Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke
I see that the BBC has given Ken Clarke’s broadside to Cameron “not to seek to repatriate powers from the EU” great prominence this morning. They love Clarke, and Heseltine, and indeed all those other dripping wet C.I.N.O.’s who exist to perpetuate the gospel of the European Union uber alles.As the UK’s relationship with the EU is put under the microscope, the BBC seems determined to isolate the very notion that we take back some of the sovereignty drained away in recent times, and that is where Clarke and his ilk provide a very useful function.


Ken Clarke
Look, let’s get ONE THING straight. There is no way that the imminent shelving of the proposed 50% sentence cuts for an early plea of guilty can be blamed on Justice Secretary Ken Clarke. No way. Have a laugh and listen to Nick Robinson come to Clarke’s rescue on Today this morning in a quite remarkable example of BBC bias. It seems Oliver Letwin is to blame! You see whilst the BBC loathes Conservatives, it likes those who are Conservative In Name Only, hence the desire to love Clarke and Chris Patten. I also thought that the idea of the prime breakfast-time interview being between one BBC journalist and another is quite incestuous (With a pre-record of Michael Howard thrown in as faux balance)