocratic BBC-EU empire builders view Europe from the viewpoint of the undemocratic E.U bureaucrat empire builders.

    BBC-EU has so politically embraced colonisation of Britain via propagandising the on-going mass immigration without end, that the notion of ‘national sovereignty’ is now virtually dismissed by BBC-EU.

    “France’s Sarkozy warns Europe risks disintegration ”

    ‘EU Referendum’:


  9. cjhartnett says:

    If Humphrys was the stuffed old bloodhound who blunts his snout in chasing parked cars to no effect…then Naughtie today was a slobbering yapping bull mastiff this morning.
    Poor old David Davies could hardly string a sentence together before Jim yapped up…Tory Split…and what of our nice neighbours in Euroland…will Cameron plump to save the bankers or the Euro…Tory Split again…surely…give us a soundbite Davies!
    Davies handled it all so well, but Naughtie was straining at the leash by now…at the Beeb Europe is only used to split the Tories(so they hope) or to imply that opposing Tobin taxes will suck up to the banks but stymie our well-disposed chums in Paris and Berlin.
    Such is agenda-setting by the Reverend Jim and li`l Justin Beeber.
    Transparent, contrived and a veritable soufflet of inconsequence…but whisked to order and we`ll be getting it served up until walkies…if the Tories had even a brain between them at the top end, they`d see all this…but of course they`re as thick as the BBC!