Yesterday’s edition of the Today programme managed the impressive feat of reporting the jailing of Rod Blagojevich without mentioning that he’s a Democrat. This morning’s edition reported on MF Global boss Jon Corzine’s appearance before a congressional committee and, while pointing out that he’s a former senator, once again there was no reference to the fact that he too is a Democrat. And what of Corzine’s role as a major fundraiser for Obama 2012? It’s as if any reference has been banned from on high.

When a Republican is involved in a scandal the BBC makes the party affiliation the story’s hook. When Democrats are involved in scandals the BBC whistles, shuffles its feet and looks the other way.

How many times do you think we’d have seen and heard these clips on the BBC if, all other things being equal, the main characters were Republicans?

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10 Responses to DON’T MENTION THE "D" WORD

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Corzine was more recently Governor of New Jersey.  His crap administration pushed the state towards bankruptcy, which is why Chris Christie (whom the BBC hates) got defeated him and has had to run a very tight and difficult ship.

    Corzine has form with profligacy when running the show. That’s more relevant than being a Senator, although in this case the Senator deal is sexier for news because he’s being called to appear before his former colleagues.


  2. mark says:

    Don’t be surprised if the Obamessiah doesn’t commute Rod’s sentence as soon as the heat has died down.


  3. Peter Geany says:

    MF Globals collapse may owe a lot to lax regulation in London.  So it may yet led back to Brown and the FSA


  4. Cassandra King says:

    The BBC news website has airbrushed all mention of the word ‘democrat’ out of any story, it has also wiped off the US/Canada page all stories about Corzine and Blagojevich and their links to the democratic party.

    Heres the thing, the central mystery about Blagojevich that the BBC/NUJ has done a fantastic job of keeping from the public. Blagojevich was caught by wire taps and phone bugging right?

    Who was he talking to on the phone? I mean he wasnt negotiating with himself right? The names and the positions of those who did the negotiating are not known, they are senior democrats who were actually in the process of cutting a deal with their friend Rod, they and he didnt know the line was bugged and they were in fact doing a deal to sell the seat.

    The BBC is in fact engaged in a political cover up in case it damages an allied group of friends, just like they protect the guardian. The BBC trust is where? This is a clear example of how corrupt the BBC has become. If the criminal had been a Republican or a Republican donor then the word Republican would be spread far and wide and leading every story on the BBC website with condemnation from every democrat available. This isnt guess work but fact as we have all read and seen the BBCs treatment of its Republican enemies.


  5. Millie Tant says:

    Good post, DB.

    It has been pointed out here many times, with chapter and verse, how they practise this particular disparity in treatment of Republican and Democrat politicians. It is the same thing in reports about Labour Party / MPs / officials in contrast to how they always label Conservatives when there is a whiff of scandal or impropriety.

    How come they still carry on with this blatant bias and get away with it? 


  6. Louis Robinson says:

    DB, you say “Don’t mention the D word”. How about the “S” word? Soros.


  7. George R says:

    “Political ties win Corzine respect in Congress”


  8. LJ says:

    If you want a load of fun, look up Chris Christie on you-tube – his public put-downs of amongst others the teachers union are legend!!